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How To Easily Unlock Nokia Screen: 4 Effective Methods


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

If you've ever had a Nokia phone, then you know that their screens are locked by default. It can be a pain if you want to access your messages or change your background image quickly. If you just set your Nokia password, screen lock code, pattern lock, or PIN last night or a few days ago, you are most likely to forget it.

The result is that you have locked out of your phone, and you have to reset your device's password. But fortunately, there's an easy way to unlock your Nokia screen without entering any passwords. You can have your phone up and running in a few simple steps without contacting customer service.

So don't wait any longer - read on for instructions on how to unlock the Nokia phone pin code.

Let's get started!

4 Easy Ways To Unlock Nokia Screen

sim pin

Like most people, you probably lock your Nokia phone as soon as you turn it on. It's a good way to keep your phone safe from prying eyes and accidental button presses. But what happens when you forget your phone's passcode? Or worse, what if your phone gets locked by a malicious app?

There are a few different ways to unlock your Nokia phone. We'll show you how to do it.

Method 1. Google Find My Device (Without Password/Pin/Pattern)

If you're like me, you've probably tried a million different ways to unlock your Nokia phone, only to be frustrated by the results. Luckily, there's an easy way to unlock your Nokia phone using Google's Find My Device feature.

Google will use your location, phone information, and connection log to find your Nokia.

Follow these steps to unlock the Nokia lock screen password without losing data:

  • Step 1: Sign into your Google account and navigate the Find My Device website.

google find my device

  • Step 2: Sign in with your Google account, which you used on your locked Nokia phone.
  • Step 3: The Android Device Manager dashboard will show your locked Nokia with three options: Ring, Lock, and Erase.
  • Step 4: Simply click on "Lock".
  • Step 5: Enter a password that is not your Google account password in the "New Password" field.
  • Step 6: Type the new password in the "Confirm password" field. This password lock will replace the current lock screen.
  • Step 7: You can leave the "Recovery message" field empty or type anything in it.
  • Step 8: Enter another phone number in the "Phone number" field, although this is optional.
  • Step 9: Choose "Lock" after entering your password and filling out the optional fields if you wish.
  • Step 10: If the process is successful, you will receive the unlock code within a few seconds.
  • Step 11: Navigate to the "Screen Settings" menu after unlocking your device.
  • Step 12: Use a new password; you can use the temporary password if you want.

You can use it to unlock your Nokia if you have activated the Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device before your phone was locked.

A few conditions, however, must be met for this to work:

  • You must turn on your Nokia phone.
  • Before locking your phone, you must activate Google Find My Device or Android Device Manager.
  • You must have your Nokia GPS turned on to use it.
  • You must be connected to WiFi on your device to log into your Google account.
  • Your phone needs to be set to location.

Method 2. Unlock Nokia Lock Screen With Hard Reset

If you perform a hard reset on your Nokia lock screen, all data, and user information will be erased, including your screen lock, password, pattern lock, and PIN.

Follow the steps below if you want to know how to unlock the Nokia phone keypad with the hard reset, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Turn off your Nokia phone.
  • Step 2: Press the “Volume down” and “Power key” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Step 3: Press the “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons for a few additional seconds once the screen darkens.
  • Step 4: Release all buttons and keys if you did step 3 correctly. Once you release all buttons, you'll see a dark screen with options.
  • Step 5: Choose "Wipe data/factory reset" from the menu, using “Volume Up” to scroll up, “Volume Down” to scroll down, and “Power” to select.
  • Step 6: From the Android Recovery screen, select the “Yes” option by pressing the “Volume Down” button and the “Power” key.
  • Step 7: With the “Power” key, select "Reboot system now" from the next display.

Your Nokia is now password, pattern lock, screen lock, and PIN-free after a hard reset.

Method 3. Unlock With Answer Security Questions

You can reset the Nokia pattern lock using Google security questions without losing data.

Follow the steps below on how to unlock the Nokia phone pin code:

  • Step 1: Power on your Nokia.
  • Step 2: Press “Forgot pattern” several times until you see “Forgot password”.
  • Step 3: Click on “Forgot pattern” to access the unlock screen.
  • Step 4: Enter your Google account details or answer questions to unlock the screen. Select “Answer question”.
  • Step 5: Enter your exact security answers and tap the “Unlock” button.
  • Step 6: Choose “YES” from the “YES” or “NO” menu, and the password field will appear.
  • Step 7: Change your password or PIN.
  • Step 8: You will see your Nokia unlocked soon.

Method 4. Unlock the Keypad With a Security Code

You could reset your Nokia lock screen phone using the default security code, even if you haven't set any security code. Here's how to quickly unlock the Nokia lock screen security code.

  • Step 1: Shut down your device.
  • Step 2: Press these buttons in the following sequence on a classic phone.
Call button (green button) + Asterisk key (*) + Three (3)
  • Step 3: Your screen displays a Formatting message when you press these keys.
  • Step 4: Wait for the formatting to complete before releasing the keys.
o 12345.


If you have a classic-style keypad phone or an Android device, unlocking a locked Nokia phone keypad is not easy. However, we believe that every problem has a solution. You can unlock Nokia Android phones using any of the methods listed above.

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