5 Best & Free Screen Recorders for iPad (No Jailbreak)

If you want to show people what you are doing in your handheld device or computer (for example, giving a tutorial on how to work a certain program), you'd need to record it. But how are you going to do that? Surely you can't just whip out your camera and try to record your computer or device. The light from the screen won't make anything visible! The only way for you to go about with this is to have a screen recorder for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. Let's discuss some of the best iPhone or iPad screen recorders.

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Top 1: dr.fone

dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder happens to be one of the best screen recorder for iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices. This is because dr.fone does not only record your screen but also does a lot of other things as well. Aside from being an iPhone or iPad screen recorder, it also allows you to share your screen between your handheld device and also your computer. It also allows you to easily export your videos from one device to another. dr.fone is compatible with almost all iOS devices, which makes it easy for anyone with an Apple product to use.

free screen recorder for iPad - dr.fone

dr.fone also does not make use of any cables and can be used with Airplay which makes it easy for your two devices to connect. All you have to do is enable the mirroring option and everything will be simple for you to do from then on. Because of all the very useful features and the simple interface that dr.fone uses, dr.fone is easily one of the best Mac and iPad screen recorders in the market. You can get the recording app from their installation guide. As for more details, you can read the box below:

dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder

Your best screen recorder for iPad.

  • Safe, fast, and simple.
  • Mirror your device to your computer or projector wirelessly.
  • Record mobile games, videos and more on the computer.
  • Support iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that runs iOS 7.1 to iOS 11.
  • Contains both Windows and iOS versions (the iOS version is unavailable for iOS 11).
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Top 2: Screenflow

Other than dr.fone, there is also Screenflow, another iPad screen recorder that does not require any jailbreak. Screenflow is an easy to use screen recorder iPad that simply records your video quickly. The best thing about this program is that it can take quality screen videos at the first try. To start using it, you will be needing a lightning to USB cable to connect both your computer and handheld device. Once you've connected the two, you can boot up Screenflow and start recording.

free screen recorder for iPad - Screenflow

Top 3: Apowersoft

Third on the list of useful screen recorders iPad is the Apowersoft iPhone/iPad screen recorder. The Apowersoft iPad screen recorder is a very simple recording program that easily allows you to record whatever you are doing in your iOS devices and your Mac devices. Check out the screenshot of the program below to get a better look at how it works.

free screen recorder for iPad - Apowersoft

Just like for dr.fone, this program allows you to mirror iOS devices then record the content of the screen. It also works with the Apple's Airplay feature which makes it really easy to connect your two devices. It can also record audio from your devices via microphones or even the speakers. This is probably the second best recorder in the list next to dr.fone with the great functions that it can offer.

Top 4: Shou

Shou is also a very useful screen recorder iPad. Shou is a program that can be found in an app store that is known as Emu4iOS Store. Once you download Emu4iOS, you can easily find Shou and you can easily download it. Once you've downloaded it, everything becomes simple from then on. Upon booting up Shou, all you'll see is a recording option where you can start recording your content. Just click on the record button and you canrecord everything you're doing. Take a look at the screenshot below to know what it looks like.

best screen recorder for iPad - Shou

Top 5: Quicktime

Lastly, we've got Quicktime Player. Although most people don't know that Quicktime can be used as a screen recorder iPad, it is actually one of the easiest to use since it's already built in. However, the catch is that only devices with iOS 8 and computers that are OS X Yosemite can make use of the screen recorder iPad option. Also, you'll need a lightning to USB cable to connect your two devices together. Once you've done that, you can boot your Quicktime player and look for the screen recorder iPad under the “Files” tab. Once you've clicked on the recorder, all you have to do is start recording your video and save it.

best screen recorder for iPad - Quicktime

Comparison on these screen recorders

Those are 5 of the best screen recorders for iOS devices that are out in the market. So now the question is which one is the best? Well, the answer to that will definitely all depend on what you are looking for in a screen recording program.

If I were to rate the five, I'd definitely put dr.fone at the top of my list because dr.fone has the most features. It also allows for the easiest connection of devices through Wifi connection and mirroring.

Second on the list would most likely be Apowersoft as Apowersoft has a lot of similar features to dr.fone including the ability to work with Airplay and the mirroring feature.

Third is Screenflow since Screenflow is one of the easier ones to use and still has some basic functions that allow you to optimize your screen capture video. It also allows you to record audio sounds clearly with high definition.

Fourth is Shou since Shou is one of the simplest to use. The mechanism for this program is so straight forward that even a person who is not very tech savvy can make use of it. To record, all you have to do is press the record button and everything is done for you.

In last place, we've got QuickTime since it does have the least features. I would say QuickTime is very useful if you don't want to download anymore programs since the function is already built in. However, you do have to possess a lighting to USB cable and your devices have to fit the requirements that I've mentioned above.

Now that you know the top 5 best screen recorders out there, it's really up to you to choose which one you want. Your choice will all depend on your knowledge of the tech stuff as well as your needs. Choose wisely!

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