Top 6 Snapchat Saver Apps for Android to Save Snaps and Stories

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Snapchat is a great and popular photo sharing social app. Although it is great in use, the life of Snapchats is just a few seconds as no one is able to save it. However, to be honest, there are many ways to save Snapchats and many Snapchat saver Android apps are available for you to use and enhance Snapchat for desired experience.

We have listed below 6 ‘Snapchat Saver Android’ apps that not only save Snapchats but also do it without letting the sender know about it. And unlike Replay feature of official Snapchat, these third-party ‘Snapchat saver Android’ apps and APKS let you view the saved Snapchats as many times as you wish.

So let us quickly go through the top 6 Snapchat saver for Android.

Part 1: MirrorGo Android Recorder

mirrorgo android recorder

The first in our list is the MirrorGo Android Recorder. It is a multi-recorder app which also has all the utilities you look for in a Snapchat saver Android app. It can record videos, games, etc. and also can take screenshots. Further, you can wirelessly share your Android screen to big screen like in PC and get notified of your social messages directly on the big screen through inbuilt keyboard and mouse.


  • 1. Recording functionality of MirrorGo Android Recorder lets you save Snapchats.
  • 2. Save Snapchats without unaltered Snapchat experience. This is the most unique feature of this Snapchat saver for Android.
  • 3. With this app, there is not a scope of your Snapchat account getting locked.


  • 1. Unlike Snapchat saver Android APKs, here you don’t get extra features.
  • 2. And, unlike Snapchat saver Android apps, for saving videos you need to start recording and for photos, you need to take screenshots. So, separate tasks to save Snapchats.

Part 2: Snapchat Saver


Snapchat Saver is one of the oldest Snapchat Saver for Android. It lets theusersave not only photos but also stories and videos. Thus, it is more than just a Snapchat picture saver for Android users.


  • 1. Snapchat Saver also allowsusers to know that what messages have been received by them.
  • 2. Users can save snaps in the way s/he is comfortable with i.e. save snaps at preferred destination folder or at Android’s Gallery section.
  • 3. The good part of this Snapchat saver (Android) is “Select & Save” feature. Through this feature, a user can save picture and videos that are still not been viewed or opened.


  • 1. It is only available for Android users butthis app is no more available on Google Play Store, too. So, one need to download the APK version of it.
  • 2. As- now an APK version is only available, you are required to follow some perquisites and steps in order to start using this Snapchat saver for Android. If not hard, steps are little complex and take time.
  • 3. Snaps cannot be viewed on Snapchat unless you have first saved it.

Part 3: SaveMySnaps


SaveMySnaps is a free Snapchat saver for Android users. Just download this Snapchat saver for Android and log in it with your Snapchat credentials to start using it. This one also is not just a Snapchat picture saver for Android but also functions as Snapchat video saver and Snapchat Story Saver for Android.


  • 1. The good part here is that that snaps (photo, videos, and story) can be directly sent to other users.
  • 2. It has an advanced search option. So that, one can easily find images or videos in a fast manner.
  • 3. Theuser has an option to save Snapchats automatically, too. The best part is its Photo Edition feature. With this feature, theuser can add captions, change colours, fonts, etc.


  • 1. It is only available for Android. When in future, you go for iOS, you won’t be able to use this app.
  • 2. As soon as you log into this app, you automatically log out from official Snapchat.
  • 3. The disliking part of this Snapchat Saver Android app is that you are not allowed to view Snapchats unless you have first downloaded Snapchats.
  • 4. The worst part is that you are going to be get irritated by lots of advertisement display on this app. You will need a premium membership to avoid such. So, this app is not completely free.

Part 4: Casper


Casper – Snapchat Saver Android APK - is among the popular and widely used. Like other, it also has many good features that offer a better experience.


  • 1. One of the good features is inbuilt Snapchat-like stickers and emoji.
  • 2. There are many filters available for applying them on Snaps.
  • 3. Not only save, download, forward, and send Snapchats, but also an experience similar to that of Snapchat is provided by Casper.
  • 4. And thebest part is that you save Snapchats without knowing the sender and have an option to save snaps automatically, too.


  • 1. As this is an APK and not an app, it is not available in the Google Play Store. But, you can download it from its official website.
  • 2. Like Snapchat Saver Android app, here too you are required to complete some steps before downloading it and to start using it.
  • 3. As soon as you start using it, you are logged out automatically from official Snapchat. So, this tool is just an alternative to Snapchat and not a utility tool for enhancing the experience of Snapchat itself.

Part 5: SnapSave


Another Snapchat picture saver for Android is SnapSave. Here too, you will find some useful and interesting features.


  • 1. It allows you to save not only photos but also videos and stories. But, its popularity lies in saving photos or pictures.
  • 2. This app, in particular, will replace official Snapchat Messenger.
  • 3. It is available for both Android and iOS. And, free too.


  • 1. As you saw some Snapchat Saver Android APKs above, this one is the same. So, you have to face the same perquisites as said above.
  • 2. Although it is available in app version, too; but only for iOS users.
  • 3. Many Android and iOS users have reported crash issues. So, choose wisely.

Part 6: Saver for Snapchat

saver for snapchat

Saver for Snapchat lets you save Snapchats. It is very much similar to another Snapchat saver Android apps.


  • 1. Save, download, forward, and send Snapchats (photos, videos, and stories).
  • 2. The only best part, which is most desired from any Snapchat saver for Android phone is to save Snapchats without letting aware or notifying the sender.
  • 3. Unlike many above ones, you can find this app at Google Play Store.


  • 1. One needs to first save Snapchats in order to view it on Snapchat.
  • 2. It automatically disconnects you from the official Snapchat app.
  • 3. This app is not available for iOS users.

We saw that all (except the first one) are basically alternative apps or APKs to Snapchat. You will be surprised to know that many apps including in this list have been removed from Google Play Store. Some hint of such action is ‘support to official Snapchat’ as Snapchat does not recommend to use such unofficial apps or APKs.

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In contrast to all, using the MirrorGo Android Recorder from Wondershare is the best way to save Snapchats. With this way, you don't create a scope of the future ban by Snapchat, does not notify the sender, enjoy many other functions, etc.. And that too, with original and unaltered Snapchat experience.

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