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The Best Alternative to Fonepaw iPhone Data Recovery

Selena Lee

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

Your iPhone is, without any doubt, a real treasure when it comes to the data it holds. It stores all sorts of things, ranging from conversations with friends and loved ones to important contacts, photos, and videos.

What happens if, for some reason, you lose your data? Do you get over it? Do you try to recover it?

With access to the right tools, you can bring your data back. Below you can find more information on ways to recover data on iOS devices, including FonePaw iPhone data recovery. Before diving into the steps, let's see what can cause you to lose data.

fonepaw iphone data recovery

Part 1. Ways You Can Lose Data on iPhone

You can suffer data loss on your favorite iOS devices for many reasons. Your iPhone data is prone to risks, especially if you don't keep a backup copy in the cloud. Your iPhone data includes:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • iCloud Drive, Pages, Numbers, Keynote
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Safari bookmarks and Reading List

For instance, you can delete it if you decide to jailbreak your phone. Jailbreaking is a comprehensive procedure. One of the things that can go south during jailbreaking is that you can delete all your data. Some users accidentally send data to the trash when trying to make more storage room on their devices.

While stable, iOS and iPhones can still suffer a system software crash. System software crashes can result in data deletion.

Another common way to lose data on an iPhone is if it turns off due to a low battery during a critical firmware update. Other scenarios resulting in data deletion include someone stealing your device, factory resetting, upgrading or downgrading the device, virus attack, and data disappearing.

If anything of the above happened to you, don't despair. You still have a few options to get your data back.

Part 2. How to Recover Lost Data

One of the straightforward ways to recover lost data on an iPhone is to use the iCloud built-in data recovery capabilities. See, iCloud will keep deleted files from your iCloud Drive and other apps on your iPhone for over 30 days.

restoring iphone data via icloud

Open iCloud, go to the sidebar and select Recently Deleted. Click Recover All and follow up by clicking Recover. This action will help you restore your files on iCloud Drive.

You can also use iCloud to restore files deleted from other apps.

restoring icloud back to iphone

Click the More button (dotted icon) in the iCloud dashboard and select Data Recovery. Click Restore Files and choose files from the apps you want to restore. Click Restore to complete the action.

Another option is to use iTunes Backup if you have one. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Select the Summary section in the sidebar, click the Restore Backup button, and choose the most recent backup. Click Restore, and you are done.

restoring iphone backup via itunes

Besides iCloud and iTunes, you have another option. You can use data recovery software to complete iPhone data recovery. What is this software? Here's what you need to know.

Part 3. What Is Data Recovery Software?

Data Recovery Software is an application for restoring data. It packs features to help you recover deleted data on your chosen device.

Data recovery tools are often cross-platform. In other words, you can use them to restore data on multiple devices despite the operating system they use.

However, there are also platform-specific data recovery solutions. For instance, desktop data recovery tools work on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. Likewise, mobile data recovery tools will work on iOS, Android, or both.

One of the most popular mobile data recovery tools you can use on your iPhone is FonePaw. Here is what you need to know about FonePaw iPhone data recovery so you can make an informed choice.

Part 4. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

fonepaw device support

FonePaw is an iPhone data recovery platform that has been available since 2014. The company behind FonePaw specializes in data recovery, transfer, backup, and system repair.

Here is a short FonePaw review that you might find interesting, and there is no better way to start it than to do it with pros and cons.


  • FonePaw has two intelligent data recovery modes.
  • It can recover many file types, including videos, audio, images, documents, and archives.
  • It can restore data lost in many ways (accidental deletion, virus attack, system crash, and more).
  • It receives regular updates on Apple's App Store.


  • It has difficulties restoring large files.
  • There is no log data, making tracking what you've recovered challenging.
  • You can't scan for specific files.


While FonePaw is reliable when restoring deleted files on an iPhone, it lacks on the performance side. The app itself is small, but it reserves considerable system resources during the scan.

Your phone will get noticeably slower, and the chances are you won't be able to use it for anything else during the file scan and recovery process. There is a Quick Scan option, which makes the process much faster and lighter on the resources, but it only recovers recently deleted files.


FonePaw is a premium app, meaning you will have to pay to use it. You can choose from three plans: One-month, One-Year, and Single-User License.

fonepaw pricing plans


FonePaw is a safe app to use. It has been around for nine years now. Apple scanned it for viruses and malware, ensuring it contains no malicious code. It won't install any additional apps when you install it on your iPhone.

Part 5. Best FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Alternative

drfone capabilities

The good news is that FonePaw is not the only data recovery software available to iPhone users. Dr.Fone is another excellent tool you should consider if you need to recover deleted files on your smartphone. However, to make a solid FonePaw vs. Dr.Fone comparison, you need to learn more about the latter option.

Dr.Fone offers many advantages since it's a data recovery tool offering backup options, system repair, and data transfer. Also, it can help you completely recover passwords, messages, attachments, contacts, call history, and reminders on your iPhone. It seamlessly connects to your iTunes or iCloud to enable you to restore voicemail, photos, videos, apps' photos, and documents.

Part 6. How to Use Dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Using Dr.Fone to restore your iPhone data is straightforward. Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Step 1. Start Dr.Fone and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Once the Dr.Fone installation is complete, start the app on your computer and select Data Recovery. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.

drfone app dashboard

Wait a couple of seconds for Dr.Fone to detect your iPhone. Once it detects your phone, you should get the following screen.

drfone iphone data recovery

Step 2. Start the scan for lost data.

Click the Start Scan button to scan your iPhone for deleted data. Give a couple of minutes for the task to complete. You can always click Pause to pause the process if you see that the app found the data you want to restore.

drfone scanning for deleted iphone data

Step 3. Recover the lost data.

Once the scan completes, Dr.Fone will show you all the deleted data it can restore on your iPhone. Enable the Only display the deleted items option to ensure you look only at deleted items. You can use the sidebar to filter the data type categories for a more convenient way of data restoration.

Once you select all the files you want to restore, hit the Restore to Device button.

restoring deleted items with drfone on iphone

safe Downloadsafe & secure


As you can see, you have many ways to restore deleted data on your iPhone. While iCloud and iTunes are solid options, there may not be the data you need to retrieve in your latest backups. Sometimes you will have to use data recovery software.

FonePaw iPhone data recovery is a solid option. However, you should try Dr.Fone if you want a more sophisticated solution. Dr.Fone is considerably faster and offers a more detailed data recovery screen, enabling you to quickly restore only the items you wish to undelete.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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