How to Screen Record on Samsung s9?

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You might be entangled in a situation where you must record the proceedings for keeping a record of all the measures that have been taken. It might be your office meeting or a school project where it gets quite important to keep evidence of what has been discussed. As the use of smartphones has gotten quite significant and cognitive, people have moved into using these devices for their daily needs. Major meetings are managed across these gadgets, and people have considered using them for all crucial endeavors of the day. Screen recording is another feature that is quite common among Android users. One of the best smartphone brand developers, Samsung, provides a promising feature within their devices. Models such as Samsung S9 are regarded among the best options any Android can find in the market. These devices are integrated with multiple features, with different auxiliary features such as screen recorders. In certain circumstances, there are users who may need a different version of a screen recorder. For this, the article provides you a distinctive introduction to various methods defining how to screen record on Samsung S9.

Part 1. How to screen record on Samsung S9 by built-in recording feature?

Recording the screen of your Samsung S9 can be executed with a variety of mechanisms that are available in the market. The first thing that comes into your mind when seeking a screen recorder for your Samsung S9 is its built-in screen recorder that provides you the ability to record your screen with ease. This useful feature offers quite much to its users that can allow them to record their screen with ease. Not only the feature provides you an easy platform to record screens, but it also provides the leverage to share these recorded videos with ease across any desired platform. To get to know more about using the built-in service in your Samsung S9, you need to go through the step-by-step guideline offered below.

Step 1: Initially, you need to set up the ‘Screen Recording’ icon in the quick panel of your Samsung S9. Slide down the screen to open the Quick Panel of your device. Navigate to the ‘three-dotted’ icon present on the top of the menu to edit the panel settings.

tap on three dots

Step 2: Over the drop-down menu that opens, select ‘Button Order’ for editing the buttons that appear across the panel.

select button order option

Step 3: On the next screen that appears, you will observe the buttons that can be added across the panel on the top of the screen. The buttons that have already been added across the Quick Panel of your Samsung will be present below. Locate the screen recording icon on the above section and drag it into the section of the buttons that are displayed across the panel.

drag and adjust screen recorder icon

Step 4: Move back to your home screen and slide down the panel to observe the ‘Screen Recording’ icon present on the screen. Tap on the button to initially select the quality of the video that is to be recorded. Over a countdown, the screen recording initiates.

tap on agree to start recording

Part 2. How to screen record on Galaxy S9 with MirrorGo software?

In some circumstances, the user usually gets into trouble using their default screen recording service. With no default function available to record your Samsung's screen, you can always look for an alternative. While looking for a better alternative, it may get quite difficult for you to fix your eyes across the best service. These third-party services are quite distinct in their features and offer a cohesive structure to operate with. As you would look for a platform that would provide you ease in use along with impressive usability, the article introduces Wondershare Dr.Fone as the perfect screen recording alternative when it comes to using third-party platforms.

style arrow up

Wondershare Dr.Fone

Record your Android device on your computer!

  • Record on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Takescreenshots and save them to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

When it comes to using this platform, it follows a very convenient series of steps that would allow you to have a very efficient experience in recording your screen.

Step 1: Download and Connect

You need to download the MirrorGo software on your computer to utilize the platform's services. Along with that, connect your device with the platform by a simple USB connection. While you connect your device with the USB cable, tap connect to allow the platform to mirror your Samsung S9 successfully on MirrorGo. Synchronization will be efficiently maintained across the platform.

connect android screen on pc 1

Step 2: Start Recording

Once the device is mirrored across the platform, you need to tap on the ‘Record’ button present on the right-handed panel on the computer to initiate recording.

record android screen on pc 1

Step 3: Stop and Save

To stop a recording, simply tap on the ‘Record’ button again and navigate to the folder containing the saved video. You can easily share it across different platforms.

record android screen on pc 3

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Part 3. How to screen record on Samsung S9 with third-party apps?

While you look across these effective methods for recording your Samsung S9's screen, there are several cases where you may consider utilizing the services of other platforms. These third-party platforms are utilized over a large scale and are being recommended for multiple utilities. While considering your use case, you can go across any third-party application that would fit your requirements. The article features two impressive third-party services that provide you with the ability to record your Samsung S9's screen with ease.

Mobizen Screen Recorder for Samsung

This third-party application can turn out to be a very good alternative in cases where you have to record the screen of your Samsung S9 out of the applications. To consume Mobizen effectively, you need to consider the following guide defining the proper steps to record your screen with this software.

Step 1: Download and install Mobizen on Google Play Store and launch it across your Samsung. To get to know if it is running, you need to ensure the icon is present on the side of the screen. Tap the icon to lead to three different options: Record the video, observe the saved content and take a screenshot of your Samsung.

Step 2: Tap on the 'Record' icon and proceed with selecting the option displaying 'Start Now.'

start recording using mobizen

Step 3: The recording will initiate over a countdown. Over the completion of your recording, you can simply tap on the Mobizen icon and select 'Stop.' A prompt will appear, displaying the completion of your video recording. You can simply visit the gallery of your Samsung S9 to view the video.

stop recording on mobizen


  • You can add background music of your choice.
  • It offers a pre-built video recorder service.
  • Can record videos up to 60fps.


  • It has a significant number of ads within its interface.
  • To disable the watermark across the video, you need to watch different ads.

DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder is another significant option that comes into your mind once you seek a third-party platform to record your screen. With the ability to set up across the device to capture everything present on the screen, this platform offers multiple services to its users for the production of a high-quality video. It even allows you to convert your videos into GIFs and polish the recordings with the available editing tools.

Step 1: You need to download and install the DU Screen Recorder on your Samsung from Play Store.

Step 2: With a virtual assistant displaying on the screen, you can amend the video quality and other settings within the application.

Step 3: After opening the screen that you wish to record, tap on the virtual assistant and select 'Record' to initiate recording. Over a similar virtual assistant, you can tap on the ‘Stop’ button to stop the recording once you are done.

du screen recorder features


  • Records video up to 60fps.
  • It has a live stream feature that is very convenient to utilize.
  • Provides all basic features for screen recording.


  • Pay for the platform to get rid of the advertisements.
  • Adds watermark within the screen recording.


Screen recording can get quite strenuous if you are not provided with an appropriate platform to work with. However, there are multiple platforms that can come quite handy for recording the screen. To understand the operation of the methods that are available to work with, you need to go through the article that would provide the users with the ability to record their Samsung S9’s screen with ease.

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