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Realme devices have long proven their value in the mobile market by releasing new models with cutting-edge functionality. With the latest security update in its releases, the android operating system has made it more challenging to overcome Realme c11 FRP bypass on handsets automatically. Due to Google's recent Android Security updates, Realme C11 FRP Bypass is now extremely tough. FRP is a novel security mechanism implemented in contemporary Android smartphones. To authenticate the valid owner, Android will prompt you to input the last Google account active on the phone before executing the hard reset.

So, this tutorial is for you if you've lost your existing Gmail account and your smartphone is stopped at the Google verification screen. This guide will show you the most recent technique for Realme C11 FRP Bypass-Google Account Unlock. So attentively adhere to the simple method outlined below.

Am I able to bypass Realme FRP?

What is FRP?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a safety measure available on Android smartphones. When you establish a Google Account on your smartphone, FRP is felt most strongly. When FRP is enabled, it stops a device from being used after a factory data reset unless you log in with a Google identity.

How it works?

Factory Reset Protection is an enhanced security feature that is accessible on the bulk of Android smartphones. When you reset your Android phone, you'll need your phone's Login details to gain entry to it. But now, we'll go through the free FRP tools that can bypass your Google FRP.

FRP will be triggered immediately after the Google accounts have been connected to the Android smartphone. If FRP is enabled, the Samsung smartphone cannot be used after a factory reset unless you connect using your Google login and username that you previously made on the Samsung device.

If you want to restore the factory reset on your Android phone, make sure you're in the options, navigate to your Account Settings, head to your accounts and clouds, and remove the Gmail email account on your Android smartphone. This should activate the FRP feature on your Android device.

Requisite: Before attempting this method on your device, ensure that your cellphone has at least a 50-60% rechargeable battery to finish the upgrading process properly.

A simple list of solutions

To solve your problem, we have provided these three solutions you can have to unlock your android.

  • Retrieve your Google account on another device
  • Delete Google account from Settings
  • Bypass Realme FRP through PC by using a USB Cable

Solutions to Bypass Realme FRP?

Retrieve your Google account on another device

The fundamental and most innovative way to do the Factory Reset is to recover a Google account. You can restore your Email ID or password from another device or computer before attempting FRP bypassing Realme C11.

You may also include an alternate email or phone number for the account you would like to restore. Google will email you a verification Realme FRP bypass code, which you can use to create a new password for your Google account.

Once you change your password, it will require 24 to 72 hours for the reset password to synchronize with all gadgets connected to the account. After you've synced, you may do a factory data reset by entering your email address and a new password. You may factory reset your device by using this approach.

If you enter the incorrect password throughout this procedure, the time will be reset for the following 24-72 hours to synchronize. So, use caution while putting your email and password into the gadget. To finish the process, link your Realme C11 to a connection and leave it on for the moment.

Delete Google account from Settings

Whenever we erase the Google account from the C11, we disable the FRP of the computer system Android 11, Realme. However, it is a prevention that ties the Realme C11 to a Google account such that when it is restarted or prohibited due to loss or theft; it asks for the Google account login and password.

First step:

To remove your Google account, navigate to the settings icon on your Realme, which should be on the home screen or in the phone menu. You can reach the main menu by moving your fingertip from the bottom to the top of your screen.

Second step:

We browse through the C11 options and seek for the "Accounts" area, where you have to click to enable.

Third step:

All accounts associated with this Realme C11 will be displayed, including Google accounts and other social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Choose the profile you wish to disconnect from this device.

Fourth step:

It will show the data associated with this Google account and the Realme C11. To proceed, click "Remove account."

Fifth step:

To avoid accidentally disconnecting an account from the Realme C11, tap "Remove account" once more to verify. It will clear the device of any data associated with this account.

Bypass Realme FRP through PC by Using USB Cable

If you want to use your PC to bypass Realme FRP, then here is another useful solution with the following steps:

Step 1:

The first step is to download and install a tool called “SideSync apk.” Once it is installed, run and connect your Realme C11 with your PC by using a USB cable.

Step 2:

A pop-up screen will be shown asking you what Application you would like to use for opening the tool. Here you can select Chrome to open this too.


Step 3:

Your file will be downloaded through the Chrome browser. Then install ES File Explorer so that you can find and open the apk file.

es file explorer

Step 4:

Once the ES File Explorer is installed on your phone, find the APK file downloaded to your device, and install it. This will pop up in the settings menu, where you must choose the option of Backup and reset. Then select Factory data reset to rest your Realme device. Here you go, you have bypassed the FRP of your device.


That's it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you in order to bypass the Realme C11 FRP. However, you can have the best option for the bypass as per your choice and convenience.

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