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Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting? Here's What To Do

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


For once, Apple cannot oversell it - the iPad together with Apple Pencil is a dream combo for certain cases. If you are a graphic designer and illustrator, this is arguably the best hardware in the market for you. With the pressure-sensitive nib, you have a lot of leeways to make your graphics look just the way you want. If you are a student who prefers writing but also wants the advantages of going digital, this is the hardware to get. You can use Apple Pencil to take notes and draw graphs and whatnot. What to do when instead of working flawlessly, your Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting?

Part I: Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting From iPad? Here’s Why.

There’s got to be a reason why Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting from the iPad, right? Yes! What we need to do is think about why and what could be the reasons behind Apple Pencil disconnecting from iPad.

A low battery could be one reason. If the Pencil battery is low, it would disconnect from the iPad. Bluetooth interference could be another reason, where something is causing the connection between Pencil and iPad to sever. This could potentially happen if you have more than one Pencil, in rare cases. Software bugs in iPadOS are the more likely culprit, and there are ways to fix them. If the nib of your Apple Pencil is loose, that might be why Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting.

Part II: How To Fix Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting Issue

Most of the time, Apple Pencil works flawlessly, and it is magical. Yet, there are times, when people around the world who keep searching for how to fix an Apple Pencil that keeps disconnecting know, that the Apple Pencil does not work as magically as marketed, and the experience can be quite harrowing, to say the least. It is a USD 99 piece of the stick! Here are ways to fix Apple Pencil disconnecting issue.

fix Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting

Fix 1: Restart The iPad

A restart is one of the fastest and the easiest ways to fix most issues with electronics. The same holds true for iPad. Does your Apple Pencil keep disconnecting? Restart the iPad and see if that helps. Here’s how.

iPad With Home Button

restart ipad with home button

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button and drag the slider to shut down the iPad when the slider appears.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power button to restart the iPad.

iPad Without Home Button

restart ipad without home button

Step 1: Press and hold any of the volume keys along with the Power button till the slider appears. Drag the slider and shut down the iPad.

Step 2: Press the Power button to restart the iPad.

Fix 2: Securely Fasten The Pencil Tip

Apple Pencil’s tip is user-replaceable as it is a consumable item that gets worn out with each use. It is possible that the tip has come loose unknowingly, and you can check for it and fasten it. For good measure, you can remove it and put it back to be sure. If the connection between the Pencil and the tip is not secure, the Pencil might keep disconnecting off and on as the connection gets established and lost, and this is what you might be experiencing.

Fix 3: Replace The Apple Pencil Tip

Maybe the tip has suffered some damage in a way that it works sometimes and sometimes not. At this point, we are simply trying all possible things that could be why, and one of the reasons why the Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting is its connection with the tip. Replace the tip to see if the Pencil works reliably.

Fix 4: Charge The Pencil Fully

If the Pencil is old, the battery might have degraded enough to not hold a charge properly. Charging it for a short while might not be helping in this case. Try charging to 100% and see if the Pencil works for some time. Note the charge reduction using the Batteries widget in Notification Centre.

For Apple Pencil (1st Generation) you will have to plug the Pencil in the Lightning port for it to appear in the Notification Centre Batteries widget. Apple Pencil 2 will show as charging if it is magnetically attached to the iPad and it will show the battery charge level if it is detached from the iPad. What should I do if the Apple Pencil is not charging?

Fix 5: Turn Bluetooth Off And On

Turning Bluetooth Off and back On could also reset whatever issue there might have existed, causing Apple Pencil to keep disconnecting. Here is how to toggle Bluetooth on iPad.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth Off

turn Bluetooth off ipad

Step 2: Wait a few seconds, then turn Bluetooth back On.

Fix 6: Unpair And Re-pair

Sometimes, unpairing and re-pairing an Apple Pencil can get it to work reliably again. Don’t ask us how and why! These things just happen! Wonders of bugs in coding! Here’s how to unpair and re-pair your Apple Pencil:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Bluetooth

unpairing apple pencil from ipad

Step 2: Under My Devices, you will see your connected Apple Pencil. Tap the info icon across the Pencil.

forget apple pencil on ipad

Step 3: Tap Forget This Device and confirm again to unpair the Apple Pencil from the iPad.

The process to pair an Apple Pencil to the iPad is dependent on the generation of the Apple Pencil.

For Apple Pencil (1st Gen):

apple pencil first generation

Step 1: Remove the cap and connect the Pencil to the Lightning port on your iPad

Step 2: When the Bluetooth Pairing request comes up, tap Pair.

For Apple Pencil (2nd Gen):

apple pencil second generation

Pairing the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) is as easy as attaching the Pencil to the magnetic connector on the iPad. The iPad will pair with the Pencil automatically.

Fix 7: Reset iPad Settings

Resetting your iPad settings is another way to get the Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting issue fixed since whatever might be the cause, a settings reset might just fix it. This does not cause data loss unless you are erasing all content and resetting settings, which is another option, and we are not using that option here.

Here is how to reset all settings on the iPad:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPad

Step 2: Tap Reset

reset all settings ipad

Step 3: Tap "Reset All Settings" to reset all settings on the iPad.

Fix 8: Try Another Pencil

It could also simply be that the Apple Pencil you have is somehow broken in ways you cannot fix, no matter what. There is circuitry inside, and anything could have broken even if everything seems fine. One way to figure out if this is the Pencil rather than the iPad as the root cause of the Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting issue, try another Pencil. Go to an Apple Store and try another Pencil or if you have another with you, try that one.

Fix 9: Try Another iPad

If you have more than one iPads in your household, try your Pencil with another iPad to see if it works without issue. If your Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting on that iPad as well, it means there is something wrong with the Pencil. If your Apple Pencil works fine on the other iPad, it is more than likely something is wrong with your iPad and you can try repairing iPadOS quickly and easily without data loss.

Fix 10: Repair iPadOS Without Data Loss

dr.fone wondershare

Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS)

Repair iOS System Errors to Fix Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting Without data loss.

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  • Fix various iOS system issues stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
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  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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Repairing and reinstalling iPadOS is not as cumbersome as you might think, nor will it cause data loss if you use this tool. Which tool? Wondershare Dr.Fone.

This is a module-based tool that offers nearly every solution to common issues we face with our smartphones and tablets. If your iPad gets stuck on the Activation Lock Screen, there is a module called Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock that helps you solve it. This very module will also help you if you forget the passcode on your device. Want to take backups easily? Use Wondershare Dr.Fone to back up iPhone, and what is more, the module allows you to take selective backups, only what you need. So if you want to backup just photos and chats, you can do that. Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer module allows you to transfer all your data from your old phone to the new phone easily in just a few clicks. Today, we will talk about Dr.Fone - System Repair, the module we will use to repair iPadOS without data loss to fix Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting issue. View the video guide to learn how to repair iPadOS using Wondershare Dr.Fone here.

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Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting issue is annoying and like all issues, strikes at the worst possible time. You have a deadline and you are sitting with an Apple Pencil that keeps disconnecting. We have some quick fixes for you to try and see if the issue gets resolved, if not, we recommend visiting the Apple Store and getting your hardware looked at - both the iPad and the Pencil that keeps disconnecting from iPad.

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