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Top 10 AirPlay Apps in Android for Streaming

James Davis

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

AirPlay has changed the way people stream their music and other media content over several devices over a common wireless network. With multiple applications available for the users of Android, the feature has been successful in reaching out to other users as well. Today, we take a look at the best Android AirPlay apps that are available in the App Store. While the applications vary in their interface and technicalities, there is no denying that each of these apps performs the functions well. While earlier Apple was quick to ban anything that supported AirPlay other than iOS devices, good times are certainly upon the users who wished for some third-party platforms to use AirPlay through their Android devices. You can also read more about smart technology with a mobile app to make your life easier.

Top 10 AirPlay Apps for Android

Here is our list of the top 10 AirPlay apps for Android.

1) Double Twist

We have mentioned this app quite a number of times on our platform. A free app that helps to sync your Android device with iTunes and other services as a media player, it has new AirPlay support that is available for users who upgrade with AirSync. AirSync is an app that is available for download after a payment of $5 that allows the Double Twist app to sync with iTunes but requires a free desktop assistant. Using the same wireless network, you can stream media content from your Android device.

Download it here

top AirPlay apps in Android

2) iMediaShare Lite

This is another free application that is useful for streaming music, photos, videos, and other media content from your Android device to your Apple TV, but only if they are connected over the same wireless network. Only requiring the installation of this application, it will detect your Apple TV from the android device itself. The ones who love to stream from online sites like YouTube, CNN, etc. would particularly enjoy this application.

top AirPlay apps in Android

3) Twonky Beam

Moving on in our list with Twonky Beam, which happens to be a free application for AirPlay, and offers users the freedom to stream audio, video, and photos to Apple TV and any other device of their choice. For the ones who prefer the internet to stream their multimedia content, this app offers an enjoyable experience. The working of this application resembles that of AirPlay mirroring. The media stored on your computer can also be accessed.

top AirPlay apps in Android

4) AllShare

For the ones who have regularly used Samsung devices, the mention of this app doesn't come as a surprise as this app comes preloaded within the device and is very similar to the working of AirPlay. With this application, users can access all the data that is stored on other devices and hence, play it on their android device. However, the major functionality that is offered is that of being able to stream media content on your Apple TV.

Download it here

top AirPlay apps in Android

5) Android HiFi and AirBubble

There are two ways of looking at this application; Android HiFi is the free version while the AirBubble license app costs a mere $2 bucks. Through the application, one can convert their android device into an AirPlay receiver. Audio content can be played on the Android device from iTunes or other iOS Devices. This is particularly useful for the ones who wish to roam around the house with a common wireless network in place.

top AirPlay apps in Android

6) Zappo TV

One of the many online multimedia services, this one has android apps for AirPlay for Apple TV, WD TV Live, Samsung, Sony, and LG TVs, but we won't recommend that you bank upon their popularity. However, the user experience may vary from device to device.

top AirPlay apps in Android

7) AirPlay and DLNA Player

This one is a free application and does all it should justify its name. It is basically a DLNA and UPnP player along with offering support for your Apple TV. After the installation of the application is complete, users have the option to stream media content from their android or iOS device to the Apple TV. This app is a popular medium to connect your Android Device to your Apple TV.

Download it here

top AirPlay apps in Android

8) Using Allcast

For the users who are well acquainted with Double Twist, this app comes as a pleasant upgrade. The app performs the same function but does it better than its prequel. Offering you a list of devices to stream your content, all you have to do is choose the big screen and you are good to go. However, unlike Double Twist, this one doesn't allow you to access applications in the background while you sit back and enjoy your music. Also, nothing much to enjoy on the screen while the music is being played.

Download it here

top AirPlay apps in Android

9) Using the DS Video

One can also use DS Video to stream their video collection on to the Disk Station to their Amazon Phone or tablet. Browsing is made relatively easy as each of them is sorted into different libraries. Also, along with each movie, one can find enough information to reach a conclusive decision. The users also have the option to record TV programs and manage their viewing schedule.

Download it here

top AirPlay apps in Android

10) AirStream

Got an AirPlay-enabled receiver and an Android device? Well, this app is all that you need. With the option to send any media content to the Apple-TV, this is a great way to enjoy all your media content on the Apple TV without having to worry about any iOS devices. However, before you go on to install this app; we must notice that it is necessary for you to root your device. Alongside this, there is a short payment that must be made to enjoy all its features. Otherwise, it is a great app to have.

top AirPlay apps in Android

In the above section, we have listed out the best applications for you when you wish to use AirPlay with your Android device. Let us know your experience if you have used any of these apps and we'll recommend ways to enhance your experience.


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