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best dalle prompts best dalle 2 prompt

In case you missed the latest news, AI image generators are currently trending. These amazing AI-powered tools can do unimaginable things. Do you know what’s crazy? Most AI image generators don’t take years to master.

Their features are automated, enabling you to create top-grade artwork within seconds without any tech skills or knowledge. Such is the case with OpenAI-s DALL-E 2. It is one AI image generator to rule them all.

It brings you market-disturbing AI technology that can take your visual creativity to the next level. With that in mind, let’s delve deeper into how to create the best Dall-E 2 prompts using the Dall-E 2 generator online.

Part 1. Tips for Creating the Best Dall-E Prompts

best prompts for dalle 2

Dall-E 2 uses the power of artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, natural language processing, and machine learning to introduce new possibilities to image generation. It can create entire visual narratives, enhance design concepts, help you express your creativity, boost your artistic expression, etc.

These immense capabilities empower Dall-E 2 to generate high-end, high-resolution visuals based on textual input (prompts) that can reshape your ideas. Thanks to the range of AI technologies in its tech stack, Dall-E 2 can interpret the prompts you provide and use its potential to transform your ideas into photorealistic artwork of exceptional quality.

Here are some tips to get you started with the best Dall-E 2 prompts.

1. Ask Yourself Important Questions

Ask yourself what it is you want Dall-E 2 to do for you to get as specific and descriptive as possible. Shape your questions around emotions, colors, and other visual elements you want to convey in your visuals. The more you get specific with your best Dall-E 2 prompts, the better and more accurate the desired output.

2. Keep Your Prompts Simple and Clean

dall e style prompts

Your prompts should be simple. Try to provide simple and clean text inputs to simplify art generation and increase the chance of getting the desired results. Adding complicated details, such as object position and design orientation, will complicate things and give you vague results that won’t be much to your liking.

Avoid prompts that are too long, detailed, and specific. Though it can help you add unique elements to your artwork, you won’t get too far with your creativity if you feed Dall-E 2 overly complicated instructions.

3. Accurately Describe Image Composition

dall e style prompts 1

It’s easy to nail specific expressions and motions with animals and human objects. However, things can get difficult when you try to apply the same settings to your images with inanimate objects.

Such visuals must also convey certain emotions to convey your message and help you connect with your audience. That’s why describing image composition parameters accurately is vital to getting the desired Dall-E 2 prompts.

Here are some parameters to help you describe image composition:

  • Photo lens effects – experiment with different effects like double exposure and fisheye lens;
  • Lighting – shift between backlit shots, outdoor, indoor, and studio lighting settings;
  • Photo angles – take drone, overhead, or macro shots of the subject to capture it from different angles.

4. Use Emotion Words to Get Better Results

dall e style prompts 2

Think about the emotions you want your subject to express in your images. Do you want it to be angry, sad, happy, enthusiastic, or something else? Add emotion words to your Dall-E 2 prompts to shape your artistic expression around an immersive emotional quotient.

Aside from adding more impact to your visuals, emotions will also add more depth to your images. You can also use emojis in your Dall-E prompts to capture your thoughts more accurately, especially when adding human beings or animals to your visuals.

5. Specify Colors

dall e style prompts 3

You can add more value to your images by specifying colors. Whether it’s an overview of the color moods or subject and background colors, you must be specific about the color selection you want to see in your visuals to make them as appealing as possible.

Colors help enhance your visual results. Use accurate color descriptors and specific color names to better instruct Dall-E 2 with your prompts. Providing the HEX code of the color palette you’d like to add to your images will increase your chances of getting ideal results.

6. Mention Tiny Details

dall e style prompts 4

Don’t be afraid of going into the tiniest details. Define even the tiniest element in your image to get the right background for your visuals. Increase the image accuracy and visual impact by adding specific elements to your images and going down to the tiniest detail regarding the main subject and the background.

7. Be Specific About the Style

dall e style prompts 5

Though Dall-E 2 allows you to choose from several visual styles, we recommend being specific about the kind of visual style you want to see in your visuals. The style is critical to generating impactful images that will stand out.

Without the specific style, you’ll get generic renditions that won’t do much for you or your audience. Use exact words to depict your style. For example, a cityscape in an oil painting style should be enough for Dall-E 2 to understand what you want to do.

Part 2. How to Create the Best Dall-E Prompts

Now that you have some notion of the things Dall-E 2 can do, let’s break down the steps to create the best DALL-E prompts that will resonate with your target audience.

  1. Visit theofficial DALL-E 2 website to access the AI image generator.

create prompts for dall e 2 1

Visit the official DALL-E 2 website and create a free account to receive 50 credits.

  1. Check your DALL-E 2 credits.

create prompts for dall e 2 2

You need DALL-E 2 credits to use the image generator. You can purchase them on the official website if you don't have enough credits.

  1. Create good DALL-E 2 prompts.

create prompts for dall e 2 3

Use the tips we mentioned above to generate the exact type of art you’re aiming for. Be specific about the image elements, background details, colors, scenes, objects, etc. If you can’t decide, hit the Surprise me button to get some generic recommendations.

  1. Use DALL-E 2 options to refine your prompts.

DALL-E 2 allows you to experiment with different colors and visual styles to generate unique visuals. You can export each visual in four versions. Review the changes made in each variation to identify the image that meets your needs.

Part 3. Dall-E 2 Prompt Examples

best dalle prompt examples

Here are some excellent DALL-E 2 prompt examples to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll guide you through the best DALL-E 2 prompts for painting, photography, and digital art.

Dystopian industrial cityscape

dalle 2 prompts examples for painting

“Realistic painting of a dystopian industrial city with towering factories, pollution-filled air, and a gloomy sky.”

This DALL-E prompt combines dystopian aesthetics and realism elements to give you a post-apocalyptic industrial cityscape with rich details, such as a gloomy sky, pollution, towering factories, etc.

Victorian masquerade

dalle 2 example prompts for painting 2

“Victorian-era painting of a masquerade ball with elaborate costumes, contrasting colors, and soft lighting.”

Send your viewer back in time to a Victorian masquerade ball by illustrating a scene from that time with elaborate costumes, festive atmosphere, soft lighting, contrasting colors, and mysterious image details.

Waltz of elements

dalle 2 example prompts for painting 3

“Dramatic painting of a volcanic eruption near a body of water, using bold, contrasting colors.”

Picture an epic scene of a body of water disturbed by a colossal volcanic eruption and immerse yourself in a never-ending epic battle between fire and water. A contrasting and bold color palette creates a dramatic atmosphere that perfectly captures the undisputed power of elements.

Ethereal morning mist

example dall e prompts for photography

“Early morning photography of a landscape shrouded in mist, with diffused light and long shadows.”

Set an ethereal mood using long shadows and diffused light to generate an early morning landscape scene enveloped in mist and sunrise.

Neon nights

dall e prompts examples for photography 2

“Night photography of a neon-lit city street, using long exposure to capture motion.”

Capture a city at night, lit in neon lights, using long exposure to depict people and objects in motion against the flashing static neon signs.

Snowfall tranquility

dall e prompts examples for photography 3

“Tranquil photography of a park during a gentle snowfall, using a slow shutter speed to blur the snowflakes.”

Imagine a gentle snowfall slowly covering the streets. Nice, isn’t it? Well, you can capture this peace-and-quiet scene using DALL-E 2 special effects and slow shutter speeds to depict the tranquility and silence of a snow-covered ambiance.

Alien flora

dall e style prompts for digital art

“Digital art of alien flora using a vibrant color palette and unusual shapes.”

Convey your otherwordly vision of flora on an alien planet to your viewers using the power of DALL-E 2 digital artistry, unusual shapes, and vibrant color options.

The steampunk scientist

dall e style prompts for digital art 2

“Steampunk digital art of an explorer with their airship, using rich textures and detailed elements.”

This DALL-E 2 prompt for digital art empowers you to assume the role of a steampunk explorer and scientist and let your imagination run wild. Capture the very essence of steampunk visuals using detailed image generation elements, rich textures, and genre-fitting colors.

Futuristic cityscape

dall e style prompts for digital art 3

“Futuristic digital art of a cityscape with drones, skyscrapers, and hover cars.”

Have you ever wanted to see what the future would look like? Well, now you can. DALL-E 2 can help you visualize a futuristic cityscape with hovercars, otherworldly skyscrapers, and drones to capture the unstoppable industrial advancement.


DALL-E 2 is an AI-enhanced visual aid that helps you refine, reshape, and redefine your creative expression. It helps you develop a unique AI image generation strategy using the combination of AI technologies and design outsourcing options.

Thanks to its immense visual capabilities, DALL-E 2 has quickly become the favorite go-to AI image generation solution for countless content creators, digital artists, 3D designers, and modern-day brands. If you want to take your creativity to the next level, give DALL-E 2 a chance. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

By the way, Wondershare Dr.Fone is about to launch a new AI wallpaper generator. You can use it to create high-quality Barbie images, too. Explore its amazing image-generation capabilities once the tool becomes officially available.

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