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If I Erase my Old iPhone, Will it Affect my New One?

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

If you have not erased personal data before, you will become worried about your personal data and the rest of the documents and photos in the old iPhone. No one will like to share their data with a new iPhone user whatsoever unless you want to do so for particular reasons, most likely if you have nothing personal.

erase my old phone

When you are thinking of erasing the data, the chances are that you are selling the phone or upgrading to a new iPhone. That said, how will you deal with your old iPhone?

Speaking of iPhone data, you need to think about your emails, messages, photos, and documents. Other kinds of data include downloaded items, logs information, cache, preference, and cookies created by the apps you installed in the old iPhone. Keep in mind that deleting items from your iPhone does not remove them from your storage. The process temporarily gets rid of them, and such things cannot be accessed from the iPhone interface.

Apart from deleting iPhone data, there are other crucial things to do before getting rid of it. Such include

  • Unpair your apple watch,
  • Backing up your iPhone data,
  • Sign out of iCloud, app store, and iTunes,
  • Turn off find my iPhone,
  • Remove the iPhone from the apple id account,
  • Unlock the iPhone
  • Remove your SIM

Part 1: How to erase iPhone data?

Once you plan to purchase a new iPhone or upgrade to the new model launched in the market, you need to transfer your information before deleting from the old device. When we talk about deleting, you might be thinking of manually deleting the contacts, documents, reminders, photos, or iCloud information. While you might not view these items on your old device, they still exist in your storage.

If you delete iPhone data using the device settings, you will likely get rid of it successfully, but you can recover everything professionally. Whether you have lost the old iPhone or already have it, you can remove everything from the device without affecting your new iPhone. The following steps will guide you to perform the process successfully in both situations.

1.1 If you have your iPhone

You will have to follow the following steps to move your data before removing all your old iPhone information.

Transfer iPhone data to your new device

Your new iPhone will allow you to transfer information from your old device automatically using the QuickStart. However, this applies to users with devices that support IOS 11 or later.

Suppose you are using iPhones with IOS 10 or earlier. In that case, you can transfer your iPhone information to your new device by using iCloud, the Finder, or iTunes successfully.

You might want to use another phone number with your new iPhone. In that case, you will be required to add trusted phone contacts to the account to prevent losing access. Let’s say you don’t have access to the phone number you used in your old iPhone. It could help generate the two-factor authentication code that you had on the old device when required.

Here is how you will remove your personal information from your old iPhone.

  1. Remove paired devices such as the Apple Watch if you had connected one to the old iPhone.
  2. Backup important data that you will not want to lose.
  3. Sign out of your accounts such as iTunes, App Store, and iCloud. Here is how to go about it.
    • On devices that support IOS 10.3 or later, check the tap the settings icon> icon with your name, then select sign out. You should enter your Apple ID password then tap on the Turn off section.
reset your iphone
    • For those using IOS 10.2 or earlier, go to settings, tap icloud>sign out, and then tap again to access “Delete from my device.” It will help if you enter the Apple ID passcode to complete the process. Finally, go to settings and select iTunes and App Store> Apple ID, then sign out.
how to erase iphone data
  1. Once you are done signing out all your accounts, go to settings again. Under the ‘general tab,’ select ‘reset,’ then ‘erase all content and settings.’ If your iPhone has the Find function turned on, you will be asked to enter the Apple ID password.
  2. The iPhone will probably ask for the device passcode before you tap on the erase device tab.
  3. Since you are moving to a new iPhone device, you don’t have to deregister iMessage.
  4. Lastly, contact your carrier to transfer services to the new owner if you are giving away the old iPhone. Also, don’t forget to remove your old iPhone from the list of your trusted devices.

1.2 If you don’t have the old iPhone

Perhaps the steps above were not complete, and you don’t have the old iPhone, you can use alternatives. For instance, you can ask the new owner to delete the content and setting following the steps above.

Similarly, you can sign in to your iCloud or find my device app on another device to erase information on the old iPhone. Once it is erased, you can select 'Erase from Account.'

Another alternative is to reset your Apple ID password to prevent anyone from deleting your personal information from iCloud bot couldn’t remove the iPhone data. You can also remove your credit and debit card information via iCloud if you were using Apple pay on the old iPhone.

Part 2: Erasing iPhone data by Dr.Fone-Data Eraser (iOS)

While deleting your iPhone data by phone can guarantee recovery in a professional process, you can permanently erase the data to protect your privacy even from a professional identity thief using the Dr. Fone – Data Eraser.

erase by Dr.Fone-data Eraser

The software is available for use on both windows and mac users. The following are the features that come with this incredible data eraser;

  • Erase unwanted items hence creating more space and speed up your iPhone
  • Can permanently remove 3rd party apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, Kik, etc.
  • Large file management in a more sophisticated way
  • Erase items on your iPhone selectively

Dr.Fone – Data Eraser gives high-end privacy to iPhone users. With the recent cybersecurity issues, the software can reduce your personal data's chances of identity theft. It ensures that the erased data is gone forever. Even the powerful data recovery tools will not recover the erased data.

Dr.Fone-data eraser introduction

Dr. Fone – Data Eraser works with all types of ios devices and can delete all file types. For instance, you can get rid of private information such as messages, attachments, photos, contacts, reminders, call history, among other sensitive information.

While Dr. Fone – Data Eraser promises privacy, it also removes unnecessary items that make the iPhone deliver slow performance even to significant functionalities. These kinds of files include the temp or log files and system junks that fill up the device storage. The software also compresses the photos to release more space.

The following are steps for erasing your iPhone data.

Dr. Fone – Data Eraser scans the iPhone data before an action is triggered. You can choose to erase the data with a single tap or selectively erase the items you don’t need to keep from the scan results.

Step 1: launch Dr. Fone – Data Eraser software on your computer and connect your iPhone

Step 2: the scan results will display on the interface; click erase or choose what to delete and confirm the action before the data is erased

Step 3: the iPhone will be wiped completely, and it will restart as a new device

2.1 Full Data Eraser

Dr. Fone – Full Data Eraser is your best alternative to wiping iPhone data completely and permanently. With this software, you can keep professional identity thieves away. You will not be worried about your private data again because Dr. Fone – full Data Eraser has the capability of eliminating even the most stubborn items on your iPhone.

If you run Dr. Fone on your windows or mac computer, it will display the features that come with the software. They include;

  • Screen lock
  • System repair
  • Phone transfer
  • Phone backup
  • Data eraser
  • Virtual location
Dr.Fone basic introduction

From the functions on the window, select the Data Eraser option. Here is a guideline for using the Dr. Fone – full Data Eraser function when removing data on your iPhone;

Connect the iPhone to the computer: a lighting cable is used to connect your device to the computer. Once the iPhone is recognized, you will have three options on the window, including Erasing Private Data, and Free up space on iPhone and Erase all Data. From the list on your left vertical edge, choose the Erase All Data option to begin the erasing process.

erase all data

The phone starts to erase permanently: once the device is detected on the Dr. Fone – Data Eraser software, go ahead to select the security level to erase the iPhone data. Beware that a higher security level gives no chance for recovering your data. Also, the option takes a while to remove everything from the computer completely.

erase permanently

While the erasing process is ready to begin, you need to be careful since you cannot recover the data. Enter the passcode 000000 to confirm when you are prepared to take action.

Wait for the erasing process to complete: Upon beginning the erasing operation, you will need to wait without using the iPhone. Ensure that the device is connected to a power source during the whole erasing process.

waiting for the erasing data

The program will prompt you to accept the rebooting process of your iPhone. Click ok to confirm and continue.

A window indicating the erasing process is complete appears. This indicates that the iPhone turns into a new device since it does not contain any content. You can, therefore, begin setting it based on your preferences.

2.2 Private data eraser

The private data eraser is among the powerful Dr. Fone toolkits that help iPhone users wipe their personal information such as messages, notes, call history, bookmarks, calendars, and photos.

Moreover, Dr. Fone – private Data Eraser allows iPhone users to select items that require permanent erasure. As such, there are no chances of recovering personal data again.

private data eraser

To use this feature, you need to launch Dr. Fone on your computer. Select the Data Erasure option from the modules available on the program's window. The erasing process will take place in the following procedure:

Connect the iPhone to your computer: use a lighting cable to plug in the device. Please tap on the Trust option that appears on your iPhone to ensure it connects successfully.

ensure that iphone connects pc sucessfully

Once the iPhone connects successfully, you will access three options. Select the erase private data options.

choose erase private data

The program will then scan the private data on your iPhone after clicking on the start button. The scanning process usually takes some time to find personal data.

choose what we want to delete

When the scan results show up, choose the data you want to delete and initiate the process by clicking on the erase button.

2.3 Space saver

When your iPhone becomes slower or keeps displaying an error message, the chances are that the storage space is fed up. In that case, you can use the space saver function on the Dr.Fone program. Once you have launched the program and connected the device, click on the data eraser button.

space saver

You can erase junk files from the data erasure option, remove useless apps, manage large files, compress photos, or export them.

Clicking on each of the functions will prompt you to select options as follows;

    • ‘Clean’ to remove selected junk files
clean to remove selected junk files
    • ‘Uninstall’ to remove useless apps.
uninstall to remove useless apps
  • ‘Delete’ button to remove or export large files to your computer before deleting.
  • And lastly, you will organize photos or compress them to free up some space.

Part 3: What should I pay attention to while wiping data?

When using the Dr. Fone program to erase iPhone data, you need to be careful because there is no likelihood to recover in any way whatsoever. The erasure process s unlike when you are doing the process by phone. That said, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Ensure the lighting cable has connected firmly so that it does not disconnect before the erasure process is complete
  • Your device should have enough battery power
  • Don’t use the phone or open any application during the process of erasing data
  • Always confirm the information you need to delete permanently because you will not recover it once the erasure process is complete.

Bounce tip

Before you erase your personal data from the iPhone device, ensure it is safely backed up. Having a backup will ensure your data can be retrieved when required, especially when you want to copy another ios device.

To back up iPhone data, you can use iTunes or iCloud. From your setting app, you can scroll down to select iCloud and enable iCloud backup.

Other backup alternatives include connecting the device with your Mac using a USB cable. Your data can be stores on iTunes.

While these backup options work excellently in backing up iPhone data, you can also rely on Dr.Fone – phone backup to backup and export your iPhone data to a computer. This program makes it easier for users to backup data selectively and restores conveniently to the ios devices.

The following are steps to back up your iPhone data using Dr.Fone – phone backup.

Connect your iPhone to a computer. Plug a lightning cable to connect the iPhone to the computer, and it will automatically detect the device.

Dr.Fone – phone backup program supports most of the ios data types ranging from privacy data to social app data. From the interface of the program, select device data backup and restore.

Here, you will select the data that you want to backup once the device has been detected. Click on the ‘Backup’ button. The process will take minutes, depending on the amount of data you selected from your iPhone. Once the backup process is done, you can view the backup history.


iPhone users can find the Dr.Fone program very useful for erasing various data types from their device. While there are simple procedures to perform the data erasure and backup processes, Dr.Fone tends to offer more functionalities that give iPhone users more usability and convenience in performing significant actions that are otherwise impossible to do on the device itself.

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