Top Ideas for AI Art Prompts of 2024


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best ai art prompt ideas

Are you looking for creative, exciting AI art prompt ideas? Draw inspiration from our vast collection of AI art examples with prompts.

You’ll see pretty cool prompts for AI art that might help you unleash your creativity and make extraordinary digital artwork. Before exploring them, let’s see why they’re popular and how to make the most of them.

Part 1. Why Are AI Artwork Prompts Becoming Popular?

ai art prompt examples

AI art generators like DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Bing Image Creator, and Adobe Firefly have revolutionized digital art. They let you submit text-based AI art prompts to describe your vision and provide unique artwork within seconds.

That convenience and speed have brought AI art from prompts into the spotlight, enabling visual artists to bring any idea to life. If you can imagine it, AI can create it.

Moreover, AI can inspire you, opening new horizons in your mind to help you unlock doors you didn’t know existed. You can push boundaries, experiment with multiple styles, and let AI guide you through uncharted territories. You can even create masterpieces to transport to a blank canvas and join the ranks of legendary artists.

Our selection of AI art with prompt examples can help you light your creative spark. Let’s dive into these fabulous ideas and explore gorgeous AI art.

Part 2. How to Use AI Art Prompts

a collage of ai art prompt examples

Text-based prompts for AI art generators should be descriptive and detailed. The more specific you are, the more accurately AI will realize your vision. Here’s how to create AI art with prompts:

  1. Specify the image type– Do you wish AI to create a drawing, sketch, illustration, collage, oil or watercolor painting, photograph, 3D render, or another picture? Instruct it at the beginning of your prompt.
  2. Describe the subject– Your focus can be a living being, object, geometric shape, or abstract concepts like friendship or the feeling of summer.
  3. Enrich your prompt with details– Add adjectives to specify colors, textures, sizes, shapes, layers, genres (e.g., fantasy or sci-fi), periods (e.g., futuristic or Victorian), and emotions.
  4. Specify the style– Prompting your AI art generator to use realism, impressionism, expressionism, minimalism, surrealism, landscape or portrait photography, pop art, or another artistic approach will help create the desired effect. The best part is you can mix and match. You can also name a particular artist to emulate their technique.
  5. Determine the composition– Do you want AI to make a 4K or 8K image? What about the lighting, camera angle, and aspect ratio? Define the technical specs to get the result that matches your preferences.

We’ve compiled some prompt ideas for AI art to help you understand and apply these tips. Let’s first see what else you can do with AI art prompts.

Part 3. General Tips for AI Art Prompts

Follow these tips to make the most of AI artwork prompts:

  • Use complete sentences– The more articulate your prompts are, the better results you’ll get.
  • Follow a structured approach– Provide information following steps 1–5 above (separating elements with a comma when necessary) to ensure AI accurately interprets your idea and realizes your vision.
  • Exclude specific elements– Adding “no people, “no text,” or another parameter at the end of your prompt ensures AI omits irrelevant stuff from your picture.
  • Provide samples– Including a particular image’s URL in your prompt will give your AI art generator a visual reference (if you want it to create something similar).

Now that you better understand AI art prompts, it’s time to put these tips into practice.

Here’s an AI prompt for art that omits the composition: “An illustration of a red owl with bright blue eyes in an abstract expressionist style.” Here’s the result:

ai art from a prompt describing a red owl in abstract expressionism

The AI tool didn’t care much about the bright blue eyes; it added the blue color elsewhere. However, you can modify your prompt to get different results. Here’s what you’ll see if you include “volumetric lighting” at the end of the prompt:

abstract expressionism ai art from a prompt describing a red owl in volumetric lighting

Here’s an art prompt for AI focusing on a specific color palette: “A busy, hopeful futuristic city with a purple and green color scheme.” Here’s the result:

futuristic ai art from a prompt focusing on color schemes

The following AI art prompt examples showcase how lighting affects the result, which came from this text: “An image of the Eiffel Tower at midday with cinematic lighting.” You can also specify the camera angle, like a low-angle or eye-level shot.

eiffel tower ai art from a prompt focusing on cinematic lighting

Here’s a fantastic example of a realistic, detailed picture. The following AI artwork comes from this prompt: “An image of a distant galaxy with colorful stars and an Earth-like planet in the foreground, hyper-realistic, 8K.” Specifying the resolution at the end of the prompt will instruct AI to add more detail.

realistic, 8k ai art from a prompt describing a planet

The following examples of AI art prompts showcase the significance of framing the image. The prompt “An image of a determined person inside a forest fire, close-up shot, realistic” provides this result:

ai art from a prompt describing a man inside a forest fire

Changing the prompt to “An image of a determined person, forest fire background, close-up shot, realistic” provides the desired result:

ai art from a prompt focusing on a man inside a burning forest

Modifying this AI art prompt to focus on the subject and get the forest fire in the background significantly changes the composition.

Check out this AI art prompt, perfect for children’s books: “An illustration of dinosaurs drawn by a child, heartwarming and cute.”

ai art from a prompt describing a dinosaur illustration

You can see that you sometimes don’t need to specify colors and other details; AI will match your vision.

Part 4. Top Ideas for AI Art Prompts of 2023

best prompts for ai art

The prompt examples for AI art above have given you crucial pointers. Let’s now see the best ideas for AI-generated art prompts.

Use the Style of a Popular Artist

AI artist prompts are fantastic for emulating famous artists’ work (preferably non-living legends to avoid copyright issues). Here are some AI artist prompt examples:

  • Vincent Van Gogh

“An illustration of a city skyline at night in the style of Van Gogh.”

ai artist prompt in van gogh style

  • Pablo Picasso

“An illustration of a city skyline at night in the style of Picasso.”

ai artist prompt in picasso style

  • Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha

“A portrait of a woman with flowing brown hair and piercing eyes in the style of Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha.”

ai artist prompt in gustav klimt style

  • Georgia O’Keeffe

“A photograph of a giant teacup filled with flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.”

ai artist prompt in georgia o’keeffe style

Adding “in the style of” to your prompt instead of only a particular artist’s name instructs the AI generator to mimic their style while creating your original image.

Superhero References

Superheroes dominate the comic book and entertainment industries. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that AI art generators have their digital hands full with these figures of humanity, hope, and freedom. Here are some excellent examples of superhero AI prompts for art:

  • Superman, Black Widow, and Thor

“A photograph of Superman standing in the street at midday, cowboy shot, realistic, sunlight, detailed shadow, 4K.”

“A 3D render of Black Widow standing in the street at dusk in the style of Scarlett Johansson’s depiction in the movie, cowboy shot, cinematic lighting.”

“A 3D render of Thor standing in the street at dusk, looking at the viewer, in the style of Chris Hemsworth’s depiction in the movie, cowboy shot, cinematic lighting.”

ai art prompts with superheroes

  • Iron Man and the Mandalorian crossover

“A 3D render of Iron Man wearing a Mandalorian-style helmet, cowboy shot, realistic, daylight.”

a creative mandalorian-iron-man prompt for ai art

It’s like the Mandalorian and Iron Man had a baby. Experiment with funny AI art prompts to step out of your comfort zone and create masterpieces.

Different Art Styles

AI art style prompts open the doors to infinite possibilities. You can use cubism, expressionism, post-impressionism, art nouveau, abstract art, modernism, and many more artistic styles. Moreover, you can combine them and reference multiple artists.

Here are the best art style prompts:

  • Surrealism

“An illustration of a dreamlike landscape with mystical creatures, twisted reality, surrealism, still life.” Experiment with various concepts and adjectives to get different results.

ai art style prompts featuring surrealism

“An illustration of a surreal landscape consisting of elements from different photos.”

surreal landscape art ai prompts

“An illustration of a dreamlike landscape of an island with bright colors, pink flora, and a castle on top of a hill in the style of Hayao Miyazaki and Mary Blair, a touch of surrealism.”

dreamlike landscape art ai prompt with multiple styles

  • Dadaism

“A collage of a post-apocalyptic world in neon colors, dadaism, volumetric lighting.”

a dadaist collage art ai prompt

  • Cyberpunk

“A digital illustration of a futuristic Tokyo with neon-lit skyscrapers, flying vehicles, and multiple planets in the sky in the anime style.”

digital cyberpunk art ai prompt

  • Science fiction

“A digital art illustration of a robot holding a flower bouquet, the Eiffel Tower background.”

digital art ai prompt

  • Pop art

“An illustration of stylized portraits in bold colors, pop art.” You can include famous people in the prompt.

pop art ai prompt

  • Minimalism

“An illustration of still life with clean lines, negative space, and minimalist colors, minimalism.” You can specify the objects and colors.

minimalism art style prompts for ai

  • Realism

“An illustration of still life on a table, hyper-realistic textures, realistic.” You can specify all objects, like this example’s fruits, vases, and decanters.

realism art style prompts for ai

  • Street photography

“A black-and-white collage of urban street life with candid moments, street photography.”

art style prompts for ai featuring street photography

Remember to specify the camera angle and shot size. For instance, this example’s fourth image is a close-up, while the others are medium shots.

  • Portrait photography

“A portrait of a contemplative woman with piercing eyes and an intense gaze, looking at the viewer, portrait photography, realistic, close-up shot.”

art style prompts for ai featuring portrait photography

Some examples above are black-and-white, while others feature freckled women. Remember to specify those details if necessary.

“A realistic portrait of a woman with red hair laughing as snowflakes fall on her face and wearing an olive winter jacket and a gray beanie hat, close-up shot.”

a portrait photography art prompt for ai

Practice with other styles and compositions to create exciting or funny prompts for AI art.

Pop Culture Prompts

Besides art style prompts for AI and superheroes, AI-generated artworks often feature pop culture references. Here are some pop culture prompts for AI art to inspire you:

  • Interstellar

“A 3D render of an astronaut exploring a distant planet, with giant planets in the sky and ruins in the background, in the style of the Interstellar movie.”

an interstellar-style art ai prompt

  • The Last of Us

“A 3D render of a post-apocalyptic city with skyscrapers, overgrown vegetation, and one survivor, in the style of the video game The Last of Us.”

a post-apocalyptic art ai prompt

  • Blade Runner

“A 3D render of a futuristic city with neon-lit skyscrapers and flying cars, a high-tech car in the foreground, in the style of Blade Runner, hyper-realistic.”

a blade-runner art ai prompt

  • TRON

“An illustration of a futuristic cityscape with neon lights in the style of the TRON video game.” You can add “collage”to this prompt for AI art to get an image similar to the one below.

tron-game art ai prompts

Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures like dragons, werewolves, minotaurs, griffins, sirens, unicorns, and phoenixes make for pretty cool AI art prompts. Here are several prompts to use for AI art to give you an idea:

  • Werewolves

“An illustration of an epic battle between a giant feral werewolf and a fearless, sword-wielding warrior under a full moon. Danger and suspense fill the air.”

mythical-creatures prompts to use for ai art

  • Dragons

“An illustration of a majestic Tiamat dragon on a mountain hill, standing next to a castle with its wings spread wide in the sunlight and a dense forest beneath its feet, concept art.”

a dragon art ai prompt

“An illustration of a giant Western dragon in an epic battle with sword-wielding warriors, concept art. The fire-breathing dragon is dominating the battlefield.”

a dragon-focused prompt for ai art

You can add “in the style of Game of Thrones” to get this spitting image of a GOT battle.

Anime Style

Anime-style artwork is another excellent choice for AI art generators. Here are some anime AI art prompts to try:

“An illustration of a fearless boy with two friends fighting a towering shadow creature with glowing red eyes in a moonlit forest in the anime style.”

an anime-style art ai prompt with a mythical creature

“An illustration of students practicing spells in a magic school’s classroom filled with mystical creatures in vibrant colors in the anime style.”

an anime-style art ai prompt

“An illustration of a cybernetic samurai in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring intricate details of his high-tech weaponry and armor, in the anime style.”

an anime-style art ai prompt with a cybernetic samurai

Part 5. How to Manage AI Prompt Images Effectively

how to manage ai artwork prompts

Managing your AI-generated artwork comes down to keeping it secure and seamlessly accessing it anytime and anywhere. You can also fine-tune the images to give them a personal touch. Here’s what you can do:

  • Transfer your pictures to a computer– Use a reliable data management solution like Wondershare Dr.Fone to move photos between devices.
  • Organize your images– Keep them in relevant folders instead of scattering them across your phone or computer library. You can also tag them for quick access.
  • Utilize a high-quality photo editor– Tweak your AI-generated images to make breathtaking masterpieces.
  • Create regular backups– Backing up your photos is crucial because your phone and computer aren’t immune to malfunctions, malware, and other issues. Use a tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone to schedule automatic (even wireless) backups and restore your data anytime.

Managing your phone with tools like Wondershare Dr.Fone is the key to organizing and securing your images, videos, music, apps, and other files.


AI-generated art from prompts is taking over the world, so embrace the ground-breaking technology to create fascinating art. Follow our tips, draw inspiration from our examples, and you’ll become an AI prompt artist before you know it.

By the way, Wondershare Dr.Fone is about to launch a new AI wallpaper generator. You can use it to create high-quality Barbie images, too. Explore its amazing image-generation capabilities once the tool becomes officially available.

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