iPhone Keyboard Not Working? Full Solutions to iPhone Keyboard Problems

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It feels great to flaunt an iPhone before others, least realizing the horror its spells at times for users! Battling with keyboard problems or iPhone keypad not working is nothing new for those using iPhones but the sad thing is that these lags need to be resolved at the earliest lest they cause more damage to the device. Every time we keep hearing about Apple releasing some new model much to the excitement and fanfare of all. Of course, there is a new high purchasing the same, yet one hopes that the common bugs in these handsets don't surface again. One of the most potent lags is that of the keyboard, which if not sorted out properly can render the device useless.

Part 1. Common iPhone keyboard problems and solutions

For the knowledge of all and sundry, it is vital to take a close look at the major keyboard problems in iPhones, regardless of the model type or specifications. Few are enumerated as under:

Keyboard not appearing

When you want to use the keyboard to type something, you realize the keyboard does not appear, which is disappointing and worrying. There are many factors that can cause this issue. For example, your iPhone is connecting to the Bluetooth keypad, an outdated app, and so on. To get this issue solved, the one way is to turn off the Bluetooth. If this issue appears when you using an app, you can go to Apple Store to check for updates. 

Typing issues with specific letters such as 'Q' and 'P'

Typos are very common for most users and blame buttons 'P' and 'Q' for the most part. Often, the backspace button also poses a problem here. Generally, these keys tend to stick and the result is multiple letters get typed, which later get erased totally. For accurate results, many users have reaped benefits after adding a bumper to the iPhone. Not only are the errors with repeated characters minimized but even issues like the whole message getting erased off are curbed totally.

iPhone keyboard problems

 Frozen or unresponsive keyboard

Despite numerous efforts in getting the iPhone back to its normal avatar, you find your attempts have failed. This is when the phone gets locked up completely. In this case, you can press and hold the power button along with the home key till you see the Apple logo. This helps in rebooting your iPhone.

Slow keyboard

It is amazing how the new iPhones have become predictive in text selections or when choosing to autocorrect substitutions. However, there is support adding facilities for full keyboard customization, which includes installation of 3rd parts keyboards, like Swype. What you can do is go to settings>general>reset and tap reset keyboard dictionary.

Inability in sending and receiving text messages

Why such SMSes? A number of messaging apps like iMessage or the ability to send pictures, videos, voice messages, and so on, without having to switch back and forth during applications is a common problem experienced by iPhone users. Of course, the message bit constitutes another problem of the iPhone, yet one must pay attention to the fact it is, after all, a flaw on the keyboard part. You can always turn the iMessage option off and go back to the SMS part from the message option under settings. However, check to see if previous problems have not surfaced that lie at the root of the trouble.

iPhone keyboard problems

Home button not working

When the home button fails to work properly, users experience a great deal of discomfort. While many say that the problem has been basic since the purchase and few others report problems after sufficient usage. If replacing the handset is not in your mind, then there is a solution you can take resort to. Simply visit settings>general>accessibility>assistive touch and turn it on.

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iPhone keyboard lag

If not the above, a general lag on the iPhone keyboard is a known issue for many, especially at the time of typing in the SMS application. Now if the problem occurs a bit more frequently, a few solutions can work wonders:

  • • -Checking if the iPhone is updated
  • • -Rebooting the iPhone
  • • -If the problem persists, it can be resolved by restoring the iPhone to factory settings

Part 2. Tips and tricks about using the iPhone keyboard

Get an idea about a few shortcuts, tips, and tricks in the event of finding your iPhone keyboard giving you a tough time:

  • • Add an international language
  • • Insert punctuations
  • •  Add proper names to the dictionary
  • •  Change .com to other domains

iPhone keyboard problems

  • • Reset the dictionary
  • • Use sentence-stopping shortcuts
  • • Display character counts in messages
  • • Change fonts in notes
  • • Quickly add a special symbol

add special symble

  • •  Delete texts using gesture controls

With these and more, iPhone keyboard problems may decrease to an extent. However, get a checkup from a trusted iPhone shop if there is no end to the trouble or the iPhone keyboard is still not working.

iPhone keyboard problems

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