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Say you bought your Motorola Moto E under contract but now want to network unlock Moto E to use with other networks. There could be any reason you want to unlock the Moto E. But how? The following guide gives you a proper picture on what to expect and how to go ahead without any fuss and fluff. And if all you want to do is unlock the Moto E screen lock, the bonus tip provided will help you do just that!

Part I: About The Moto E By Motorola

sim unlock motorola moto e

Motorola released the Moto E in 2020 for USD 150. Budget-conscious consumers loved the device for its tempting specifications for a phone that cost USD 150. For that stunning price, the feature set is equally stunning if you do not have incredibly pressing demands from your smartphone hardware such as playing games or editing videos. For this price, if all you want is a device to make calls, chat with people, use social media, watch the occasional video, including watching HDR videos, then the Moto E is right up your alley. It gives you a whole bevy of features that can work for you even today, in 2022! And today, the phone costs half of what it did when it was launched! Here are the key metrics of Moto E 2020:

  • 6.2 inch 720p display with HDR capabilities.
  • Snapdragon 632 with Adreno 506 GPU.
  • 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.
  • Android 10 upgradable to Android 11.
  • Dual rear cameras with 13MP primary.
  • Fingerprint sensor for security.
  • 3550 mah battery.
  • 185g weight.
  • Headphone port included.

Make no mistake, these are modest specs, and the display is NOT full HD. It is only 1520x720 pixels, making it a 720p display. But it supports HDR, so you can enjoy HDR picture quality on a small budget. Same goes for other specs, the processor, graphics and RAM will struggle to give an optimal experience when you are gaming, but then you would never buy this phone for gaming, would you? For everyday use such as calling, chatting, watching videos, listening to music, this device is near perfect, don't let online reviews tell you otherwise.

Part II: How To Tell If Moto E Is SIM Locked?

When you purchase a smartphone for a very low price under contract with your network carrier, they (expectedly) place a network lock on your device. This is so as to discourage you from flipping the device in the market or using it with another network before the contract period is up. How can you tell if the Motorola Moto E is network locked? Well, if you do not remember that you are paying for a plan, there is this thing you can do to quickly check if your phone is network unlocked and supports all carriers:

Insert A Different Carrier SIM

Inserting a different carrier SIM on the phone locked to a particular carrier should immediately result in the device showing a popup that the SIM is not supported. In case there is no popup, the SIM will not latch on to the network either. This is a sign that the SIM is likely not supported.

Part III: How To SIM Unlock The Moto E

If your Moto E is network locked and you want to SIM unlock Moto E to use it with other carriers, there is just one way to get your Moto E network unlocked. That one way is called Network Unlock Code. However, there are two ways to obtain this network unlock code.

Ask The Network Carrier

The first and the easiest way to get your Moto E SIM unlocked is to call up the carrier it is locked to and ask them to unlock it. They will guide you with the whole process at your convenience. There is no reason for them to deny the request if all your dues are paid and the service contract has expired. However, if you want to SIM unlock your Moto E before the contract is up, you will need to use the second method.

Order A Network Unlock Code Online

Using an online service to order a network unlock code for your Moto E is recommended only when you want to unlock the device prior to the service contract expiry. You may want to do this for any reason, such as if you want to upgrade to a better device and repurpose this one. Using online services is tricky as there is a high chance of being scammed, so rely on extensive research and read through discussion forums about the service you are planning to use to find out if other people find it reliable or if they have been conned in the past.

Bonus Tip: Unlock Moto E Screen Lock If PIN Forgotten

Confusingly, Motorola Moto E 2020 is not the first Moto E. There was another one that came way back in 2013-14, also called Moto E, and ran Android 4.4. If you have forgotten the password/ passcode or pattern to your Moto E, there are two ways you can unlock Moto E screen lock.

Method 1. Unlock Moto E With Google Security Questions

If you are using the Moto E from back in 2013-14 that came with Android 4.4 and have forgotten the pattern to unlock the device, Google made it pretty easy to unlock a device back then. All you needed to do is:

Step 1: Tap Forgot Pattern on the screen:

unlock moto e with security questions

Step 2: Proceed to choosing to use Google security.

Step 3: Sign in to the Google account (the one that is latched to the phone, not any other).

Step 4: Create a new pattern to unlock your Moto E.

Method 2. Using Wondershare Dr.Fone To Unlock Motorola Moto E

Now, if you have the newer Moto E that came out in 2020, you will likely be running Android 10 at the very least, if not 11. The Google Security Questions method will not apply here as that method was relevant only till Android 4.4. Today, if you want to remove Moto E screen lock, the best option for you is using Dr.Fone Screen Unlock to quickly unlock your screen lock, without having you dive into the technical aspects of what is being done and cause unnecessary confusion.

The software guides you all the way from start to finish.

Get Dr.Fone from the Wondershare Dr.Fone website: https://drfone.wondershare.com.

wondershare drfone

Step 1: Click the Screen Unlock option and you will get this:

drfone screen unlock

Step 2: Click Unlock Android Screen/ FRP and you will get this:

unlock moto e

Step 3: Select the first option – 100% Remove Screen Lock. You might be tempted towards the second option to Remove Without Data Loss, but that is not supported on Motorola devices. After clicking, you will get a list of brands:

drfone screen unlock choose phone brand

Step 4: Choose your phone logo here – Motorola for Moto E:

download recovery software to moto e

Step 5: Follow the guide to download the phone software to your Moto E.

Step 6: After the software download is complete, you will get a button labeled Remove Now. Click it to start the screen unlock process:

motorola moto e screen unlock

Step 7: When the process is finished, you will be notified:

motorola moto e screen unlock process complete

At this point, your Moto E should be screen unlocked and you can set a new PIN/ passcode/ password.


Moto E 2020 is a very good everyday phone at a decent price. But it is not the best of performers, and if you have a Moto E under contract and want to SIM unlock the Moto E, you will need a network unlock code from either your carrier itself or from an online service where you will have to pay for it. If you are going for an online service, you must tread carefully as using a dubious service to save a few pennies could result in more serious damage going forward. That is because your IMEI can be used to clone your device and this IMEI will need to be given to the website to obtain the code. Using a trusted website is of grave importance in this case. Now, fingerprint security on phones has made it quite easy to set and forget the PIN to your Moto E, and if you have forgotten your passcode, there is a bonus tip just for you. Using Wondershare Dr.Fone Screen Unlock you can unlock your Moto E screen lock in minutes. As we know, there used to be another Moto E before the new Moto E where you could set a security pattern, the bonus tip also includes how to unlock the old Moto E running Android KitKat 4.4 if you have forgotten the pattern to the old Motorola Moto E.

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