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How to Mirror Your Android Screen to PC with Chromecast

James Davis

Sep 01, 2023 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

As times progress, technology is in competition with it and this article about Chromecast will inform you how it works and how to mirror your Android screen to a PC with Chromecast. Chromecast is a very handy technology and it will be a huge part of the future. To learn more about Chromecast, the recommended Chromecasts, and how it works, continue reading this informative article.

If you have an android device and you wish to mirror (share) the screen to your PC, this can be done using some simple steps, but to do this it depends on the android device you have and the source that you will project it to, whether a TV or PC. The recommended Chromecast to mirror your android screen to your PC is All cast, Koushik Dutta's Mirror that comes with most android devices or can be downloaded, and for persons who use Custom Roms, cyanogen Mod 11 Screencast can be used. It is very important that the PC that will mirror the android device screen has AllCast Receiver installed because this software enables all the features of mirroring to be enabled on the receiving end.

1. What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a form of modern technology established and mananged by Google, which enables an individual to project or display whatever they have on their Android device screen on a secondary screen such as a PC or TV. More interestingly Chromecast is just a small device that can be plugged into a PCs HDMI port to allow for easy casting on a bigger screen. The capability is called mirroring and it is very prevalent in today's society. Chromecast is very convenient because sometimes individuals cannot be bothered with a small mobile screen if they are watching a movie for instance of playing their favourite games such as FIFA 2015. The technology of Chromecast is possible because of the chrome app for both PC and Android mobile devices to date. Chromecast allows the casting of all your favourite mobile activities straight to your PCs screen.

2. The features of Chromecast

•Chromecast works with a majority of apps – There is no need to worry about available applications when purchasing Chromecast and setting it up. It works with a huge amount of apps, that you will likely want to stream and mirror to your big screen. Apps such as Netflix, HBO, Google Music, Youtube, IheartRadio, and Google Play are fully capable of mirroring to your PC hassle free, because it only take a few steps to set up.

•Beautify even when you're not casting – If your device should stop casting for a few minutes or you just want to listen some music and relax. You can do so in fine style because Chromecast has a feature that can allow the entire background of your PC to be set to satellite images, beautiful artworks or personal photos from your library in a backdrop form, meaning that the entire background will look rich and beautiful with whatever you choose it to be.

•Availability - Chromecast is available for everyone as it is already compatible with hundreds of android devices that individuals already own and use on a daily basis.

•Inexpensive - The cost to use Chromecast is just $35 which is very much affordable and economical in today's society. When you purchase the device it's yours for a lifetime.

•Ease of access and setup - Chromecast is easy to use, all you need to do is plug and play to enjoy its many features.

•Auto update – Chromecast automatically updates so you can have new apps and features that are compatible and available without effort or hassle.

3. The Steps on How to Mirror

Step 1. Download and setup Chromecast on both devices from the play store, the play store is an app on your android device that allows you to download hundreds of other apps.

mirror your Android screen to PC with Chromecast

Step 2. Plug the chrome cast into the HDMI port at the side of your personal computer and follow the setup instructions that will be displayed on the screen.

mirror your Android screen to PC with Chromecast

Step 3. Ensure that your Chromecast and PC are on the same Wi-Fi network, this will enable Chromecast to work.

mirror your Android screen to PC with Chromecast

Step 4. Open a supported Chromecast app that you downloaded from the plays store and tap the cast button normally at the top right or left corner of the app.

mirror your Android screen to PC with Chromecast

Step 5. Enjoy Chromecast.

mirror your Android screen to PC with Chromecast

4. Supported Android Devices

There are a wide range of devices that are supported by Chromecast, these devices include:

  • 1.Nexus 4+
  • 2.Samsung Note Edge
  • 3.Samsung Galaxy S4+
  • 4.Samsung Galaxy Note 3+
  • 5.HTC One M7+
  • 6.LG G2+
  • 7.Sony Xperia Z2+
  • 8.Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
  • 9.NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet
  • 10.Tesco hudl2
  • 11.TrekStor SurfTab xintron i 7.0

5. Advanced Casting Features

Chromecast has some advance features that every user should definitely know and use such as:

  • • Chromecast can be used by your family members of friends, without them accessing your WIFI network. So you will not have to worry about hacking into your Wi-Fi network when someone is using your Chromecast.
  • •Chromecast is also compatible with IOS mobile devices and tablets – A lot of persons find this feature very hand since they have IOS devices. No need to worry as these devices are fully compatible with Chromecast.
  • • You can cast a website to your TV from a laptop or mobile device – Advanced features of Chromecast allows easy casting of webpages to your laptop or even a television from a mobile device.
James Davis

James Davis

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