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How to Delete WhatsApp Messages Permanently?

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp is an online chatting app that every smartphone owner uses in the world. It allows you to chit chat and share documents, pictures, videos, and audios with your friends or family members.

Initially, there was no way to delete WhatsApp messages, but thanks to a new update that allows users to delete messages. Now you can delete any message that was sent unintentionally from WhatsApp. However, there is a catch too. You can only delete chats within seven minutes of sending.


Why is there a need to delete WhatsApp messages?

Sometimes, you send WhatsApp messages mistakenly to someone. And, it becomes really funny as well as embarrassing for you. In this case, you definitely want to delete the WhatsApp message. Also, there can be many other reasons, including the shortage of memory in the phone or the message you sent has spelling mistakes.

This article guides you on how to delete WhatsApp messages from iPhone and Android devices permanently.

Part 1: How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

Thanks to the WhatsApps Delete feature that allows you to delete a message for yourself and the person you have sent it.

Here you will be able to learn how to delete the WhatsApp chat quickly if you want to. The best part is that you can delete the messages within a limit of a few minutes.

Note that you cannot delete messages that you have sent before an hour for everyone. On the other hand, you can delete the message for yourself to strike it off just from your records.

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Messages from Your Phone

    • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
open WhatsApp on your phone
    • Go to the "Chats" menu and tap on the chat that contains the message you want to delete.
go to the chat menu
    • Further, press and hold down on the message you want to delete, will reveal a list of options on your screen.
press and hold down the messages
    • Tap on the "Delete" option to delete the message.
    • An edit screen will appear on your phone with the message that you want to delete.
    • Select more messages if you want to delete, and then tap the trash can icon on your screen to proceed further.
    • Tap "Delete for Me" to confirm the deletion of the message. The message will then disappear from your chat.
tap delete for me
  • On the other hand, you can delete the message for everyone by clicking on "Delete for everyone" instead of "Delete for Me" to delete the message for everyone involved in the conversation.

You need to note that the option to delete the messages will be available for a few minutes after the message has been sent.

After an hour, you are unable to delete the WhatsApp messages permanently.

Part 2: How to Delete WhatsApp Messages Permanently From iOS and Android

2.1 Delete WhatsApp messages permanently from iPhone

WhatsApp gives you a particular way to delete WhatsApp messages from your iPhone, but it does not give the solution to delete WhatsApp chat from iPhone permanently. So, to overcome this problem, Dr.Fone Data Eraser is available for iOS to delete the WhatsApp messages completely and permanently. The data you will erase with this will go forever.

This is specially designed for the ease of the customers and to feel safe. The best part is that with Dr.Fone Data Eraser, you will be able to delete the Whatsapp messages even after one hour, which is otherwise impossible to do.

Moreover, nobody can retrieve the deleted data from your phone even with the most sophisticated data recovery program.

Features of Dr.Fone Data Eraser

    • Different erasing modes

It comes with four different erasing modes along with three different levels of data erasing to choose from.

    • Support iOS devices

It can support different versions of iOS devices, including iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9, etc. So, its use is not limited to a particular version only.

    • Wipe data with military-grade

This data eraser helps your data to get clean up completely and permanently. Further, no one can recover even a single bit from your erased data.

    • Helps to delete different files

Dr.Fone can delete different files such as calendars, emails, call logs, reminders, photos, and passwords from an iOS device.

Why Choose Dr.Fone-Data Eraser?

  • It provides guaranteed security to your deleted files along with the remaining files
  • It also comes with an intuitive and simple interface, which makes it good for various users.
  • It guarantees you 100% of absolute data erasing.
  • Once you delete the selected file, the remaining files will not be affected.

Steps to Use. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser

Learn how to delete WhatsApp chat permanently with Dr.Fone:

    • Install Dr.Fone on your system
install the Dr.Fone on your pc

Go to the official site and download Dr.Fone on your system. After this, launch Dr.Fone – data eraser from the options.

    • Attach your device to the computer
attach your device to the pc

Connect your iPhone to the computer by using a lightning cable. When it recognizes your device, it will display three options for you that are:

  1. All data on your phone
  2. All operating history on your phone
  3. All settings on your phone
erase private data

You need to select Erase All Data to start the data erasing process.

    • Start erasing your WhatsApp messages from iPhone
choose WhatsApp data to erase

When the program detects your iPhone, you can select a security level to erase the iOS data. A higher security level takes a long time to erase your WhatsApp messages.

    • Wait till the data erasure is complete
wait till the data erasure is complete

You can have a look over all messages found in the scan result. Select all those messages that you want to erase, and then click on the Erase button to erase them.

2.2 Delete WhatsApp messages permanently from Android

In this, we will teach you how to delete your WhatsApp chat backups on an Android device. You need to have a file manager app to look through your device storage and delete Databases.

    • Launch file manager
launch file manager

A file manager app helps you to browse as well as manage your files on your device. Most of the phones and other mobile devices have a file manager app installed on your phone. On the other hand, if you do not have a file manager app, you can download it.

    • Open your internal storage or SD card storage folder
open your internal storage

File managers will open on a home screen. From here, you can select the option and access the WhatsApp folder in your device's storage folders.

    • Scroll down and tap on the WhatsApp folder

Here, you can see a list of folders in the mobile storage. Further, you can look for the WhatsApp folder and can check the contents of it. Moreover, some of the file manager apps also have a search function. If you see a magnifying glass icon on the screen of your phone, then you can tap on it and search for "WhatsApp."

    • Tap and hold the Databases folder

In the database folder, all your chats are stored. To deleting the Whatsapp messages, you need to Tap and hold the folder that highlights the messages in the folder.

tap and hold the databases folder
    • Select the Delete option

As all the messages are highlighted, you can select the entire message or a particular message to delete. After selecting the message, you can press the delete option to delete the message permanently.

Part 3: How about Deleting WhatsApp Chat Backups?

Deleting WhatsApp chat permanently is quite a common problem that is faced by many. The WhatsApp messages can be deleted by pressing a message and selecting "Delete." But deleting the conversations from here is not enough to permanently delete it.

These conversations or chats can be easily recovered from your android phone. The backup includes conversations from the last few days. Moreover, the backups can be saved in two places that are on the Google account and in local files.

3.1 Delete the WhatsApp Backup Permanently from Google Drive.

    • Visit the Google drive website
visit the google drive website

First of all, you need to go to the official website of Google Drive on the desktop. Further, you need to log-in to the same Google account, which is directly linked to your WhatsApp account.

    • Open the interface

When you open the Google Drive interface, you just need to click on the gear icon present at the top right corner, and from here, you can visit its Settings.

    • Visit Managing Apps
visit managing apps

Here you will have a dedicated section of Google Drive settings available on the browser. You need to go to the "Managing Apps" section to look for all the related apps on the right.

    • Look for the WhatsApp option

Here you can check for WhatsApp and then click on its "Options" button. From here, you just need to select the option to delete hidden app data that have its entire saved backup.

    • Take the final action

A notification will be displayed on the screen. You need to click on the "Delete" button again to verify your choice, and then you will be able to permanently delete the WhatsApp saved backup from Google Drive.

3.2 Deleting the backups from the phone

To do this, you need to go to the File Management of your phone and look for the WhatsApp folder. Here you will find a Backups folder in it. Now, delete all the items from this folder. This will permanently delete WhatsApp backups from the phone.


We hope that you have learned how to delete WhatsApp messages permanently from your phone from the above article. If you own an iPhone, then Dr.Fone – Data Eraser is the best option for you.

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