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Have you ever fancied playing that your favourite android game in your Windows PC, Mac or Linux? Or just having to send WhatsApp messages on your pc? Technology advancement has made it possible for everyone to enjoy that experience. Android emulator for PC, Mac or Linux was first used by app developers to develop and test applications before they can be used by the public. Today, you can download best android emulators that will help you increase the experience of your mobile on your computer, taking advantage of the awesome user-interface. Android emulators mimic the software and hardware features of your mobile device though not the call function. The popularity of this system has initiated a number of companies to develop deferent android app emulators with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Below are top 10 rated Android emulator to download for Windows;

1. BlueStacks Android Emulator

This android app emulator currently boasts of having more than 85million users and counting, it is undoubtedly one of the best android emulators for both the user and the advertiser. This free download android emulator for pc can automatically search for mobile applications and display on the user interface once it has been installed. Which then enables one to simply open the android app they want to use and start enjoying the experience. Also, before you install, you are required to log in using your Google account or even just using your existing account is you have it. Interestingly, this android app emulator has push notifications on windows making chat experience amazing with applications such as WhatsApp and Viber.

You can download BlueStacks from the URL below

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-BlueStacks Android Emulator

2. GenyMotion Android Emulator

GenyMotion is popular for its speed, having been built on an x89 architecture with OpenGL and hardware acceleration support. The enhanced integrated performance and processor usage capacity also brings another interesting dimension, that it supports application and operating system updates. With over two million users, this android emulator for pc is also ideal for both the user and for advertising. Moreover, it comes with an academic version especially for universities to ease android application development learning. The advanced development of this android app emulator allows users to even choose the version of android they wish to emulate and allows app installation through the drag and drop feature. To start enjoying these fantastic features on GenyMotion, you will need to open a GenyMotion cloud account. Follow the link below to go to the download page where you can choose between two options, personal use or business usage.!/store

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-GenyMotion Android Emulator

3. Andy Android Emulator

The fully android experience on your computer makes this android app emulator one for the leading. It has a rapid and intuitive user interface. You can seamlessly synchronise those favourite application to your pc from your smartphone, allowing your smartphone to be used as a remote control or a touchscreen sensitive device for PCs without touch screen. It allows for push notification making it ideal for social applications like WhatsApp and Viber, also one can use any desktop browser to directly download android applications to Andy OS. It also provides unlimited storage giving you the opportunity to download and enjoy all the applications you can think of. To enjoy this andoid app emulator, you can download it here;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Andy Android Emulator

4. Jelly Bean Android emulator

This android app emulator for pc is made officially by the android makers hence you should expect better compatibility of android application. It is aimed at testing beta version android application by developers hence the full versions sometimes have a problem functioning properly. You can follow the step-by-step installation process from here;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Jelly Bean Android emulator

5. Jar of Beans

Jar of Beans was made for users to take full advantage of the Android Jelly beans. It is popular for its intuitive user interface with a high resolution. Download android emulator for pc from here;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Jar of Beans

6. YouWave

YouWave android emulator for pc is most popular for being fast and easy to install which is due to its less CPU usage. Once installed, you can run Google Play Store and enjoy the unlimited number of your favourite android application on your pc. Download YouWave android emulator for pc from here;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-YouWave

7. Droid4X

This android app emulator is best for its performance aspects, compatibility and gaming controllability giving users the best experience of android applications on pc. Notably, it provides an option to configure the Keyboard as a controller for gaming. It also comes with Google Store already installed and supports the drag and drop feature to install applications. Download Droid4X android app emulator here;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Droid4X

8. Windroy

Windroy is one of the unique android emulator for pc as it runs on Windows Kernel. It has less requirements to install hence making it light-weight. It has a PC side mate and mobile app, this allows users to quickly locate and install the android emulator app. Windroy android emulator can be downloaded from the URL below;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Windroy Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Windroy 2

9. Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin android emulator for pc is quite good and provides an amazing user interface and experience of your android application on pc. It requires Virtual Box and is mainly developed for android app developers. It comparatively has less bugs if ever there are there. Download the android emulator for pc from the URL above;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Xamarin Android Player

10. Duos-M Android Emulator

This android emulator for pc has a full experience of your favourite applications with support for multi-touch. The easy to use interface makes it great, plus it offers GPS. You can download the android emulator for pc from the URL below;

Android emulator Android mirror for pc mac windows Linux-Duos-M Android Emulator

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