How to Unlock Telstra iPhone

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A good number of Telstra iPhones usually come locked to the Telstra network, hence meaning that you can’t use any other Sim Card from a different provider on these phones. This prevents a lot of people from accessing better services from other network providers. Apart from this, you can't use these phones in different countries. If you are operating on a Telstra locked iPhone, what you need is a Telstra iPhone unlock solution.

With a Telstra iPhone unlock method, you can learn and employ the necessary steps and tricks that are usually involved if you want to know how to unlock Telstra iPhone. Once you have unlocked your Telstra iPhone, you can use it on different network providers. Apart from this, you can travel to overseas countries and still use your Telstra iPhone with no locality barriers whatsoever.

With me, I have three different methods on how to unlock Telstra iPhone. One method involves an wonderful software, while the rest involves an online process from Telstra themselves.

Part 1: [Recommended] How to Unlock Telstra iPhone via Dr.Fone

For most users, the speed and the convenience of a SIM unlock tool are the most vital elements. Therefore, a wonderful network unlock software will be the best choice. You don't need to contact the phone provider or wait for a long time, just a few minutes, you could use SIM card freely. Luckily, I will introduce a really useful APP to help unlock your SIM card permanently. That is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Fast SIM Unlock for iPhone

  • Supports almost all carriers, from Vodafone to Sprint.
  • Finish SIM unlock in just a few minutes
  • Provide detailed guides for users.
  • Fully compatible with iPhone XR\SE2\Xs\Xs Max\11 series\12 series\13series.
Available on: Windows Mac
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How to use Dr.Fone SIM Unlock Service

Step 1.Open Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock and then “Remove SIM Locked”.

screen unlock agreement

Step 2. Connect your tool to computer with a USB. Finsh authorization verification process with “Start” and click on “Confirmed” to continue.


Step 3. Wait for the configuration profile shows on your screen. Then follow the guides to unlock screen. Select “Next” to continue.

screen unlock agreement

Step 4. Close the popup page and go to “Settings->Profile Downloaded”. Then click “Install” and unlock your screen.

screen unlock agreement

Step 5. Click on “Install” on the top right and then click the button again at the bottom. After the install, turn to “Settings->General”.

screen unlock agreement

Pay attention to the instructions on your device, and you will finish the whole process with ease. And Dr.Fone will  “Remove Setting” for your device at last to ensure the function of Wi-Fi connecting. If you want to know more about our service, welcome to check iPhone SIM Unlock guide.

Part 2: How to Unlock Telstra iPhone Online without SIM card

As mentioned earlier, it’s possible to unlock a Telstra locked iPhone as long you follow the right steps and procedures. Under this section, I’m going to elaborate how you can use these methods to unlock your Telstra locked iPhone. If you have a Telstra locked iPhone 6, you can render it Sim card free by unlocking it using iPhoneIMEI promises to use the official method to unlock your iPhone permanently and safely. Your iPhone will never be relocked no matter you upgrade your iOS or sync the phone to iTunes.

sim unlock iphone with

Step 1: Visit Official Site

The first thing to do is to visit the and select the correct iPhone model and the network carrier your iPhone is locked to. Then click on Unlock.

Step 2: Find iPhone IMEI Number

You can type #06# on your keypad to receive your IMEI number. You only need the first 15 digits. Alternately, you can go to Settings> General> About, and find your IMEI number. And if your iPhone isn't yet activated you can press the 'i' icon to receive it. After you get the IMEI number, enter in the website and click on Unlock Now.

Step 3: Finish Payment and Unlock the Phone

After the payment is successful, iPhoneIMEI will send your IMEI number to the network provider and whitelist it from Apple activation database (You will be received an email for this change). Within 1-5 days, iPhoneImei will send you an email with subject "Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked". When you see that email, just simply connect your iPhone to a Wifi network and insert any SIM card, your iPhone should work instantly!

Part 3: Unlock Telstra iPhone via Telstra Official Unlock Service

Telstra gives their clients the opportunity to unlock their iPhones for them to use with other networks. If you own an iPhone 6s, make use of the following detailed process on how to get around the Telstra iPhone 6s unlock method. Keep in mind that this process involves the use of iTunes.

Step 1: Check Status

The first step is to do is to check the status of your iPhone by visiting this website Enter your IMEI number and submit it. If your iPhone 6s is locked, you will be notified of the next step to take. Wait for 72 hours before proceeding.

Check Status

Step 2: Backup Data and Restore iPhone

Open your iTunes account and backup your data. On your iTunes interface, click on the "Restore iPhone" option and follow the next steps as indicated. Your iTunes account will download the latest version of iOS and restore your iPhone to its default state.

Backup Data and Restore iPhone

Step 3: Automatic Restart

After the download and the update, your iPhone will restart automatically. A "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked" message will be displayed on your interface.

Automatic Restart

Step 4: Finalize Backup

Click on the "Continue" icon and finalize the process by clicking on the "Restore from this backup" option.

Finalize Backup

Your iPhone will switch itself back on, and from this point, you can use your iPhone with other network providers freely.

Part 4: Hot FAQ about iPhone SIM Unlock

Q1: Is Unlocking an iPhone Illegal?

Phone unlocking has always been a contentious topic in different aspects. Some companies may term unlocking their phones without their consent as an illegal act. However, if the phone you are using no longer binds you to a particular contract, then you have each and every right to unlock it. In simple terms, as long as the contract does not bind you, then you can go ahead and unlock your Telstra iPhone without been worried about any repercussions.

Q2: How to Know my Telstra iPhone Unlock Status?

If you want to know the status of your Telstra iPhone, you can easily do this by using an online checking method from Telstra. Follow these steps to know the status of your locked iPhone.

Step 1: Visit the Official Telstra Site

Visit the Telstra official website. Scroll down the page and enter your IMEI number in the space provided. Click on the "Submit" icon.

check Telstra iPhone Unlock Status

Step 2: Wait For Response

Once you have submitted your iPhone details, a new web page with the status of your iPhone will be displayed. Depending on the status of your iPhone, the message displayed will be the answer to your questions.

With the current rate of advanced technology, using a SIM locked iPhone 6s should be your last option if you want to enjoy the phone with no restrictions. From what we have covered, we can conclude that it’s highly advisable to unlock Telstra iPhone 6s by employing different methods on how to unlock Telstra iPhone 6s. These methods as mentioned above are easy to use and apply and hence you should use one of them if you have a locked iPhone.

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