5 Free International Texting Apps for Android

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We live in days and times where we don’t have to spend huge sums of money to contact people who live overseas. Thanks to the internet and amazing international texting apps, we can chat unlimitedly with those who reside outside the country, and that too for free! Yes, there are many such texting apps that let you chat instantly with your friends and family members from all over the world. The following is a list of the top 5 free international texting apps for Android.

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Part 1: TextFree - Free text + calls

Features and functions

· This free international texting app for Android is one of the best ways to text internationally and unlimitedly.

· This app offers many interesting and useful features like group messaging, MMS, and others.

· It provides you with a real US phone number to make and receive texts and calls.

Pros of Text free

· It is very easy to use and is a fast application for instant communication.

· This free international texting app for Android does not put any limit to the number of messages you can send or receive and this too is a big positive related to it.

· It supports many useful tools and features like group messaging, MMS, and other such features.

Cons of Text free

· It crashes quite often and this is due to the presence of bugs.

· The app isn’t as stable as some of the others in this category.

· It often slows down after updates.

User comments/reviews

1. Not bad the app needs a new icon and Android Wear support. the new image sending feature is neat.

2. This is a really good app it can save you some times.

3. Phone calls no music every time someone calls and I answer my phone media starts playing out of nowhere so I cannot talk on the phone at all.


text free app

Part 2: WeChat

Features and functions

· This free international texting app for Android is not just useful for private messages but also group chats.

· Some of the other features that it supports are group calls, sticker gallery, multimedia messages, etc.

· It works in 20 localized languages and this makes it very versatile.

Pros of WeChat

· This free international texting app for Android lets you make calls and send free messages to any location in the world and this is its main strength.

· It also works on Desktop as a desktop app as well.

· The app lets you put and use some tools like custom wallpapers, custom notifications, and group walkie-talkie among others.

Cons of WeChat

· The call quality of this app may not work as well as that of other platforms.

· Through it, you cannot send or receive messages from non-WeChat users and this is a drawback as well.

User comments/reviews

1. LOUSY VIDEO CALLPlease allow more people to join the video call. Please fix it

2. Pretty good, even in the USA, no problems so far. Fast. I like it that you can leave voice messages.

3. Can't search people nearby after updating the latest version.


we chat app

Part 3: 24SMS-free international SMS

Features and functions

· This is surely a popular and reliable international texting app for Android which lets you send free texts to just about anyone across the world.

· You can send free texts to 150 countries in the world through this texting app.

· It has Unicode support and supports sending messages in many languages.

Pros of 24SMS

· The best quality of this app is that it supports many languages and works in many countries.

· It works even when your friends do not have this app installed on their phones.

· This application has a smooth interface and functionality.

Cons of 24SMS

· One of its limitations is that it works only on Android and is not cross-platform.

· It has a lack of configurable controls.

· It fails to deliver messages on some occasions.

User reviews

1. It works! Yes, it sends free SMS messages. Although I can't see the pics of my friends.

2. It’s good for emergency works. That is, If Ur receiver doesn’t mind reading a text ad.

3. Works Good. But...Sometimes lags. And I hate it intervening my Sms app


24sms app

Part 4: Line

Features and functions

· This is a very popular free international texting app for Android which allows free calling and texting all over the globe.

· This is a cross-platform app that enables you to send stickers in your chats as well.

· It is a community of 600 million people and is thus very widely spread and reachable.

Pros of Line

· One of the positives of this free international texting app for Android is that it allows you to make free international calls too.

· It supports the feature of video calling message recording too which again is a positive point related to it.

· Some of the other impressive tools include group chats, conference calls, and many others.

Cons of Line

· The sticker shop often fails to work and this can be considered as one of the negatives about it.

· It tends to work a little slow at times and this is the main drawback of this application.

· Another letdown feature is that it often doesn’t verify the numbers of some users.

User comments/reviews

1. Good enough but need upgrades. It's really reliable for chat and call, but the video quality is low.

2. Loved it but now issues so I love this app I let my son play with my phone and he deleted it.

3. Love it but if you added gif or another way to send gifs, it would make this app perfect.


line app

Part 5: KakaoTalk

Features and functions

· This free international texting app for Android is a brilliant application for sending free messages in an unlimited way.

· Some of the useful features that it supports are group calls; group chats and custom notifications.

· Besides letting you send free texts, it also allows free calls.

Pros of KakaoTalk

· There is no restriction on the number of messages you send through it and this is its main strength.

· The call quality is incredible and calls hardly drop on this platform.

· It is a cross-platform app that works across various operating systems.

Cons of KakaoTalk

· Users cannot call or text with non-Kakao users and this is a big limitation related to it.

· It tends to crash in between due to bugs and has a sluggish performance.

User comments/reviews

1. Best messaging app out there Friendly UI Not exaggerated like WeChat

2. Works perfectly with both OS. My fiancée, 3000miles away, uses this all the time. The sound is like we are in the same bed, we sleep with the line open and a bud in

3. Works amazing! It runs fast and smooth on my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Sometimes my built-in messaging app won't send pictures, but it ALWAYS sends on KakaoTalk.


kakaotalk app

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