How to Screen Record on iPhone XR?

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Apple is known for developing one of the most effective smartphone series that has taken over millions of users all around the world. There are several reasons why Apple iPhone is being preferred across continents. With effective features in its complete set, the smartphone introduced users to a very proficient gadget with extensive characteristics. One effective feature that became part of the iOS family a while ago was the in-built screen recording feature. iPhones are proficient tools that have presented the user market with expressive remedies in the forms of various services such as iCloud, iTunes, and other prolific toolkits. This article takes up the screen recording feature in iPhone XR and explains to you the guide on how to screen record on iPhone XR. The use of the screen recording feature is practiced across multiple forums and thus gets quite important to be utilized across a larger scale. Many users have demanded its perfect functioning guide over a while. It gets important for iPhone users to understand the operation of this feature, which makes us present a thorough step-by-step guide of operating this feature within iPhone XR.

Part 1. How to screen record on iPhone XR with an inbuilt recording feature?

The screen recording feature became part of the iOS devices after the software update of iOS 11. Apple intended to include this feature for exempting the need to download third-party platforms for performing such systematic procedures. While making the system easier for their users, Apple presented a very promising tool in the form of their in-built screen recorder that allowed intense video recordings with ease. While sitting across the office or getting cozy across your couch, you may encounter a video or any assorted information that is quite significant and compelling to be saved. The presence of an in-built screen recording feature in iPhone XR provides you a perfect system of getting this parchment of information recorded. iPhone's screen recorder has allowed the user market to cover all their recording conditions within the available tool and never focus on going to any third-party software for such purpose. However, the question that arises along with this feature is its momentous feature that would allow you to consume this tool without any discrepancy. To understand the activity of this feature, you need to look across the steps explained as follows.

Step 1: Turn on your iPhone and access its 'Settings.' Over the next screen, locate the 'Control Center' while scrolling through the settings and select the option.

Step 2: Over the new screen that opens up, you need to access the option of 'Customize Controls.' For iPhones having iOS 14 as their latest update, they will observe the option of 'More Controls.'

Step 3: You will observe a series of options appearing across the list displaying all the applications that can be included within the Control Center of the iPhone. You need to locate the option of ‘Screen Recording’ within the list and tap the ‘+’ icon to include it within the settings.

add screen recording option control center

Step 4: As you include it in the category, you need to move back to the Home screen of your iPhone and swipe up to access the 'Control Center.' Tap on the option displayed with the icon of a nested circle. The iPhone starts to record the screen after a 3-second countdown.

initiate screen recording

The video that is being recorded across the screen is directly saved in the Camera Roll of your iPhone XR. The use of this feature presents a series of pros and cons to the users, which can be looked over as:


  • You can record high-quality content for yourselves without even downloading any third-party tool.
  • Record any screen present within the device without any restrictions.


  • Available for iPhone users having an iOS update above iOS 11 or more.

Part 2. How to screen record on iPhone XR using MirrorGo?

If you are an iPhone user who has an iPhone lesser than iOS 11 or has a screen recording tool that is flawed in operation, you can always look for going for another tool that would help you in recording your own screen with ease. Third-party tools may sound quite an extra within such requirements; however, they are the only case where you can record your screen if your in-built screen recorder is unavailable. On the other hand, the screen recorder offered by iPhone is believed to provide a very submissive set of features to its users. Such tools are quite simplistic if looked across the phone's feature set. However, for effective and efficient results, the market is presented with proficient remedies in the form of intensive third-party tools. Wondershare Dr.Fone offers the consumer market effective results in the form of an expressive toolkit.

This platform is primarily a mirroring platform that allows the users to mirror their device onto a larger screen. However, once this is done, there are a series of different features that can be tested out with this platform. MirrorGo allows you to perform a series of functions and operations that can allow you to control your iPhone XR effectively.

style arrow up

MirrorGo - Wondershare Dr.Fone

Record iPhone screen and save on your computer!

  • Mirror iPhone screen onto the big screen of the PC.
  • Record phone screen and make a video.
  • Take screenshots and save on the computer.
  • Reverse control your iPhone on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

To understand the operation of MirrorGo and the step-by-step guideline involving the tool, you need to look across the explanation and introduction of MirrorGo as the most effective choice in third-party tools.

Step 1: Install the Platform

You need to initially install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and launch the platform to follow the procedure of recording the screen on your iPhone XR.

Step 2: Connect Devices

As you launch the platform on your computer, ensure that the computer and the iPhone are connected across a similar Wi-Fi network for the proper operation of your device.

ios screen recorder 1

Step 3: Mirror Devices

Once the devices are connected across the same network, you need to proceed to your device and swipe up to open its Control Center. Proceed with tapping on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option and navigate through the available list to access the MirrorGo option. Once found, tap on the option and successfully mirror your devices.

ios screen recorder 2

Step 4: Record your Screen

As you successfully mirror your device with MirrorGo, you will observe the screen of your iPhone being displayed across the computer. Over the right-panel, along with the mirrored device, you will observe a circular icon for recording your screen. Tap on the option to start recording your iPhone. Furthermore, once you are done recording, you can simply tap on the same option to stop the recording. The HD video would be directly imported into the computer directory.

ios screen recorder 3


  • You can easily mirror or perform other functions across the device.
  • Control your smartphones after mirroring them with the PC.
  • A completely free feature set for mirroring devices.
  • Good quality results in video recording.


  • You are required to pay for reverse-controlling devices.
  • Operates if the devices are connected across the same Wi-Fi.

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Part 3. How to screen record using the Recordit application?

This platform is another option that comes as a good option for screen recording in iPhone XR. Although there is a list of screen recording tools available across the market, the selection gets quite difficult if you are in search of the best platform for recording your screen. Recordit provides you an efficient feature set that easily records your device. To understand the function of the platform, you need to look across the guidelines provided.

Step 1: You need to download the platform from the App Store and have it installed across your iPhone.

Step 2: To successfully recording your device, you need to access the 'Control Center' of your iPhone and long-press the recording button for opening a new screen. Select 'Record It! Capture' from the list to start recording.

record it interface

Step 3: As you record the video on your device successfully, you need to proceed with editing and trimming the video across the respective platform. This would allow you to re-create high-quality videos.


  • Provides an advanced set of tools to work with.
  • Share your recordings across multiple platforms.


  • The application crashes while in operation.
  • It can be quite slow to operate.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 Why isn't my screen recording working on iPhone XR?

There are multiple reasons where screen recording will not work across your iPhone XR. Your Screen Recording feature might be turned off from the Settings of your iPhone. In other cases, your iOS would be outdated, or you may have imposed certain restrictions on your device. If you are still unable to operate this function, the storage across your iPhone would be quite less than expected.

4.2 Are there some iPhone XR screen recording tips?

You can always go for a better screen recording of multiple features and functions. Whenever you are into playing a video or a game, you can go for screen recording your iPhone. To explain a software bug or report an issue with a device or software, you can utilize the features of screen recording efficiently.


The article took up the exquisite feature of screen recording your iPhone and provided the market with an exceptional guide defining how to function this feature correctly.

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