How to Record Android Screen With the Android SDK and ADB

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Android is well known for offering all the easy solutions that can help with anything you would expect a smartphone to do however, recording an Android screen is not one of them. If your Android phone or tablet is running on KitKat version 4.4, there is no screen recording support. But if you are on a later version than KitKat 4.4, this article is for you! The best method to record android screen is with Android SDK and ADB. Let's have a look at what both of these are.

Part 1: What the Android SDK and ADB is?

Android SDK (software development kit) is the set of development tools that are used in developing applications for Android platform. Android SDK includes sample projects that are with source code, development tools, an emulator, and libraries for building Android applications. The applications in Android SDK are written with Java language and they run on Dalvik. Whenever Google releases the latest version of Android, a similar SDK is also released.

In order to write programs with latest features, developers need to download and install every version's SDK for a specific phone. Platforms that are compatible with Android SDK include operating systems like Windows XP. Linux, and Mac OS. The components of SDK as well as third party add-ons are also available to download.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on the other hand is a versatile command line tool that allows you to communicate with an emulator instance. It's a client server program with three components:

  • -A client that runs on development machine. Clients can be easily raised with issuing an adb command.
  • - A server that runs as the background process of your development machine. It manages communication between the client and adb daemon that runs on emulator.
  • - A daemon that runs as the background process on all emulators.

When you start the adb client, it checks whether there is an adb server process is currently running. If there is nothing found, it starts the server process. As soon the server starts, it blinds to local TCP port 5037 and listens the commands that are being sent from adb clients.

Part 2: How to Record Android Screen with the Android SDK?

Android software development kit comes with a built-in screen recording feature. The only thing it requires is that you install the Android SDK on your computer and carry out a complex procedure to record the screen. Here is a step by step tutorial on it:

Enable USB Debugging.The first thing before you download the script is enable the "USB debugging" in your android phone It will let you connect your device to PC and receive the command from Android SDK. This can be done by enabling "Developer options" foe which you need to go to "Settings" and tap on the "About phone/Device" that is at the end.

Record Android Screen with the Android SDK

Once this is done, go back to "Settings" and you will see the "Developer options" located in the end, just tap on it and you will have the access.

Record Android Screen

Recording Android Screen,Download the script on your PC and extract it. The extracted folder will have the following files:

Record Android Screen

Now connect your phone with PC by using a USB cable and once it is connected, you will see a prompt asking permission to connect to PC. Tap "OK" and your phone will be ready to receive commands. Go to the script folder and open "AndroidRecordScreen.bat" file.

Android Record Screen

Now to record your Android screen, all you will have to do is press any key on the keyboard and it will start to record. Make sure that you are on the exact screen that you need to record. Press any key on the keyboard and a new window will open that will confirm that your android screen is now being recorded. When you need to stop the recording, just close the "New" window that opened up and your recording will be stopped.

You can easily adjust the settings of your video however, the options available will be quite limited. In order to adjust the settings, open "AndroidRecordScreen_advanced.bat" and press "n" key on the keyboard, hit enter. You can change three different options: Resolution, Bitrate and Max video time, but keep in mind that a single video cannot exceed 3 minutes. Once you have provided the new value that you need, press enter. You will now see the options for starting the video after which you will only have to press any key on the keyboard again for starting the video and it will be recorded as per the new settings arranged by you.

Part 3: How to Record Android Screen with the Android ADB?

In order to use ADB, you need to extract the Android SDK package and navigate to the sdkplatform-tools folder. Now hold shift, and right-click the folder, select "Open command window here".

Record Android Screen with the Android ADB

Now, run the following command in order to ensure that ADB can communicate easily with your connected Android device: "adb devices"

Now that your device is connected and USB debugging is enabled, and you have accepted the security prompt coming on your phone screen, you can will see a device that appears in the window. If that list is empty, adb will not be able to detect your device.

record android screen

To record android screen, you will need to run the following command: "adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/example.mp4" as this command will start the recording on your phone screen. When you are finished with your recording, all you have to do is press Ctrl+C in the command prompt window and it will stop recoding your screen. The recording will be saved in your device's internal storage and not in the computer.

android screen recorder

The default settings for the recording are set to be used as your standard screen resolution, the video encoded will be at a rate of 4Mbps, and it will be set at the maximum screen recording time of 180 seconds. However, if you require more information regarding the command line options that you can use for recording, you can run this command: "adb shell screenrecord –help"

Part 4: The Best Software for Record Android Screen

Except these two methods above mentioned to record android screen with Android SDK and ADB. We recommend a best and easy way to record android screen with MirrorGo Android Recorder.The only thing is to download this android recorder softwre on your computer and connect you android phone with USB or Wi-fi.Take full control of your phone from your computer, enjoy your social life on the big screen, play mobile games with your mouse and keyboards.

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