iPhone Keyboard Not Working? Full Solutions to iPhone Keyboard Problems

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Having a functional and responsive keyboard on your iPhone is essential. It helps with smooth communication and effortless typing. However, it can be frustrating when your iPhone's keyboard starts acting weird. The issues include unresponsive keys or even complete failure to register your input. Luckily, the good news is that you don't have to panic or worry about this issue.

This article will explore simple yet effective methods to fix iPhone keyboard not working issues. Stick with the article to find solutions to fix your iPhone keyboard.

Part 1: What Are The Common iPhone Keyboard Problems?

Regarding iPhone keyboard issues, several common problems can disrupt your typing experience. Understanding these problems is the first step toward finding the right solutions. These solutions to iPhone keyboard issues will also be more effective. Here are some of the most encountered iPhone keyboard problems:

1. Unresponsive Keys

This issue occurs when you tap a key on the keyboard, but no response or input is registered on the screen. It can be frustrating as it slows down your typing speed. Moreover, it also makes it difficult to convey your thoughts.

2. Auto-Correction Mishaps

Autocorrect is a useful feature that corrects misspelled words as you type. However, it can sometimes make mistakes of its own. It might replace correctly spelled words with incorrect alternatives. Furthermore, it can introduce errors you didn't intend to send. It can also lead to confusion or miscommunication in your messages.

3. Lag or Delay

Keyboard lag or delay is a noticeable delay between pressing a key and seeing the corresponding character appear on the screen. This lag can make typing feel sluggish. Moreover, it also disrupts your natural rhythm, resulting in a frustrating experience.

4. Incorrect Keyboard Layout

Sometimes, the keyboard layout on your iPhone may become incorrect or distorted. This can happen due to software glitches or accidental changes in settings. As a result, keys may be misplaced. It makes it challenging to locate and press the correct characters.

5. Predictive Text Issues

Predictive text is a feature that suggests words or phrases as you type based on your previous input. However, it may suggest incorrect or irrelevant words. That causes you to backspace and correct what you've typed. It can slow down your typing speed and decrease efficiency.

Part 2: Latest and Detailed Methods to Fix iPhone Keyboard Not Working Issues

You've come to the right place if you've been struggling with the iPhone keypad not working. In this section, we will walk you through step-by-step solutions to these problems. Thus, ensuring that you can regain the full functionality of your iPhone keyboard. Given below are the 9 comprehensive methods to get your iPhone keyboard back on track:

Fix 1: Restart the iPhone App

Facing an unresponsive or malfunctioning iPhone keyboard is no doubt frustrating. A simple yet effective solution is to restart the app you're using. It can help resolve temporary glitches or software issues that may be causing the problem. Moreover, it might do the trick and get your keyboard back in working order. Use the following guides to force close and restart the iPhone app:

For iPhone Without Home Button

Swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to access the app switcher. Here find the targeted app and swipe upward to close it. Afterward, navigate to the app to relaunch it.

For iPhone With Home Button

You will need to double-tap the "Home" button to access the app switcher. Now find the targeted app and swipe upward to force close the app. Later, re-open the app to see if the issue is resolved.

force quit problematic app

Fix 2: Re-install the Problematic App

Restarting the app didn't work for you? You can try re-installing the app to resolve issues with your iPhone keyboard. This method can help resolve any corrupted files or conflicts within the app. Re-installing the problematic app gives your iPhone keyboard a fresh start. Follow the steps given below to re-install the problematic app:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the app icon and long-press it until a small menu pops up. Next, press the "Remove App" option from the available options and then select "Delete App."

choose delete app option

  • Step 2: Confirm your action by tapping "Delete" to remove the app. Afterward, launch the App Store and find the targeted app. Following this, press the download icon to re-install the app.

tap on the delete option

Fix 3: Perform Force Restart

A force restart can often work wonders when your iPhone keyboard becomes unresponsive. This method involves restarting your device to clear any temporary glitches or conflicts. Performing a force restart on your iPhone provides a potential solution to get your keyboard working again. Learn how to perform a force restart to overcome keyboard problems on your iPhone below:

For iPhone 6 Series and Earlier

On your iPhone 6S or older device, press and hold the "Home" button and the "Wake/Sleep" button at the same time. Keep holding these 2 buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 7 Series

To force restart, press and hold the press the "Volume Down" and "Wake/Sleep" buttons together. Stop holding these buttons once you see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 8 Series and Above

Start by pressing and releasing the "Volume Up" button within 1 second. Next, press and let go of the "Volume Down" button. Now, long-press the "Side" button until the Apple logo becomes evident.

force restart your iphone

Fix 4: Disable the Reachability Feature

Are you encountering issues where the keyboard on your iPhone appears floating or misplaced? It could be due to the Reachability feature interfering with its normal functionality. Disabling this feature can help resolve the iPhone keyboard glitch. Moreover, it also ensures that your keyboard remains in its proper position. Here is how to disable Reachability to fix your iPhone's keyboard issues:

  • Step 1: Access your iPhone's Settings and tap the "Accessibility" option. On the following screen, press "Touch" to access relative settings.

access the touch options

  • Step 2: In the "Touch" tab, navigate to "Reachability" and toggle it off. Now check if your iPhone keyboard issues have been resolved.

disable the reachability feature

Fix 5: Uninstall Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Sometimes the third-party keyboard apps on your iPhone can be the root cause. If you are experiencing keyboard-related issues, it's possible that these apps are the cause. Uninstalling these third-party keyboard apps can help resolve compatibility problems. It can also restore the functionality of your iPhone's native keyboard. Below are the detailed steps to uninstall these apps to fix your iPhone keyboard issues:

  • Step 1: You will need to find the third-party keyboard app and press its icon for a few moments. Choose "Remove App" from the appearing options.

proceed with remove app

  • Step 2: Confirm your intent to remove the app by selecting "Delete App." Remove the app from your iPhone using the "Delete" option.

choose delete app option

Fix 6: Update the iPhone OS

Keeping your iPhone's OS up to date is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. It also resolves various software-related issues, including keyboard problems. If you're experiencing keyboard glitches, an outdated OS version is likely the culprit. You can use the following steps to update your iPhone OS:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select "General" from the available options. Here, tap "Software Update" to check the newly available updates.

tap on software update

  • Step 2: If an update is available, press "Download and Install" to initiate the updating process. During the update process, ensure stable internet and enough phone charging.

choose download and install option

Fix 7: Reset the Keyboard Settings

Resetting the keyboard settings can provide a fresh start and resolve iPhone keyboard lagging issues. This method will restore the default settings for your keyboard. It will erase any customized preferences or configurations that may be the culprit. Furthermore, it removes conflicts your customized settings were having with other settings. Describe below are simplified steps to reset your keyboard settings on your iPhone:

  • Step 1: On your iPhone, access Settings and move to the "General" tab. Here scroll down to the very last options and press "Transfer or Reset iPhone."

tap transfer or reset iphone

  • Step 2: Tap "Reset" on the following screen and choose "Reset Keyboard Dictionary." Affirm your choice by pressing "Reset Dictionary."

choose reset keyboard dictionary option

Fix 8: Factory Default the iPhone Settings

If all else fails and your iPhone keyboard problems persist, performing a factory reset can be a last resort. This method will restore your iPhone to its original factory settings. It will erase all data and customize settings in the process. Thus, It will help resolve any underlying software issues.

It's important to note that this step should only be taken as a last resort. You should back up your device data before proceeding with this method. Here are the steps to factory default the iPhone settings, allowing you to start afresh:

  • Step 1: Begin by accessing the "General" settings of your iPhone. Now find and press "Transfer or Reset iPhone."

choose transfer or reset iphone

  • Step 2: Next, select the "Erase All Content and Setting" option from the bottom of the next screen. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions to factory reset your iPhone.

tap erase all content and settings

Fix 9: Try Wondershare Dr.Fone To Fix All Types of iPhone Keyboard Problems Without Data Loss

Don't want to lose your data to factory reset? The best tool, in that case, is Wondershare Dr.Fone. It can resolve over 150 iOS system issues without affecting the device data. Moreover, it also offers an advanced repair mode that fixes even complex software issues.

Using Wondershare Dr.Fone, you can fix issues like an iPhone keyboard not working, a frozen iPhone, and more. Moreover, it also allows you to back up your data to remain safe before running a procedure.

Key Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone

  1. Fone offers an iCloud Manager that lets you manage your iCloud data and backups with ease.
  2. With Wondershare Dr.Fone, you can downgrade or upgrade your device's OS anytime. There is no need for iTunes or jailbreaking the device.
  3. This tool has the ability to upgrade your iOS device's OS to the latest beta version if you want to test new features.

Steps To Fix All Types of iPhone Keyboard Problems Without Data Loss via Wondershare Dr.Fone

Fixing a problematic keyboard is a breeze when you are using Wondershare Dr.Fone to fix it. The simple procedure you need to fix all iOS-related issues on your iPhone is explained below:

  • Step 1: Establish iPhone Connection With Computer

To begin fixing your iPhone keyboard settings, ensure that your iPhone is connected to your computer. When connecting, use the original or high-quality cable. Launch the Wondershare Dr.Fone software on your computer and navigate to the "Toolbox" section. From there, proceed with the "System Repair" feature and select “iPhone” as the device.

access system repair tool

  • Step 2: Select a Repair Mode and Enable Recovery Mode

In Wondershare Dr.Fone, click on the "iOS Repair" option. You will then be presented with two repair modes: Standard Repair and Advanced Repair. It is recommended to start with "Standard Repair" to minimize the risk of data loss. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable Recovery Mode on your iOS device.

proceed with standard repair

  • Step 3: Resolve the Keyboard Settings Issues

Once your iPhone is in Recovery Mode, Wondershare Dr.Fone will automatically detect your device model. A list of available iOS firmware will be displayed. Click the "Download" button to acquire the appropriate firmware for your device. Allow the program to download and install the firmware. Afterward, click "Repair Now" to initiate the process of resolving all keyboard-related problems.

click on repair now button

safe Downloadsafe & secure


In this guide, we have explored various iPhone keyboard issues users often encounter. The guide also provided detailed solutions to fix them. Throughout the article, we have discussed many effective fixes. These fixes ranged from restarting the app to even factory resetting as a last resort.

Among the available solutions, we recommend one tool, and that is Wondershare Dr.Fone. This software offers a dedicated "System Repair" feature. It can help diagnose and fix a wide range of iOS-related problems, including keyboard glitches. Moreover, it provides different repair modes, ensuring a tailored approach to address your needs.

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