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How To Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone [All iOS Versions]

Selena Lee

Dec 22, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Transferring messages from one iPhone to another is a common necessity. It often arises during device upgrades, replacements, or when sharing information between devices. With the evolution of iOS versions, the methods for transferring messages have also adapted and improved. Regardless of the version, transferring messages between iPhones remains vital and relevant.

This guide will go through many techniques to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge for transferring your messages between two iPhones. We will ensure a smooth transition process by offering clear step-by-step guidance and helpful tips.

transfer messages from iphone to iphone

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Part 1: How To Sync Messages Between Two iOS Devices?

Synchronizing messages between two iOS devices is a convenient way. It ensures that conversations and attachments transfer from one iPhone to another smoothly. iOS offers iCloud as the method to achieve this synchronization. It enables users to maintain message continuity across their devices. Here is how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud sync:

  • Step 1. Ensure you're signed in with the required Apple ID on both devices. Next, navigate to the “Settings” app on the source device and select “Apple ID.” On the following screen, press "iCloud" to proceed.

access icloud in settings

  • Step 2. Here, tap "Show All" under the "Apps Using iCloud" section and press "Messages in iCloud." On the ensuing screen, toggle on "Use on this iPhone" and then press the "Sync Now" option.

sync messages in icloud

  • Step 3. Now, move to the target device and access "iCloud" settings through the Settings app. Here, navigate to "Messages in iCloud," and on the next screen, enable "Use on this iPhone." Give it some time, and the messages on both devices will sync.

toggle switch to sync messages

Part 2. How To Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud Backup

Transferring messages between iPhones using iCloud backup offers an efficient method. It guarantees the transfer of all your conversations, attachments, and message history. Nonetheless, a significant limitation of this approach is its exclusive usability during the setup of an iPhone. Moreover, you can't restore messages selectively with this method. Here is how to transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud backup:

  • Step 1. Ensure your old iPhone is linked to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Open "Settings," tap on your name, and select "iCloud." Tap "iCloud Backup" and ensure the “Back Up This iPhone” toggle switch is turned on.

turn on icloud backup switch

  • Step 2. Here, press "Back Up Now" to initiate an immediate backup and wait for the process to complete. Afterward, move to the new iPhone and start setting it up until you reach the "Apps & Data" screen.

back up now button icloud

  • Step 3. Next, opt for "Restore from iCloud Backup." Then, log in to your iCloud account with the identical credentials employed during the backup process. Pick the latest backup from the available options, including the messages you aim to transfer. The restoration process will begin, and once it's completed, open the Messages app to verify that all your message history has been transferred.

restore data from recent icloud backup

Part 3. How To Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone via iTunes/Finder

Using iTunes or Finder provides an alternate method to transfer messages from one iPhone to another. iTunes is available for Windows and on macOS Mojave and earlier. The users of macOS Catalina and later can use the Finder app to use this method. This approach completely restores your previous iPhone's data, including messages.

Ensure that both iPhones are updated to the latest iOS version and that your computer has the latest version of iTunes or Finder. This is to avoid any compatibility issues during the backup and restoration process. Here is how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes/Finder backup:

  • Step 1. Begin by connecting your old iPhone to the Mac or PC and access it in iTunes or Finder. On iTunes, click the device to access the "Summary" tab, while in Finder, access the "General" tab. Here, go to "Backups" and choose "Back Up Now" to create a backup for your device. Make sure to select either "This Computer" (for iTunes) or "Backup all data from your iPhone to this Mac" (for Finder).

create backup in itunes

  • Step 2. Once the backup is completed, start setting up your new iPhone. Once you reach the "Apps & Data" screen, select "Restore from Mac or PC,” and follow this guide:

For Finder/iTunes: Link your iPhone to the PC and gain access by clicking on the “Device” icon at the top left corner. This action will lead you to the "Welcome to Your New iPhone" screen, where the "Restore from this backup" option is pre-selected. Here, choose the desired backup and click "Continue" to kickstart the backup restoration process.

retore back up in itunes

Part 4. The Best Way To Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone Without Resetting

iCloud and iTunes are viable options for transferring messages, but both need an entire device reset. However, synchronization of devices is limited to those sharing the same Apple ID. Therefore, if you seek a hassle-free method, Wondershare Dr.Fone emerges as your optimal choice. It is a reliable and efficient solution that simplifies transferring data between iPhones.

With Dr.Fone, users can copy all their content from one device to another with just one click. This functionality also extends across different OS, enabling smooth transfers between iOS and Android devices. Users can move various data types, including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, etc.

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Key Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone

  1. It is compatible with the latest iOS 17 and new models of iPhone 15.
  2. This Phone Transfer tool can operate with over 8000 devices, encompassing Apple, Samsung, and an extensive array of others.
  3. Wondershare Dr.Fone facilitates the transfer of up to 15 different file types between phones.

Steps To Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone Without Backup via Dr.Fone

When using Wondershare Dr.Fone for phone-to-phone transfer, the process requires no technical expertise. Here is how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without backup using Dr.Fone:

  • Step 1. Initiating Phone Transfer Setup

Start by installing and opening Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer to begin the process. Navigate to "Toolbox" and select "Phone Transfer" to proceed. Now, connect your iOS devices and allow them to load on the following screen. In this step, designate the “Source” and “Destination” for the transfer to specify the direction of the phone transfer. If you need to switch the locations of your iOS devices, utilize the “Flip” button.

explore phone transfer

  • Step 2. Data Type Selection and Transfer Initialization

Once the source and destination are confirmed, choose the particular data types for transfer. Make sure Messages are selected, then mark all other data if you want, and click on "Start Transfer." Subsequently, a notification will prompt you to turn off the Find My feature on iOS devices.

start text messages transfer

  • Step 3. Disable Find My on iOS Device and Complete Data Transfer

Access the iOS device settings, tap on the name at the top, proceed to iCloud > Find My, and deactivate it. Once the feature is turned off, the data transfer will start, and the progress bar will indicate the completion of the transfer process. After completion, the front window displays the finished phone transfer. Press "OK" to finalize the entire process.


Pro Tip. How To View and Export Messages of iPhone on Your Computer/MacBook

Looking for a way to view and export your messages from your iPhone to your computer? If yes, Wondershare Dr.Fone has got you covered. Dr.Fone offers a robust iOS phone management tool that enables the export of data from your iOS device.

This functionality empowers you to create a backup of your iPhone messages directly onto your system. Here is how you can view and export your messages via Wondershare Dr.Fone:

  • Step 1. Access the Messages App Data

Start by establishing a link between your iOS device and the computer using a USB connection. After the device is detected, its specifics will be visible on the home screen. Proceed by selecting the “Messages” option from your device apps on the left side.

connect your iphone

  • Step 2. Export the Messages From the iPhone

Next, you can view all the messages and their attachments from your iPhone on your computer. If you want to export them, select the messages and press the "Export" button from the top. You can export the messages in Excel, CSV, or PDF format with all the details.



In conclusion, the process of transferring messages from iPhone to iPhone is crucial for maintaining communication continuity. Whether using iCloud, iTunes/Finder, or third-party solutions, each method offers advantages.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Yet, for effortless transfers without device resets, Wondershare Dr.Fone emerges as a standout choice. Its intuitive interface, selective data transfer, and message export capabilities make it an ideal solution. For effortless and efficient iPhone message handling, Dr.Fone proves to be a recommended tool.

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