8 Common iPhone Headphone Problems and Solutions

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This article features some very common headphone problems that very iPhone user has had to face at least once. The article also sets upon proposing the easiest solutions to each of these problems.

1. Stuck in Headphones mode

It is a common problem that almost every other iPhone user has had to face at least once. Apparently, iPhone cannot tell the difference between normal and headphones mode once you detach the headphones owing to a software glitch which results in the iPhone stuck in headphones mode. Using headphones other than the original ones that came with the iPhone can also cause this problem.


The solution to this scary problem is simple. Take hold of a regular ear bud also known as a Q-tip. Insert it in the headphone jack and then remove it. Repeat the process 7 to 8 times and somewhat astonishingly, the iPhone will be stuck on the headphone mode no more.

2. Dirty Headphone Jack

Dirty headphone jack results in a lot of audio problems like the one discussed above. It may also disable the sound on your iPhone which can be very annoying. The dirt disrupting audio functions of the iPhone can either be mere dust or in some cases it can be lint or even a tiny piece of paper. The key to solving the problem however, is to keep calm. Most of us think that they have somehow ruined their iPhones and run to the nearest repair shop or Apple store, while the problem can be solved within seconds at home.


Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attached to it and place the hose opposite to the audio jack of the iPhone. Turn it on and let it do the rest. If however, the kind of dirt that we're dealing with is lint, use a tooth pick to carefully scratch it out of the audio jack.

3. Headphone Jack with Moisture inside

Moisture can cause a lot of problems with the audio jack depending upon the level of moisture content. From rendering the audio jack practically useless to mere glitches in the audio function, the damage varies from one case to another.


Use a hair dryer to dry out any moisture inside the headphone jack by placing the hair dryer right opposite to it.

4. Jammed Headphone Jack

Jammed headphone can be a result of using headphones other than the original ones while sometimes it may be caused due to a software malfunction. This problem can result in the inability to hear anything on the iPhone as well as the failure to hear sounds using the headphones themselves.


Attach and detach your original headphones that came with the iPhone several times. It will help the device realize the difference between normal and headphones mode and it will come out of the jammed headphone jack state.

5. Volume Problems due to headphone Jack

Volume problems refer to the inability to hear any sounds from the audio speakers of the iPhone. These are caused mostly due to the buildup of pocket lint inside the headphone jack. Some commons symptoms of the problem include the inability to hear the click sound when unlocking the iPhone and not being able to play music through audio speakers etc.


Bend out one end of a paperclip and use it to scratch out the lint from inside your headphones jack. Make use of a flashlight to spot the lint accurately and to make sure that you do not damage any of the other headphones jack components in the process.

6. Breaks in music while playing with headphones on

This rather common problem is caused when using third party headphones. This is due to the fact that third party headphones mostly fail to provide the snug grip required by the headphones jack to attach perfectly. This results in breaks in music which seem to become better after the headphones' wire is given a gentle shake but the problem comes back after a while.


The solution is rather simple; do not use third part headphones. If you have somehow damaged the ones that came with your iPhone, buy new ones from an Apple store. Buy only Apple manufactured headphones to use with your iPhone.

7. Siri interrupting erroneously while headphones plugged in

This is also a problem that arises due to the use of third party headphones with a loose fit in the headphones jack. Any movement, in such cases makes Siri come and interrupt whatever you have been playing through the headphones.


As explained earlier, iPhones tend to do well with Apple manufactured headphones. Therefore, make sure that you buy genuine Apple headphones in case you damage or misplace the ones that came with your device.

8. Sound only playing from one end of the headphones

This can mean two things; either the headphones that you're using are damaged or there is a considerable amount of dirt inside your headphones jack. The later causes the headphones to have a loosened fit inside the jack therefore resulting in sound playing from one end of the headphones.


Examine the headphones jack for the kind of dirt that is causing the problem using a flashlight. Then depending upon the type of dirt, i.e. dust, lint or paper piece, use the corresponding steps mentioned above to get rid of it.

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