Feasible Ways Access Android from PC over WiFi

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A wired connection between an Android device and a PC includes a USB cable which is considered the easiest way to transfer data. On the other hand, a wireless connection can be of many kinds. It includes Bluetooth and different applications that allow a smooth transfer of data from Android to PC and vice versa.

Well, transferring files through wireless methods provides us with many advantages. The common features that wireless methods include are lightning data transfer speed, swift accessibility, and a secure connection. In the next parts of the article, we have explained how to access Android files from a PC over Wi-Fi.

Part 1: Where is Screen Mirroring Majorly Used?

Screen Mirroring is a technology offered by different applications and software to help you access Android files from a PC over Wi-Fi. With the help of this technology, you can mirror the screen of one device on another device. The departments where the screen mirroring feature is majorly used are discussed below:

1.1 Business

In business life, the use of screen mirroring technology is quite normal. They use this technology during their meetings, presentations, huddle spaces, common areas, and conference rooms. This way, they can share content without using any USB cable to connect an Android device and PC.

1.2 Home Entertainment

Many people would love to watch pictures, movies, music, videos, and games on bigger screens. They generally do this by mirroring their Android device screens to some large screens like TV or PC. This way, screen mirroring technology is becoming common when it comes to home entertainment.

1.3 Education

When it comes to education, schools and higher education prefer large screens for better collaboration, instructional delivery, and to convey proper work to students. This is the reason for using screen mirroring technology in schools and higher education often.

Part 2: Easiest Method to Access Android from PC over Wi-Fi with No Lag - MirrorGo

A third-party application like Wondershare Dr.Fone, with a rich feature of screen mirroring, surely helps you access Android files from PC over Wi-Fi. Through Wondershare Dr.Fone , you can easily mirror your Android screen on your PC's screen. With successful mirroring, you can easily drag and drop files from your PC into your device. Mirroring means you can then manage your Android device applications, games, and data and experience a lot more on a large screen.

Wondershare Dr.Fone offers their users more like:

  • It provides us with the most explicit and detailed services than other screen mirroring applications.
  • It offers a simple guideline to its users to mirror their Android device with a PC or vice versa.
  • It allows you to record what you are doing and then save it on your PC.
  • It notifies you whenever you receive a text message or call on your Android device.

Try It Free

For a complete understanding of how you can access Android files from PC over Wi-Fi using MirrorGo, you need to have a quick look at the steps given below:

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone

For mirroring your device's screens, you need to download the most recent version of Wondershare Dr.Fone. When the installation is done, launch the MirrorGo application on your PC.

Step 2: Devices Connected Over Same Wi-Fi

In this step, you need to confirm that both devices are connected over the same Wi-Fi connection. Now at the lower bottom, choose the “Mirror Android to PC via Wi-Fi” option.

select wifi feature

Step 3: Connect via USB Over a Failed Connection

If a situation arises when devices cannot connect over a Wi-Fi connection, you can then connect both devices using a cable. You need to make sure that you have turned on the "USB Debugging" option before connecting the devices through a USB cable. When the name of your Android device appears under the “Select a device to connect” option, remove the USB cable.

use usb debugging for connection

Step 4: Successfully Mirror and Control your Android Device on PC

When you select the right device for connection, a mirroring platform will appear on your PC's screen. You can now manage your Android device through a PC.

choose your android device

Step 5: Drag and Drop Files among Devices

For an easy transfer of files among the computer and Android, the user can tap on the option of “Files” and select the files to be transferred. Over selection, these files can be dragged or dropped into the MirrorGo interface. The files are now successfully transferred from the PC into MirrorGo with the help of Wi-Fi.

drag the files and drop in the interface

Part 3: How to Use Windows 10 Connect App to Use Android on PC?

The general use of Connect Application Window 10 provides an ability to the users of Android and PC to share their PC screen to Android and conversely. This way, you can easily access Android files from a PC over Wi-Fi. The whole procedure of transferring data using connect application is given below:

Step 1: First, you need to tap on the "Windows" icon available at the bottom left corner of your PC's screen. Then click on the "Settings” icon. From all the settings options, choose “System” settings.

access system settings

Step 2: You can then see an option of “Projecting to this PC” in the left menu bar. Choose that option and click on the “Launch the Connect App to project to this PC” statement to continue the process.

launch the connect app

Step 3: Now, you need to use the "Cast Feature Search" in your Android device until the name of your PC displays on your Android's screen. You can then connect them to access Android files from a PC over Wi-Fi.

Step 4: If the connect app shows a PIN, you need to enter the same PIN while connecting your Android device and PC for a successful connection.

enter the pin for successful connection

Part 4: Use Microsoft App to Access Android Files from PC over Wi-Fi

One way to access Android files from a PC over Wi-Fi is to use Microsoft Application. With the help of the new service introduced by Microsoft, you can do everything regarding your phone on your PC. This includes receiving calls, replying to text messages, and sharing all kinds of data without touching your Android device. For this purpose, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: First, you need to install the "Your Phone Companion" Microsoft application on your Android device. Then agree to all kinds of security permissions that are requested in the application.

install the application

Step 2: Now, on your Windows 10 PC, open the “Microsoft Store” and install the “Your Phone Companion” application.

Step 3: You now need to launch the application on PC as well. In the phone type section, select "Android" as your device type and click on the "Get Started" button to begin the connection between the Android device and PC.

select android to initiate

Step 4: Now, your PC is successfully connected to your Android device. You can now view your data like images on the phone through the left panel.

access photos tab for images

Step 5: In the left panel, there are other options like "Messages" and "Notifications." You can send or receive messages and as well as can get notified whenever you receive a message. You can do this all from your PC through your Android device.

use messages and get notifications on pc

The Bottom Line

We might need some professional applications when we talk about the wireless connection between an Android device and a PC for data sharing purposes. The above article provides you with different feasible ways to access Android files from a PC over a Wi-Fi connection. You can use these ways for every kind of entertainment, study, or business purpose.

Furthermore, we introduce you to an incredible application like Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is considered the most suitable choice when it comes to mirroring screens.

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