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10 Tips to Speed Up iPad and Improve iPad Performance

Mar 07, 2022 • Filed to: Frequently Used Phone Tips • Proven solutions

How to boost the performance of your iPad? If you are also considering the same and want to improve the performance of your iPad device. Then, you are required to follow the guide. In this article, we are going to give you 10 important tips so that you would be able to resolve the concern of your slow running iPad.

Actually, there are a number of reasons such as low storage, outdated software, or unwanted data that make the working of device slow and reduce the performance. So you need to go through the article to know more about the problem and their respective solutions.

Part 1: Closing unused files, apps, games

The first thing you are required to do is to close those apps, files or games that are running in the background, and indirectly capping up the device space, as a result, it gets slow down. After that need to delete unused apps to free up some space for the device. So, what is the procedure to close these unused apps?

A. Deleting Apps and Games

For that you need to hold the app icon for few seconds > ‘X’ sign will appear> Then Click on it to close, then, confirm it.

delete unsed apps

B. Deleting Large Files

Large media files such as images, videos, or songs capture the big space of the device, so it would be wise to remove those files which you no longer use or you have a backup somewhere else. So open up media store> select the files not in use> Delete them.

delete large files

Part 2: Clear cache memory and web history

Whenever you browse through a webpage, some memory gets stored in the form of cache (as a quick reference to revisit the website), as well as your browser history and data. This also adds to stealing some space of the device. Therefore, it is advisable to delete these cache data from time to time. Let us do it step by step-

A. Manage your Bookmarks and History

Run Safari>Select Book icon>List of History and Bookmarks appears> from here you can select, edit, or delete your history or bookmarks

B. Now, deleting history and browsing data

(To remove cache memory)

For that go to Settings>Open Safari>Then click on Clear History and Website Data

clear history and website data

C.  The above steps will not remove cache completely so to delete the browsing data of a particular Website also;

Go to Settings>Open Safari>Click on Advanced>Then Website Data> finally, click on Remove all website data

remove all website data

Part 3: Update to the latest iOS version

After clearing the cache memory you are required to update your iOS software to remove any bug or repair the device that will help you to improve the performance of the device.

For that go to Settings > Click on General > Select the Software Update option, if any update available, click on Update Now > then enter the passkey (if any), finally confirm it.

update ios

Part 4: Restart your iPad

Once you are done with the software update, you should force restart the device to setup the changes you made, also it will refresh the device and release extra memory such as RAM. So, the required process is Holding down the sleep and wake button> Slider appears, slide it from left to right till the screen turn off> Wait for a while> after that hold the sleep and wake button again to turn it on.

restart the ipad

Part 5: Turning off the transparency and Motion

Though ‘Transparency and Motion Effects' looks good and gives a different experience to you, but side by side they consume the battery of the device. So, if you are facing poor performance of the device and you want to make your device perform better than you can turn off these features.

A. How to reduce transparency

For that go to Settings, here click on General> then need to select Accessibility option> and then click on ‘Increase Contrast’ option > finally click on Reduce Transparency.

reduce transparency

B. How to Reduce Motion to remove Parallax effects

For that you need to go to Settings>visit General option > then select Accessibility> and finally Click on Reduce motion

reduce motion

Doing so will turn off the motion effects feature from the device.

Part 6: Turning off Background Apps Refresh and auto update

Background App and auto update cause over data usage due to continuous running in the background that might be the reason of reduced speed of the device.

A. How you can turn off the Background App refresh process

For that you are required to open the Settings app> click on General> after that Turn off Background App refresh option

turn off background app

B. Stop Auto Update option

In order to stop the Auto Update feature, go to Settings> Select the General option> select iTunes and App Store> after that you need to Switch off the Auto update option

stop auto update

Part 7: Installing ad blocker

Whenever you use any app or websites then you encounter that these websites are full of advertisements and sometimes these ads cause loading of another web page. In other words, these ads actually consume a large amount of data thus reducing the speed and performance.

As a solution for that, you can opt for Adguard which is an ad blocker app for mobile devices. You can find a lot of ad blocker apps in iTunes Store.

Once you are done with installing the app, you are required to change a few settings:

For that go to Settings>Open Safari>Click on Content Blockers> Then need to enable Ad blocking app (downloaded from the app store)

change safari settings

Part 8: Turning off location services

Maps, Facebook, Google or other websites use the location services on your device to locate your location or providing other location related alerts. But, side by side they consume the battery power due to continuous run in the background, thus reducing the performance. So, anytime you can turn off these location services.

For that, open the Settings app> go to Privacy option> click on Location Services>Then Turn it off

turn off location

Part 9: Turning off the Spotlight feature

To find something in your device Spotlight feature assist you, but for that, it keeps on adding an index for each of the items. Thus, acquire unnecessary space of the device.

To turn off Spotlight go to Settings> Click on General> Click on Spotlight search > Here the list of indexed item appear, turn them off

turn off spotlight

Part 10: Wondershare SafeEraser

With the help of Dr.Fone - Eraser's 1-Click Cleanup, you would be able to check your device data, clear junk files, remove unnecessary background processes to free up the space to increase the processing, speed, and performance of your iPad. You can download it from the mentioned link;

ios optimizer

Better performance of your device can be reached if it is updated, organized and optimized by all the mentioned process in the above article so that you will get back your iPad in a new like condition in terms of speed and performance.

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