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Guide to Mirror Your Android to Android

James Davis

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

Part 1. Can I Mirror my Android to Another Android?

Yes, it is possible. Technology has made it possible that one can mirror Android to Android.

The accelerated concentration on the mobile application by developers in the wake of the continuous accelerated mobile penetration has led to several applications being created. Most of them are amazing, and one only imagines the experience when emulated to a PC. Today that is now possible with several ways to run android applications on PC, the system was first used by developers to test their applications, and now everyone can enjoy the extended experience of applications taking full advantage of PC features. Several applications answer your burning question on how to use mobile apps on a PC. Here we look at some of the top-rated ones;

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

Mirror your android device to your computer!

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  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

Part 2. How to Mirror Android Phone to Android Tablet

Innovations in technology have allowed some of the things that were at one point, not thought of. One of the amazing developments recently has been the ability to mirror one smart device to another to another smart device. This has made it possible to mirror android to android. Mirroring android to android is the end of the innovation, the innovation even includes the possibility to mirror TVs by a smartphone or even your laptop and operate it with your phone as a remote. The experience is unlimited and includes sharing and playing your Android smartphone content to your tablet and even exporting content from your smartphone to your tablet. Android to Android mirroring is amazing, and you just might want to try it out. It uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even mobile hotspots.

While there are many tools for android to android mirroring, this example will use ScreenShare, which uses ScreenShare Technology to allow two android to android mirror through Bluetooth, mobile hotspots, or Wi-Fi. This enables, among other things, a better viewing experience, and one can access the internet on another android device through a cellular network of another device. ScreenShare is a free application, and its features are limited to work with Android phone sharing with Android tablets. It also uses the ScreenShare browser, ScreenShare service, and ScreenShare organizer that help manage Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and your data exchange between your two mirrored devices.


  • • A tablet running Android 2.3+
  • • A smartphone running Android 2.3+

Part 3. How to install ScreenShare Applications

Installing the browser on your android devices that you want to mirror.

  • • On Google Play Store, search for ScreenShare using your device, then select the ScreenShare (phone) app for your tablet and ScreenShare (tablet) app for your phone.
  • • Install the application on both devices that you want to mirror.

After the installation is successful, it then means you can use the ScreenShare connection.

Part 4.Android to android mirroring through Bluetooth

1. Start your installed ScreenShare service on the two devices you want to mirror.

ScreenShare > Menu > ScreenShare service.

2. Set your wireless network to Bluetooth on both devices that you want to mirror (this is if it is set as Wi-Fi), this can be done in the ScreenShare service home screen

3. After setting to Bluetooth, Bluetooth paired devices will be displayed on ScreenShare service.

Android to android mirroring through Bluetooth

4. If one of the devices that you want to mirror is a tablet, start with it. Find your smartphone name in the Paired Devices list in ScreenShare service. Select your phone name, then tap OK, so that the connection starts. The connection should start from your tablet.

5. The connection should be confirmed by tapping OK on your phone. This is an important step as it establishes a ScreenShare connection.

6. As confirmation of the establishment of the ScreenShare connection, an icon will display on the status bar. Also, a "Connected" status should appear for your other device in the paired Devices list. In the circumstance that you fail to connect the first time, you will be required to wait for at least 10 to 20 seconds, after which you will have to try step 4 and 5.

Android to android mirroring through Bluetooth

After the above steps have been done successfully, your devices will have been mirrored successfully, and you can now start to enjoy the experience that comes with it. For connection through Wi-Fi for the two android devices. Take note of the above steps;

•Connect the two devices that you want to mirror to the same Wi-Fi network

•You can also connect your tablet to your phone's mobile hotspot if you are traveling, on Screen service for both the devices you want to mirror, set wireless network like Wi-Fi, on the tablet service screen, select your phone name to start the connection, then complete the process by confirming on your phone.

While ScreenShare has been used as an example here, there are many other tools you can use to get the same experience. Most of the tools can be downloaded online for free, while others are for a fee. Some of the most popular tools include; Air Playit, Optia, MirrorOp, PeerDeviceNet. Sampling the tools and getting the best that suits the experience you desire is also a good idea, or you can look up the reviews that have been written by other users, and you can pick one or two issues you like or dislike. Most, if not all the tools, have manuals that can even help you get started as they might defer a bit from the ScreenShare example given in this article.

James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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