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How to fix the problem: iPhone shuts off with battery left

Alice MJ

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

iPhone is the accessory that provides endless possibilities of communication while being a stylish gadget that emphasizes the excellent taste of the user. Every day people spend a lot of time texting with each other, calling, surfing the Internet.

Serious Malfunction - iPhone shuts down by itself. The smartphone has taken a big place in human life. It is all the more offensive when the device malfunctions during operation. During an important conversation or correspondence, the device may go out, causing many negative emotions. There are several reasons and ways to fix the trouble. Let's consider each separately.

Part 1: Possible causes and their solutions

(a) Battery problems

This is the most popular, common reason. The malfunction can occur in several cases.

  1. 1. The phone fell, causing the battery contacts to disconnect. But this phenomenon is not permanent. The fact is that the contacts did not break off but disconnected and now spontaneously change position. The smartphone may work fine, but as soon as the owner shakes it (by pulling it out of his pocket or in some other way), the contacts of the iPhone battery will disconnect from the power board, which will turn off the device. The charge level does not matter.
  2. Non-original battery. This happens when cheaper Chinese counterparts are installed when replacing the "native" battery. The capacity of these batteries may be insufficient a priori. But the phone will still work. A power surge will occur only during operations that require a lot of energy (Internet surfing through the switched-on Wi-Fi and simultaneous conversation on the cellular line), and the battery capacity will drop to zero - the phone will turn off.
  3. The battery is defective. Each battery has its own specific recharge limit, after which it begins to deteriorate. Another situation is when the iPhone is exposed to temperature extremes - arriving in a too warm or cold environment for a long time.

How to fix

If the loop contacts are broken, you should contact the service center - it's good if the warranty on the iPhone is still valid. An independent unskilled solution to the problem is fraught with more disastrous consequences.

When a non-original battery is used, the way out of the situation is simple - change to a certified one. First, you need to find out the power that the phone consumes and then purchase the appropriate battery.

(b) Power controller problems

Apple smartphones are devices where everything is thought out. The phone's battery is powered from the AC mains through a special adapter. There is a special chip that controls the voltage supplied during charging. Before getting into the battery, the voltage passes through the power controller (the same chip). It acts as a barrier that prevents damage to the battery. When the voltage meets the requirements of the battery, then charging is in progress, and when it is higher, the chip is triggered, preventing the pulse from reaching the battery.

If the iPhone shuts down on its own, it could mean that the power controller is broken. In this case, the phone's operating system tries to “protect” the battery from power surges.

Repair method

Only the specialists of the service center can correct the situation. Replacement of the failed power controller will be required. This process is associated with work in the iPhone motherboard, where unprofessional actions will lead to the complete unusability of the device.

(c) Operating system errors

iPhone, like any modern device, has many functions. One of them is direct interaction with the components of the phone. This is done by reading information from certain sensors. But this function does not always play into the hands of the owner. Some software bugs cause the iPhone to turn off on its own when fully charged.

How to fix the situation

The first and easiest option is to reboot the device completely. To do this, you need to hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. They should be held in this position for at least 15 seconds. If the restart is successful, the manufacturer's logo will appear on display.

It has already been noted that the system works with iron in complete symbiosis. It happens that the charging indicator is faulty. There is an error in which, despite the fact that the battery is charged, the corresponding indicator shows "0". The system immediately reacts to this by turning off the phone. The fix is easy:

      • Completely discharge the iPhone.
      • Leave it in this state for 2-3 hours.
      • Then connect the charger.
      • Charge up to 100%.

Another way to deal with errors is to restore the operating system. The process is carried out through the iTunes program (any user of Apple devices has it). Then get a completely "clean" gadget with the newest (available) operating system. Before restoring, to avoid losing important information, you should make a backup copy of the data in the same iTunes or save it on the iCloud cloud server.

(d) Water ingress

Water, along with dust, is the main enemy of digital technology. If moisture gets inside the gadget, the device stops working correctly. This can manifest itself in that the iPhone turns off by itself and turns on only with charging. To not ruin the device completely, you should contact the service center, where the phone's iron will be dried. It is not recommended to get rid of moisture inside the smartphone on your own.

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Alice MJ

staff Editor

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