Two Solutions to Root LG Stylo Easily

We are well aware of the fact that the cost of Smartphones goes higher up when the display size, features and specifications increase. But LG Stylo, with a display size of 5.7 inches, proved otherwise. Running on Android V5.1 Lollipop, LG Stylo has some of the best features that a smartphone can have. It has a big screen and a built-in stylus. Just when styluses were considered dead, LG G stylo gave it a fresh lease of life. The phone has an 8MP primary shooter and 5MP front camera for selfies. Also, it has 1/2GB RAM and an internal storage of 16GB expandable up to 128GB which is quite admirable.

Now, if we talking about rooting the LG Stylo, the benefits are many. It will help the Stylo respond faster, save battery life, and even block ads that irritate you when using an application. Going further, LG Stylo root, can change the stock Android and install custom ROMS and Kernels and define the way your LG Stylo looks and functions. You can also clear up unwanted apps that take up memory and do a lot more. Rooting LG Stylo may be the best option if you wish to enter into Android geekdom with your LG Stylo.

So, learn how to root lg stylo so as to unlock its powers.

Part 1: Preparation of rooting LG Stylo

Rooting is the actual process of obtaining Superuser access to a smartphone. Generally, smartphone manufacturers do not grant Superuser access to the common users of the phone. By having a privileged access to the Android smartphone, users can do all those activities that are blocked by the manufacturer. But before performing any drastic changes to your phone like rooting, it is necessary to do certain things. Therefore, before you do a lg stylo root, take proper care to do the following preparations.

• Before performing lg stylo root, it is necessary to know about your device thoroughly. So, visit the “About Device” section in Settings and note down the details.

• Rooting LG Stylo may take quite some time in certain cases. To complete the rooting process without any interruptions, make sure to have a completely charged battery to be on the safer side.

• Backup all the important data like contacts, pictures, app data etc. that you have on your LG G Stylo because when you root lg stylo, all data may be lost.

• Have the necessary LG device driver, USB cable drivers installed in your computer to make connections easy.

• A good, preferably native, USB cable is necessary for establishing connection between your device and the PC

• Install custom recovery on your device and enable USB debugging.

• If you root lg stylo, the warranty may be nullified. So learn how to unroot the device to stay clear of such a problem.

After having done all the preparations, your device can be rooted by doing the following steps.

Part 2: How to root LG Stylo with Android Root

Rooting any Android phone requires considerable expertise when done using the conventional commands. However, Wondershare dr.fone Android toolkit makes the rooting process simple and easy. With this easy to use toolkit, anybody can perform lg stylo root easily within a matter of few minutes and few clicks. It does not end there and the dr.fone software can be used for several other purposes also. Now, we will look at how to perform lg stylo root using the dr.fone toolkit.

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Step 1: Install dr.done toolkit software on your PC

First, download Wondershare dr.fone toolkit on your PC and install it. Once the installation is complete, launch the program on your computer. In the screen that appears, select “Root” among all the available options.

launch dr.fone

Step 2: Connect your LG G Stylo with the PC

After the tool selection is done, connect the LG G Stylo with the PC using a USB cable. Now there will be pop-up message on your LG Stylo asking permission for USB debugging. Tap on OK to allow it. Once it is done, the dr.fone software will establish connection with your phone.

connect phone

Step 3: Detect the LG Stylo and root it

Once the connection is established, click on the “start” button in dr.fone program. This will allow the program to detect the phone and find a method to root it.

detect phone

The process may take quite some time. All the while it is important not to disconnect the LG Stylo and the PC.

After it is detected, click on “root now” to start rooting. In the pop-up that appears on the phone, tap on “confirm” to authorise the lg stylo root.

root now

In a few minutes, the LG Stylo will be rooted successfully.

root successfully

Part 3: How to root LG Stylo with SuperSU

Yet another easy method to root lg stylo is using SuperSU. It is an application that facilitates easy management of Superuser access and permission. It is developed by a developer named Chainfire. It can also be employed to root lg stylo in a matter of few minutes if all the preparatory works are done and ready. It needs to be flashed on to the ROM of LG stylo to be used. Here are the steps to be followed to do lg stylo root using SuperSU.

Step 1: Download SuperSU and other necessary files

To root an Android phone using SuperSU, it is necessary to have a custom recovery file installed on the phone. After unlocking the bootloader, install either TWRP or CWM recovery and reboot your LG stylo. In the computer, download the latest version of SuperSU flashable compressed zip file. Keep the zip file as it is and do not extract it.

extract supersu zip file

Step 2: Connect the LG Stylo with PC

Now, connect your Android smartphone with the PC using a USB cable.

Step 3: Transfer the downloaded fine to LG Stylo

After connecting the device and the computer, transfer the downloaded SuperSU zip file to the internal storage of LG Stylo.

copy the zip file to phone storage

Step 4: Boot the phone into recovery

Turn off your Android smartphone and boot it into TWRP or CWM recovery mode by pressing and holding volume down button + power button simultaneously.

Step 5: Install the SuperSU app

Now, tap on “Install” if you are in TWRP recovery. If you are in CWM recovery, click on “install zip from SD card”. Then navigate to find the SiperSU zip file in the storage and select it. For TWRP recovery, do “Swipe to Confirm Flash” to start the flashing the file. In the case of CWM recovery, click on “confirm” and flash the file onto your LG Stylo.

Step 6: Reboot your device

After you get the notification about the successful flash, reboot your LG Stylo to finish the rooting process.

Voila! Your device is now rooted. You can find the SuperSU app in the LG Stylo app drawer.

We have just seen how to root lg stylo using two simple methods. Both the methods are very easy to perform and do not require much expertise. So, you can figure out the method that you are most comfortable with and root your LG Stylo in a few minutes.

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