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How to Take A Full Backup of Android Phone With/Without Root?

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Backup & Restore Data • Proven solutions

In order to make sure that you never lose your data, it is important to take its timely backup. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to perform Android full backup. In this post, we will make you familiar with different ways to do full Android backup with a rooted as well as a non-rooted device. Let’s get it started!

Part 1: Fully Backup Android with SDK No Root (Time Consuming)

If you don’t have a rooted phone, then taking a complete backup of your device can be a little tedious. Nevertheless, with Android SDK, you can make it happen for sure. If you wish to perform a full backup of Android without rooting your device, then you can take the assistance of Android SDK. With this technique, you would be able to back up your data to your system and can restore it afterward. Though, before this, you need to download the latest version of the Android SDK and install it on your system. You can get it from right!

Additionally, you need to turn on the USB Debugging option on your device. To do so, visit Settings > About Phone and tap the “Build Number” seven times. This will enable the Developer Options. Now, visit Developer Options (under Settings) and turn on the feature of USB Debugging.

android full backup - turn on usb debugging

Great! After meeting all the requirements, follow these steps to perform Android full backup using Android SDK tool.

  • Step 1. Start by connecting your Android phone to the system using a USB cable. Your phone might get a pop-up message regarding USB Debugging permission. Just agree to it and open the command prompt on your system.
  • Step 2. Now, go to the location where you have installed the ADB. Most of the time, it is found at “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools\”.
  • Step 3. Afterward, type the command “adb backup –all” to take a full Android backup of your device. It will take the backup of app data and system data. The backup will be saved as “backup.ab”.

android full backup - type in commands

  • Step 4. You can always alter the command to do selective backup. For instance, you can add “-apk” after the command “adb backup” to take the backup of apps. The “-noapk” won’t take the backup of your app. Also, “-shared” will take a backup of data on the SD card.
  • Step 5. After giving the desired command, you will get a prompt on your phone. Provide an encryption password (this is used to restore the data afterward) and tap on the “Backup my data” option to do full backup in Android.

android full backup - backup my data

All you got to do is just wait for a while as the system will take the backup of your device.

Part 2: How to Fully Back Up Android with Wondershare Dr.Fone (One click solution)

If you wish to take a complete backup of your device, then you should give Wondershare Dr.Fone a try. With just a single click, you can take full Android backup of your device and can restore it whenever you want. The application works for both rooted as well as non-rooted devices. It is a part of the Dr.Fone toolkit and is compatible with more than 8000 different Android devices.

Dr.Fone provides a safe and reliable way to perform Android full backup with a single click. Even if your device is not rooted, you can take an extensive backup of data like pictures, videos, contacts, SMS, calendar, applications, and more. With a rooted device, you will get an additional benefit to take even the backup of application data. In order to perform full backup Android, simply follow these steps.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

Flexibly Backup and Restore Android Data

  • Selectively backup Android data to computer with one-click.
  • Preview and restore backup to any Android devices.
  • Supports 8000+ Android devices.
  • There is no data lost during backup, export or restore.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,981,454 people have downloaded it
  • Step 1. Download Dr.Fone from its official website. Install it on your system and open it whenever you are ready.

android full backup - launch drfone

  • Step 2. Connect your device to the system and allow the permission for USB Debugging. The application will automatically detect your phone and provide different options. Click on My Backup" > “Back Up Now” to proceed.

android full backup - connect phone

  • Step 3. Sit back and relax as the application will start taking the backup of your device. It will let you know of the progress as well. Make sure that you don’t disconnect your device from the system and give it some time to take the backup.
  • Step 4. As soon as the application will take the entire backup of your device, it will let you know with the following congratulatory message. You can now safely remove your device or can even view the newly backup data by clicking on the “View Backups” option.

android full backup - backup successfully

That’s it! With just one click, you can perform Android full backup using this remarkable tool.

Safe downloadsafe & secure

Part 3: Fully Backup Android with Orange Backup App (root required)

If you have a rooted device, then you can also take its backup using the Orange Backup App. Currently, it supports EX4, TWRP, and CWM recovery and doesn’t work for non-rooted devices. You can take a full backup to Android using Orange Backup App after following these instructions.

  • Step 1. After successfully installing the app, launch it on your device and grant it the root access. It might detect your device automatically, but if it won’t work, you will get the following screen. You can manually select your device and brand here.

android full backup - install app

  • Step 2. Now, select the “backup type” that you wish the application to perform. It might depend on your device or your requirements.

android full backup - backup type

  • Step 3. When it is done, just tap on the “Continue” button in order to proceed.

android full backup - tap on continue

  • Step 4. The application will ask you to configure the cloud support. You can simply choose the preferred option and tap on the “Configure” button.

android full backup - configure cloud support

  • Step 5. Just tap on the magic wand icon to launch the backup option. Tap on the “Start” button to initiate it.

android full backup - start backup

  • Step 6. Give the application some time as it will take a backup of your data. Try not to stop the process in between.

android full backup - backup process

  • Step 7. As soon as the application would be able to take the entire backup of your device, it will let you know. Your screen will look similar to this.

android full backup - backup completed

This means that the application has taken the full Android backup of your device.


We are sure that after going through this informative tutorial, you won’t face any trouble in order to perform Android full backup. It doesn’t matter if you have a rooted or a non-rooted phone, with these options you would be able to take full Android backup without much trouble. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any doubts.

Safe downloadsafe & secure

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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