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How to Carrier Unlock Android Phone to Use Any SIM

Jul 21, 2021 • Filed to: Remove Device Lock Screen • Proven solutions


Getting carrier locked on the phone is one of the worst things that can happen especially when you feel there is not much you can do about it. But that’s not really true. There are few ways that could help alleviate this problem or which could come as a help in such circumstances when the Smartphone is carrier locked. This problem often requires help from the carrier or network and can be easily sorted on doing so.

Now, having talked about SIM lock or carrier lock, it is also important to know whether a device is SIM locked or not, because not all phones are SIM locked. So, to find out whether your phone is network locked, you can check the documentation of the device that you received while purchasing. If the phone is unlocked, the “unlocked word would certainly appear on the receipt. To be sure and precise whether the phone is SIM locked, the best thing that can be done is to contact the carrier and check if the phone is carrier locked. Before that, you can even check the phone yourself by placing a different SIM in the phone and check whether it works. If the same issue persists even with different SIMs, then there is a good chance that the phone is carrier locked. Now that we know how to check if the phone is SIM locked, it is imperative to know how to unlock Android phone for different carrier. It is not that difficult a task to unlock carrier locked phones and there are a few methods to unlock such locked phones.

Part 1: Asking the Carrier to Unlock

One of the best options is getting in touch with the carrier and asking them to unlock the SIM locked phone. For that to happen, it is important to first know whether the phone is SIM locked and then whether the phone can be unlocked and if you are eligible to unlock the phone. There is an eligibility clause in contract for Smartphones bought on contract and if a specific time period is not up yet, then a termination fee is required to be paid by the user to break the contract in order to be able to use any SIM on the device after getting the unlock code.


• This is the best way to unlock carrier locked devices.

• This is legal and everything happens based on the clause mentioned in the contract.


• Sometimes, even the network providers or carrier refuse to unlock Smartphone

• There is a certain time period which if not over yet, unlocking the phone would require termination fee.

Part 2: Professional Reputable Smartphone Unlock Service

If you have tried out contacting the carrier and there is no way the carrier is unlocking your phone, you can opt for professional unlock service which could be of help. But finding such a professional service is not an easy task. There are some sites and service providers which require the IMEI number of the phone to create unlock codes. IMEI number of the phone is given to the professional SIM unlock service post which, they generate a special character combination which can be used to get the cell phone out of network restrictions. So, the phone can be unlocked remotely by using the special remote unlock codes.

Sometimes, the professional Smartphone service providers even ask for the phone to be sent to them to get the phone unlocked.


• This method could be opted as a last resort if there is no help from the carrier.

• Professional and reputable Smartphone unlock service providers tend to serve the purpose as they are specialized in this task.

• There are not many obligations involved.


• This might attract legal actions against the user.

• It is very difficult to find such professional Smartphone unlock service providers.

• Reliability on such service providers is also another factor which requires attention.

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