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ai prompt list 2023

AI art is quickly becoming very popular within the creative industry. Even though there’s a mixed opinion about using AI Solutions to generate art, it’s a fact that the results are excellent and that there are more and more AI-generated images out there.

If you’re interested in using AI prompts, you should know there’s also the skill required to craft the prompts necessary to generate impressive images. That’s why we’ve decided to create a comprehensive AI prompt list you can use to generate outstanding results.

These prompts can be used for different AI prompt tools. You can use them to inspire your ideas and make adequate changes to build off them.

Part 1. The Importance of Good AI Prompts

creating quality ai prompts

The better your prompts are, the better your images will be, simple as that. When going through our AI prompt list, you will notice that we included simpler and more complex prompts. Take the time to compare their differences and notice how “fuller” the longer prompts are.

However, it’s not just about the length. The quality of a prompt includes various factors, and you must consider them all to get the best results. Simple AI prompts can generate results that look too familiar and have nothing authentic about them.

That’s why you should take the time to learn how to write excellent AI prompts to get realistic, creative, and mystic results.

Part 2. General Rules for Writing Prompts

rules to follow for ai prompts

Here are some general rules you should follow when writing prompts for generating AI images.

Structure of AI Prompts

The first thing you need to remember when generating AI images using prompts is to follow the general structure:

  1. The subject of the image/content of the image, description of the action/mood/state.
  2. Art style references and form.
  3. Additional details, including framing, colors, lighting, shadows, etc.

If you add many elements and descriptions, make sure to use commas so they can be clear and the AI algorithm can successfully interpret your prompt to create a more accurate image.

Length of AI Prompts

Regarding the length of AI prompts, there’s a common misconception that you should keep them short. It’s only the case with subpar AI image generators that can’t deal with more words. However, some of the best generators, like Stable Diffisuon and Midjoerney, work exceptionally with up to 60 words and can handle even longer prompts if created meticulously.

Still, you can’t expect to go over 70 words, as that’s simply too much work for AI image generators to handle. You can create simple 10-word prompts and get as specific as possible within 60 words.

Language Style

Specific, concrete, and accurate language is absolutely essential for creating predictable results. Avoid using abstract words or poetic phrases. However, some tools like Midjorney can even handle prompts with several abstract words. The more you generate prompts, the more you will learn about your prompts' best language and style.

Part 3. AI Prompt List of 2023

Talk About the Goals of the Image and Give Several Prompt Examples of How to Achieve Them.

● Prompts for Superheroes (Cartoon)

Mecha Soldier

mecha superhero ai prompt

Generate a mecha warrior superhero similar to Captain America:

  • “A portrait of a mecha soldier superhero similar to Captain America holding a big shotgun promoting peace and democracy.”

Rambo Superhero

ai generated rambo superhero

Create a cartoon image of a Rambo-like superhero with a sword with an explosion in the background:

  • “A Rambo superhero with a katana in front of an explosion.”

Capybara Superhero

ai generated capybara superhero

Create an image of a fictional Capybara superhero with a cape and a big letter C on his chest:

  • “A cartoonish Capybara superhero with a big letter C on his chest.”

● Prompts for Realistic AI Art

Neon City Lights

ai generated futuristic synthwave city

Create an image of a modern urban jungle at dusk with vehicles and glowing street neon lights. Emphasize strong lighting and lower camera angle to showcase the vibrant atmosphere and the soul of the city:

  • “A photograph of a modern city metropolitan area at dusk with tall skyscrapers and powerful neon lights.”

A Lonely Lighthouse

ai generated lighthouse painting

Create a realistic image/painting of a lonely lighthouse standing on a small island at sunset with vibrant colors:

  • “A realistic painting of a lonely lighthouse on a small island at sunset with vibrant colors.

Autumn Nature

ai generated autumn picture

Create a typical image of autumn by showing a long boulevard covered in trees and leaves with many details, vibrant colors, shadows, and lighting:

  • “A realistic image of a boulevard with trees on both sides and leaves on the ground with vibrant colors.”

● Prompts for Traditional Art

New York City by Frits Thaulow

ai generated frits thaulow painting

Generate a painting of New York City with the style of Frits Thaulow, one of the best city landscape artists:

  • “A painting of New York rush hour in the style of Frits Thaulow.”

Frida Kahlo-Inspired Portrait

ai generated frida kahlo image

Generate an image of a girl painting that looks like Frida Kahlo:

  • “A portrait of a girl that looks like Frida Kahlo.”

Tamara de Lempicka-Inspired Portrait

tamara de lepicka ai generated image

Generate a portrait of a girl with the style of the famous artist Tamara de Lempicka:

  • “A portrait of a woman with red hair in the style of Tamara de Lempicka.“

● Prompts for Anime Art

Futuristic City

ai generated futuristic anime city

Create an anime-style city with hover vehicles, neon lights, and tall skyscrapers. Combine with traditional elements:

  • “A picture of a futuristic anime city with tall skyscrapers, neon lights, hover vehicles, and traditional Japanese architecture elements like Genkan houses, verandas, and Shinto shrines.”

Anime High School Students

ai generated highschool student image

Create a group of anime high school classmates having fun:

  • “An anime scene with high school classmates wearing high school uniforms in their classroom.”

Cyberpunk Samurai

ai generated cyberpunk samurai illustration

Design a dystopian futuristic samurai warrior in a post-apocalyptic setting with intricate details and muted colors:

  • “A cyberpunk anime-style samurai in a dystopian setting with advanced weaponry and mecha armor.”

● Prompts for Geometric Design and Patterns

Big Mandala Pattern

ai generated mandala pattern

Create an image of a large mandala shape with different colors:

  • “An image of a large mandala shape with black, white, and purple colors with flower shapes.”

Freeform Ferroflid Patterns

ai generated freeform ferroflid patterns

How to create an abstract, non-symmetrical pattern with a dark note:

  • “Create a pattern of swirling black freeform ferrofluids with a dark atmosphere.”

A Woman Trapped in Geometry

ai generated woman pattern

Generate a stable diffusion design by using a basic geometric shape combined with abstract design concepts:

  • “A portrait of a woman painted with geometric shapes combining vibrant colors while showing individuality and creativity.”

● Prompts for Portraits

Kid in The Park

ai generated image of a kid

If you want to capture the honest joy and innocence of a child playing at a park with detailed expressions, emotions, and natural lighting:

  • “A portrait of a toddler playing in the park with candid expressions and natural lighting.”

Veteran Soldier

ai generated veteran soldier

A prompt for generating a portrait of a military veteran in a uniform focusing on textures and details to emphasize his experiences:

  • “A portrait of a veteran soldier in uniform with a serious expression and directional lighting.”

Visionary Entrepreneur

ai generated entrepreneur picture

You can use dramatic lighting and futuristic elements to create a powerful portrait of a young and successful entrepreneur:

  • “A portrait of a young visionary entrepreneur in front of a city skyline with futuristic elements and dramatic lighting. “

● Prompts for Pop Culture Images

Godzilla Stop-Motion

ai generated godzilla

Use Godzilla as a pop culture element to generate a stop-motion image:

  • “A large Godzilla figurine standing among skyscrapers, stop-motion style.”

The New Jedi

ai generated crocodile jedi

Generate a realistic Jedi-crocodile with a new lightsaber-style shape like an axe standing on top of a cliff:

  • “A crocodile Jedi with an axe lightsaber standing on a cliff with a gorge in the background, realistic.”


ai generated batman render

Create an image of the popular superhero with a dark atmosphere:

  • “Batman, with his back turned, looking upwards, cinematic lighting, 3D render. “

● Prompts for Creatures


ai generated dragon design

Create a painting showing a majestic dragon gliding through the sunset:

  • “A painting of a majestic dragon soaring through the skies piercing vibrant sunlight while its scalers are glimmering and reflecting golden light.”


ai generated centaur image

Design an epic scene of a forest centaur standing mysteriously:

  • “A scene of a powerful centaur appearing from the shadows in a mystical forest. The crossbreed creature is surrounded by a magical aura, bringing mystery and wisdom to the scene. “

An Epic Battle

ai generated image of a battle

Present a dramatic scene of an epic battle between a brave knight and a griffin on top of a mountain:

  • “A dramatic illustration of a bloody battle between a fearsome griffin and a brave knight on a cloudy mountaintop.”

Conclusion – How to Use Our AI Prompt List

Our AI prompt list aims to help you start things off and learn how prompts work. We recommend using identical prompts to see what results you will get. Then, start changing the prompts word by word to see how the results will change once you’ve manipulated the wording.

Once you’ve done this enough time, try coming up with your own similar prompts and get creative to design your own images, portraits, illustrations, or artwork. Good luck, and have fun!

By the way, Wondershare Dr.Fone is about to launch a new AI wallpaper generator. You can use it to create high-quality Barbie images, too. Explore its amazing image-generation capabilities once the tool becomes officially available.

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