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Three Ways to Sim Unlock Moto G

Selena Lee

Mar 05, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

You may be a owner of Moto G mobile. You may be thinking of unlocking SIM but can not understand how you will unlock Motorola. It is very simple job. When you will experience it, you will find joy. You may then think now I can unlock Moto G.

Part 1: How to unlock Moto G by different carriers?

Before contacting with different carriers, you have to know about your mobile's IMEI no. It is very important to know the IMEI for unlocking your android phone. There is an easy way to know the no by dialing *#06#. You have to be sure your mobile no via e-mail or contacting with given carrier provider numbers.

There are many carriers to unlock your mobile. Some of them are AT&T, Sprint, T - mobile etc.

By following given steps you can easily do your job.

Step-1: Turn Off Your Phone and Remove SIM Card

First job to be done by you is to turn off your mobile. You have to make sure that your phone is turned off. Next remove your SIM from your mobile. You may know about SIM slot.You have to remove the SIM from there.

unlock moto g

Step-2: Insert a new SIM and Turn On the Phone again

Make a connection from carrier with a new SIM. Make sure that the connection is properly working. To do so, you will have to switch on your phone. Make sure that your carrier is perfectly working. For better result you have to collect information about download of carrier.

sim unlock moto g

Step-3: Follow the Carriers' Instructions

Now you have to follow specific carrier's guidelines to unlock your phone. The following steps will help you to unlock your SIM at Moto G. But if you find any difficulties you may contract for different carriers helpline or websites. In the following some numbers and web sites address are given.

network sim unlock moto g


You can get information more from the link-www.art.com/device



Web-sprint worldwide.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_lounc.

T mobile1-(877)-746-0909

Web-support.T-Mobile.com/community/contract us.

You have to know  information from the following given list. Then you will understand that unlocking SIM is very easy.

Part 2: How to unlock Moto G by code

Unlocking Moto G phone using the unlocking code is a good and easy solution. DoctorSIM - SIM Unlock Service (Motorola Unlocker) is the recommended method by the phone manufacturers and network providers to unlock Moto G by code. It can help you unlock your phone safely and permanently. So you can use it on any other network carrier in the world.

How to unlock Moto G by code

Step 1. On DoctorSIM Unlock Service (Motorola Unlocker) official website, click on Select Your Phone and them select Motorola among all the phone brands.

Step 2. Fill in your phone model, IMEI number, contact email in the online form, and then finish the payment process.

Step 3. Within a few hours, you will receive simple step-by-step instructions by e-mail on how to unlock your phone.

Part 3: How to unlock Moto G by software?

You can also unlock Moto G by utilizing software. Now the way of unlocking your phone using software will be discussed. There are a lot of software that you can use to do the job. You can get the software for free or paid.

You  can undoubtedly use WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit. Here are the simple steps to follow for unlocking your Moto G.

WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit

This tool is not only for unlocking your device, but it does a lot of other jobs too. However, for the unlocking purpose, this tool is an excellent choice for anyone who is intending to unlock his or her Moto G. So read the usage of this tool for unlocking Moto G.

Step 1. Select and Download the Tool

The first thing that you will have to do is download the tool, WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit, that could generate unlocking code for your Moto G. To unlock Moto G, google the tool and download it on your PC. Once you are done downloading, go for the next step.

Step 2. Install and Run the Software

Now install the software on your PC or any system that you prefer. Launch the tool and you will see a form for some required information. Then select your Moto G model. After that, go for choosing your country as well as carrier. You will see that there is an empty box for leaving your email address. Drop your email address there. 

Step 3. Connect Your Phone to Your PC

To unlock Motorola, you now have to connect your Moto G to your PC via USB cable. You will see a button named "Unlock" in the tool. Click on the button and you will see that an email has been sent on your email address. Check your inbox and collect the unlock Motorola code. The code has been given to Unlock Moto G. Now use the unlock Motorola code to unlock your phone.

Wow your Moto G is now unlocked.


The procedures of unlocking your Moto G are very easy and hassle free. So you don't have to gain technical knowledge to handle this matter.

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