How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone and Android online without jailbreak

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Isn't it so frustrating when you try to change your SIM or your network but just can't because your phone is locked under contract? Phones are our life source in this global age, it's our tether to reality, to the world! But if you have a carrier locked phone then that connection is basically under contract by an external agency! You can't change your networks, there are limitations on how you use your phone, and when you have to travel abroad you have no option other than paying the Roaming charges. If you, say, have an iPhone 5c and have these frustrations, it's likely you're already wondering how to unlock iPhone 5c.

Chances are that if you've had a carrier locked phone for a while you might have already forgotten what cellular freedom feels like. But we're here to remind you. All you have to do is break that carrier-lock and you're good to go. However, you should be careful when doing so, cause if you try using a jailbreaking technique, it could have major repercussions. So we're here to give you some valuable advice about how to unlock iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, or even Android phones.

Part 1: Unlock SIM Card on iPhone and Android via jailbreak

Before we get into telling you how to unlock iPhone 5, or the SIM Card on iPhone or Android, we should first tell you what Jailbreaking is. You might have heard of this term before, and I'm sure it sounded ominous to you. Jailbreak? It sounds awfully close to 'Prison break.' Well, considering the carrier lock is sort of like a prison for your cell, it is an accurate terminology. But Jailbreak isn't just about breaking the carrier lock. That might happen as a by-product but the real purpose is to break free of the software restrictions which are generally applied to Apple devices. This might seem like a good option because, well, who doesn't want to break free of all of Apple's restrictions? But that always comes at several heavy risks.

Threats of unlocking SIM via Jailbreak

1. Not Permanent

This has got to be one of the biggest reasons for not jailbreaking your phone. It is not at all permanent! In fact, the moment you update your system, your jailbreak is lost and if you've started using a different SIM it will no longer function and you're gonna have to go back to using that Carrier you tried so hard to escape from! It's really not worth the effort. Of course, you could stop updating altogether, but then that will bring us to...

Unlock SIM Card on iPhone and Android via jailbreak

2. Risky

If you don't update your iOS, or Mac or iPad or any device at all, in this day and age, you're basically just asking to be hacked. That is not to excuse those who do the hacking and plant malware on your system, but if you leave your front door open in a shitty neighborhood well then you only have yourself to blame once you get robbed!

3. Warranty

Jailbreaking has now become kind-of-legal, in a very tenuous sense, but that doesn't mean Apple wholeheartedly welcomes jailbreaking. If you do so, you will never again be able to avail of the warranty on your phone. And with the kind of major bucks you have to shell out for those iPhones, you best keep that warranty intact.

4. Lack of Apps

Many top-notch and crucial app companies and organizations simply refuse to make their applications usable in jailbreak phones as they are extremely risky and prone to hacking. As a result you would have to rely on a bunch of non-professional apps made by amateurs which is more likely to put your phone in harm's way.

5. Bricking

This basically means your whole system may crash and stop functioning. As a result you're gonna' have to restore the whole thing and try to salvage whatever information you can. Now those who do jailbreak regularly will give you all kinds of excuses like it happens only rarely or that you can retrieve your data simply from the cloud, et al. But do you really want to divest all your time and energy trying to fight off malware, backing up all your data, etc, especially when there is a much more convenient option just around the corner?

Didn't think so.

Part 2: How to unlock SIM Card on iPhone and Android without jailbreak

Now that you know what not to do, i.e., jailbreak, we can finally tell you how to unlock iPhone 5 in a legal, safe and secure manner online, without jailbreaking. Up until a while back one of the reasons people chose to jailbreak their phones is because the legitimate means was such a headache in which you had to contact the carrier and request a change, and even then they could refuse after several weeks of 'verification.' However, now with the slow introduction of apps that can essentially do all the work for you, within a matter of 48 hours, it really makes no sense to jailbreak. So now we'll tell you how to unlock iPhone 5c using an Online iPhone unlock tool called DoctorSIM Unlock Service.

SIM Unlock Service is really quite the revolutionary tool which just needs your IMEI code and can do all the work for you and send you the unlock code within a guaranteed period of 48 hours! It is safe, it is legal, it is hassle free, and it doesn't even lapse your warranty which proves that it is an officially approved means of unlocking your iPhone. However, before we tell you how to unlock iPhone 5, you should probably be able to verify if your phone is unlocked already.

Part 3: How to unlock SIM Card on iPhone with without jailbreak uses an official method to unlock iPhone devices and whitelist your IMEI from Apple's database. Your iPhone will be unlocked automatically Over-The-Air, simply connect it to a Wifi network (Available for iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 or higher, iOS 6 or lower should be unlocked by iTunes). So you don't need to send your iPhone to the network provider. The unlocked iPhone will never be relocked no matter you upgrade the OS or sync with iTunes.

sim unlock iphone with

How to unlock iPhone with iPhoneIMEI?

Step 1. To unlock iPhone with iPhoneIMEI, firstly go to official website.

Step 2. Fill in the iPhone model, and the network provider your iPhone is locked to, and click on Unlock.

Step 3. Then fill in the IMEI number of your iPhone. Click on Unlock Now and finish the payment. After the payment is successful, iPhoneIMEI will send your IMEI number to the network provider and whitelist it from Apple activation database (You will be received an email for this change).

Step 4. Within 1-5 days, iPhoneImei will send you an email with subject "Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked". When you see that email, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wifi network and insert any SIM card, your iPhone should work instantly!

Well so now that you know all the basics of unlocking carrier phones and the risks of jailbreaking, hopefully you'll be well equipped to make informed decisions. Of course, DoctorSIM - SIM Unlock Service isn't the only one available in the market right now. There are a few more. However, this is still a relatively new area, and I can tell from personal experience that the other tools and softwares aren't completely broken in yet and are more prone to delays, errors, etc. DoctorSIM is an assuredly superior choice.

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