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How to Mirror PC Screen to Android Phones?

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mirror Phone Solutions • Proven solutions

What is the best and easiest method to mirror PC screen to Android? I have a work-related assignment for which I want to mirror the PC screen to my Android phone. Still, there are so many means that it is causing a doubt which one is better than the rest.

Android platform is currently the most popular smartphone OS available on the market. The reason behind the deserved fame is the framework’s intuitiveness and accessibility. One of such utilities of Android is screen sharing.

mirror pc screen to android

In this article, we’ll be talking about the PC screen mirroring to Android and discuss what platforms offer better service than the rest.

Part 1. Mirror PC Screen to Android - Can I Cast Screen from Windows to Android?

Yes, you can mirror your computer’s screen to your Android phone. It means that you will be able to remotely access and manage the PC screen with an Android Screen. Such convenience is handy for developers, teachers, and pretty much every professional who has to deal with both PC and phone daily.

Screencasting or mirroring is also possible on a phone that isn’t rooted. However, there are a few things that you have to do from the phone’s settings menu to enable PC mirroring. It is called USB debugging. The method to debug the Android phone is as follows:

1. You would need to connect the Android phone to the computer via USB cable to initiate the procedure;

2. Tap on the Settings menu of your Android device;

3. Go to Additional Settings and tap on Developer Options;

4. If you are unable to see the option, then go back to the settings page and tap on About Phone;

5. You will see the Build Number of the device. Tap on the option 7 times. It will bring the device into developer mode;

6. Repeat Step 2!

7. Enable USB Debugging and tap on OK to grant permission.

Once you switch on the USB Debugging, the other thing you should remember is that the Android device and the PC need to be connected to the same WiFi network. Otherwise, the process of mirroring won’t work.

In the next section of the article, we will look into the top three apps to mirror PC screen to Android. We will discuss the pros and cons of all of them. It will assist you in finally choosing the most suitable app to use the Android device to mirror your PC’s screen.

Part 2. Mirror PC Screen to Android - How to Choose Apps to Mirror PC to Android?

Third-party mirroring platforms can offer you access to anything available on your computer’s screen with your smartphone. The process is also known as screen sharing, and it requires a stable internet connection to enable.

These apps are available across not only Android but also on other top platforms such as macOS, iOS, Windows, and even Linux. Some apps are free to use, and some are subscription-based.

Here we will share relevant info regarding the top three platforms to mirror PC to Android.

2.1 Chrome Remote Desktop:

The Chrome Remote Desktop service is a free-to-use PC to Android screen sharing service, enabled by Google. The platform is among the most popular remote control apps. It is not only easy to use but also secure. You can easily manage or access the content of the computer from the Android with Chrome Remote Desktop.

mirror pc to android 3

The pros and cons of the Chrome Remote Desktop service are as follows:


  • It is free of charge. It means that you wouldn’t have to pay to manage the computer screen from your Android phone;
  • It is secure as you would have to enter a PIN to gain access to the other device’s screen.
  • The interface of the Chrome Remote Desktop service is easy to navigate.


  • There is no file sharing feature with the Chrome Remote Desktop service;
  • You would need the assistance of the Chrome browser to be able to access the application.

2.2 Splashtop Personal - Remote Desktop:

The Splashtop remote desktop app is capable of offering remote access to the PC screen from the Android phone. The service is fast, and you can form multiple remote connections. Moreover, it provides various layers of security, which makes it nearly impossible for intruders to access the contents of your device.

The application is available across multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Unlike the Chrome Remote Desktop, Splashtop is subscription-based, and you would have to pay for the service. Here the pros and cons of the app:


  • The GUI of the app is intuitive. It means that it is super easy to set up and manage;
  • The pricing plan is reasonable;


  • The File Transfer feature is only available with the Business Plan;
  • It only offers a 7-day free trial.

2.3 SpaceDesk:

SpaceDesk offers a fast and secure service that allows mirroring PC to any phone. It is available on all the top platforms such as Windows, Android, and macOS/iOS.

mirror pc to android 5

Please check the pros and cons of SpaceDesk app to mirror PC to Android:


  • SpaceDesk is less invasive than most mirroring apps. You do not need an account to manage the service;
  • It is free to use.


  • The interface of SpaceDesk is a bit outdated and less intuitive;
  • The mirroring feature is not as fast or smooth as other apps.

Part 3. You May Wonder How to Mirror Android to PC - MirrorGo

Is there any application to mirror Android phone screen to a computer screen? Yes. You can use Wondershare Dr.Fone to mirror and control the Android from the PC.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

Mirror your android device to your computer!

  • Play mobile games on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Store screenshots taken from the phone to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it


It is vital to research before finally getting software that can access the screen and contents of your computer and smartphone. As you know by now that you can easily mirror your PC screen with an Android phone. We have shared our analysis on the top three platforms that can assist you in mirroring your computer’s screen. You can base your decision based on the pros and cons list, which will make it a lot easier.

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