How to Replace the Battery of iPhone

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iPhone's battery replacement at Apple retail stores or authorized service provider

Apple won't charge you to replace your phone's battery if it is under warranty. If you have opted for AppleCare product to secure your phone, you can check handset's coverage details by entering phone's serial number on Apple's website.

If your phone is not covered under warranty, you can either visit Apple's retail store to get replacement battery, or raise a service request on Apple's website. If there is no Apple retail store nearby, you can either opt for Apple authorized service provider or third party repair shops to get your phone's battery replaced.

Technicians will conduct test on your battery to make sure that phone's battery needs replacement or if there is any other problem in the phone that is draining the battery.

Before submitting your phone for battery replacement, it is advisable to create backup (sync your iPhone) for the phone's content. Technicians may reset your phone during battery replacement.

Apple charges $79 for a replacement battery, and this charge remains the same for all iPhone models batteries. If you order online via Apple's website, you would have to pay shipping charge OF $6.95, plus taxes.

Replacing battery does not require knowledge about rocket science, but you should do it only if you are enthusiastic enough. Make sure that you have backup for the entire phone's content.

Note: Before replacing iPhone battery, you should backup your data since the process may clear all your iPhone data. You can read this article to get the details: 4 Methods on How to Backup iPhone.

Part 1. How to replace iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus's battery

As mentioned earlier, replacing iPhone's battery does not require knowledge about rocket science, but you should have some prior experience in replacing phone batteries.

In this battery replacement mission, you would need five-point pentalobe screwdriver, small sucker to pull the screen, small plastic pick pry tool, hair dryer, some glue, and most importantly, iPhone 6 replacement battery.

The process to replace iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus's battery is the same even if batteries are of different sizes.

First, switch off your phone. Look near the phone's lightning port, you would see two small screws. Unscrew them with the help of pentalobe screwdriver.

Replace the Battery of iPhone 6

Now the most sensitive part, place the sucker near the phone's home button, hold the phone's case in your hand and slowly pull the screen with the sucker.

Replace the Battery of iPhone 6s

Once it starts opening, insert the plastic pry tool in the space between screen and phone's case. Lift the screen slowly, but make sure you do not lift it more than 90 degrees in-order to avoid damaging display cables.

Replace iPhone 6 Battery

Remove screws from screen mount part, unpick (disconnect) screen connectors, and then remove the battery connector by undoing two screws that hold it.

The battery is attached to the phone's case with glue (glue strips in iPhone 6 plus), so blow hair dryer on the back of phone's case. Once you feel that the glue has softened, remove the battery slowly with the help of plastic pry tool.

Replace iPhone 6s Battery

Then, finally, attach the new battery to the case with glue or double-sided tape. Attach the battery's connector, reinstall all the screws back, attach the screen connectors, and close the handset by reinstalling last two screws located near the lightning port.

Part 2. How to replace iPhone 5S/iPhone 5c/iPhone 5 battery

Keep small plastic pick pry tool, small sucker, five-point pentalobe screwdriver, and adhesive strips ready before starting the mission. Make sure that you switch off your phone before you start opening it.

First, unscrew the two screws located near the speaker.

Replace iPhone 5s Battery

Then, place the small sucker on the screen, above home button. Hold the phone's case, and pull the screen with the sucker slowly.

Make sure that you do not lift the phone's screen part by more than 90 degrees.

Replace the Battery of iPhone 5c

Besides the battery, you would see its connector. Undo its two screws and slowly remove the connector with the help of small plastic pick.

Replace iPhone 5s Battery

You would see a plastic sleeve next to the battery. Pull this sleeve slowly to get the battery out of the case. Finally, replace the battery, and attach its connector back. Put those screws in place, and get ready to use your iPhone again!

Part 3. How to replace iPhone 4S and iPhone 4's battery

IPhone 4 and 4S models have different batteries, but the replacement procedure is the same. You need the same set of tools, small plastic pick pry tool, five-point pentalobe screwdriver, and Philips #000 screw driver.

Remove two screws that are located near the dock connector.

Replace the Battery of iPhone 4s

Then, push the rear panel of phone towards the top, and it will move out.

Open the phone, undo the screw connected to the battery connector, and gently remove the battery connector. IPhone 4 has just one screw, but iPhone 4 S has two screws on the connector.

Replace iPhone 4 Battery

Use plastic opening tool to remove the battery. Remove it gently, and replace it with new one!

Part 4. How to replace iPhone 3GS battery

Arrange tools like paper clip, suction cup, Philips #000 screw driver, five-point pentalobe screwdriver, and plastic opening tool (spudger).

The first step is to remove the sim card and then unscrew two screws located next to dock connector.

Replace the Battery of iPhone 3GS

Use the suction cup to slowly pull the screen, then, use plastic opening tool to remove the cables that attach display with the board.

Now, the most complicated part, iPhone 3GS's battery is located under the logic board. So, you need to open few screws, and remove small cables connected to the board with connectors.

Replace iPhone 3GS Battery

You need to lift the camera out of housing, and gently move it aside. Remember, the camera does not come out; it remains attached to board, so you can just move it aside.

Replace the Battery of iPhone 3GS

Then, remove the logic board, and gently remove the battery with the help of plastic tool. Finally, replace the battery and assemble your phone back!

Part 5. How to recover lost data and restore iPhone after replacing battery

If you didn't back up your data before replacing battery, I am sorry to tell you that your data is lost. But you are lucky since you come to this part and I am going to tell you how to recover lost data.

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) is the world's first iPhone and iPad data recovery software which has highest recvery rate in the market. If you want to recover your lost data, this software is a nice choice. Besides, Dr.Fone also allows you to restore your iPhone from iTunes backup and iCloud backup. You can directly view your iTunes backup or iCloud backup via Dr.Fone and select your wanted data to restore.

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

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1. Recover lost data from your device

Step 1 Launch Dr.Fone

Install and launch Dr.Fone on your computer. Then click "Start Scan" to initiate the process.

recover lost data from iPhone-Start Scan

Step 2 Preview and recover lost data from your iPhone

After the scan process, Dr.Fone will list your lost data on the window. You can choose what you need and recover them to your device or your computer.

recover data from iPhone-recover your lost data

2. Selectively restore iPhone from iTunes backup after replacing the battery

Step 1 Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File"

Launch Dr.Fone and click on "Recover from iTunes Backup File". Then connect your device to the computer via a USB cable. Then Dr.Fone will detect and list your iTunes backup on the window. You can select the one you need and click "Start Scan" to extract the iTunes backup.

restore iphone from iTunes backup

Step 2 Preview and restore from iTunes backup

After the scan finished, you can view your data in the iTunes backup. Select those you want and restore them to your iPhone.

restore iphone from iTunes backup

3. Selectively restore iPhone from iCloud backup after replacing the battery

Step 1 Sign in your iCloud account

Run the program and select "Recover from iCloud backup". Then sign in your iCloud account.

how to restore iphone from iCloud backup

Then, select one backup from the list and download them.

restore iphone from iCloud backup

Step 2 Preview and restore from your iCloud backup

Dr.Fone will show you all type of data in the iCloud backup after the download process is finished. You can also tick the one you like and recover them to your device. The whole process is easy, simple and fast.

recover iphone video

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