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5 Techniques to Transfer Data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15

Alice MJ

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

It comes as no surprise that the new iPhone 15 series is turning heads and making a splash worldwide. Well, why not? These recently launched Apple devices are packed with highly advanced features that offer an unparalleled mobile experience to everyone. Among them are the USB-C port for faster charging and the improved A16 Bionic chip for smoother performance. Therefore, it’s fair to say that any model from the iPhone 15 catalog is worthy of ultimate consideration.

Switching to a brand-new smartphone requires plenty of work. You first need to set up the new device and configure your digital accounts. But with regard to data transfer and file synchronization, you don’t have to worry a lot. There are many ways you can try to quickly transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15.

In this article, we’ll talk about the essential factors involved in data migration of two devices with different operating systems. We will also provide a few tutorials on how to transfer data from Sony to iPhone 15 conveniently. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Factors to Consider When Transferring Data From Sony Xperia to iPhone

It’s probably true to say that data migration is a major procedure. It’s not just a simple file-sharing method that can be completed in no time. A lot of things are involved when data is transferred from one device to another. To help you understand it better, below is a list of factors affecting the quality and speed of data migration.

File Size

The size of files being transferred affects the process in general. This is because the device on the receiving end needs to allocate the data individually to the available space. That’s why the procedure often takes some time to complete if the volume of files is quite large. On the hand one hand, data migration gets completed in a snap if the file size is smaller.

File Type

The type of files involved in the data transfer is also a factor. Why so? The simplest explanation is that compatibility matters a lot in any form of file transfer. For instance, the procedure will likely fail if the receiver’s device does not support the data you’re trying to send. But don’t worry. There are lots of methods to transfer data from Sony to iPhone 15 if your first try doesn’t work out.

Device Storage

Device storage is definitely the first thing you should check before going ahead with the data transfer. It is important that the receiver’s device has adequate memory to accommodate the incoming files. Otherwise, the transfer will likely not push through.

Operating Systems

Migrating files between two smartphones with the same operating system is convenient. It’s because these two devices share an identical data-sharing structure. On the one hand, data migration between two smartphones with different operating systems is almost similar to the former. It’s just that the steps for the latter are quite longer. But don’t sweat it. There are many tutorials that can help you transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 conveniently.

5 Various Ways to Transfer Data From Sony Xperia to iPhone 15

Sharing files between Android and iOS smartphones has become a lot easier today than ever before. In fact, you can actually complete the entire process in just a matter of minutes. No need for any advanced intervention or external assistance. Just initiate the specific technique that perfectly matches your circumstances. With that said, listed below are the top five methods to transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15.

Method 1: Transfer contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using iCloud.

Do you need to transfer contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15? Well, you can easily do that by importing your Android contacts to iCloud. Don’t worry. The steps are very simple. Here’s how to do it quickly and easily.

  • Step 1: On your Sony Xperia smartphone, go to the Contacts app.
  • Step 2: Click Fix & Manage.

fix and manage

  • Step 3: Click Export to File.

export to file

  • Step 4: Choose the specific account that contains the contact list you want to export.
  • Step 5: Then, click Save.

save vcf

  • Step 6: Launch the Browser app on your Sony Xperia smartphone.
  • Step 7: Visit icloud.com and then log in to the iCloud account you’re currently using on your iPhone 15. From there, import the VCF file.

icloud on web

  • Step 8: Once the contact list has been imported successfully, check the Contact app on your iPhone and then find the newly uploaded contacts.

Method 2: Transfer photos from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using Google Photos.

Google Photos is not just a mere gallery application that allows users to view media files. It can also aid in the data migration between two devices since Google Photos stores the files online. Do you want to try it now? Here’s the guide on how to transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using Google Photos.

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Photos application on your Sony Xperia smartphone.
  • Step 2: Click your Profile icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

profile icon

  • Step 3: Click Back Up Now. At this point, Google Photos will back up your local photos to the Google servers.

google photos backup

  • Step 4: On your iPhone, download and install the Google Photos application. Log in to the same Gmail account you use to back up the photos on your Sony Xperia device. From there, access the media files and save them to the local storage of your iPhone 15.

Method 3: Transfer emails and calendar details from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using Gmail.

Do you use Gmail to manage your emails and organize your calendar appointments? If so, you can easily transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 by simply syncing your Gmail account. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone 15.
  • Step 2: Click Mail.

mail iphone

  • Step 3: Click Accounts. Right after, click Add Account.
  • Step 4: Select Google. From there, log in to your Gmail account.

google account

  • Step 5: Toggle on the radio button next to Mail and Calendar.

mail and calendar

  • Step 6: Check your Mail and Calendar applications. Find the Gmail data you’ve just synced.

Method 4: Transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using Move to iOS.

Move to iOS is a mobile application that automates data migration between Android to iOS devices. It’s very simple to navigate and easy to use. In fact, you can complete the entire process within a few minutes. Here’s a short guide on how to transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using Move to iOS.

  • Step 1: On your Sony Xperia, install the Move to iOS application from Google Playstore.
  • Step 2: While the application is being downloaded on your Android smartphone, start setting up your new iPhone 15. On the App & Data screen, select Move Data From Android.

move data from android

  • Step 3: Get back to your Sony Xperia smartphone and then launch the newly installed Move to iOS application.
  • Step 4: Read Apple’s Terms and Conditions. Right after, click Agree to proceed.
  • Step 5: Click Continue.

move to ios app

  • Step 6: On the Find Your Code page, click Continue to connect your Sony Xperia to your new iPhone 15.

find your code

  • Step 7: Find the unique code displayed on your iPhone 15 screen. Then, enter it into your Sony Xperia smartphone.

type in code

  • Step 8: Choose the files you want to transfer. After that, initiate the process. Wait until all the files have been transferred to your new iPhone 15.

Method 5: Transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15 using Wondershare Dr.Fone.

There’s no denying that the first four methods are all effective in this regard. But if you wish to opt for a more convenient option, Wondershare Dr.Fone can absolutely help you with that. It has a powerful data migration feature that can help you transfer data from Sony to iPhone 15. Here’s a short guide to get you started.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone from its official website. Then, install it on your computer.
  • Step 2: Launch the newly installed Wondershare Dr.Fone on your desktop. Once it fully loads up, connect your Sony Xperia and iPhone 15 using a data cable.
  • Step 3: Go to the left-side panel and then click Toolbox. Choose Phone Transfer among the provided options on the main dashboard.

wondershare drfone phone transfer

  • Step 4: Wondershare Dr.Fone will then ask you to nominate a Source and a Target from your two mobile devices. Set the Sony Xperia as the former and the iPhone 15 as the latter. Alternatively, click the Flip button to modify the direction of the transfer based on your preference.

source and target

  • Step 5: Select the specific categories of files you want to transfer. Right after, click Start Transfer to proceed.

start transfer

  • Step 6: Wait while Wondershare Dr.Fone is facilitating the transfer. If you wish to terminate the progress, simply click Cancel.

phone transfer ongoing

  • Step 7: After completing the process, click OK to wrap it up. Check your files from their respective locations afterward.

phone transfer done

How to Back Up Your Sony Xperia Before the Transfer

Data migration by means of the five methods enumerated above is considered safe and secure. However, it doesn’t mean that implementing preventive measures against data loss is no longer necessary. Backing up your device before any major procedure is still highly recommended. That’s why don’t initiate the phone transfer without backing up your files first. Below is the guide on how to back up files using Wondershare Dr.Fone.

  • Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Dr.Fone application on your computer. Then, connect your Sony Xperia using a data cable.
  • Step 2: Access the left-side panel and then click My Backup. On the main dashboard, click Back Up Now.

wondershare drfone backup

  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions for SMS backup. After that, click OK to proceed.

sms backup

  • Step 4: Wait while Wondershare Dr.Fone is backing up your files.

backup ongoing

  • Step 5: After completing the backup process, click View Backups or Open in Folder to check your files.

backup done


Data migration is the least of your concerns when switching to a new smartphone. Why so? The simplest explanation is that there are phone transfer methods to choose from. Big thanks to modern technology and digital advancements. Refer to the provided guide below if you need to transfer data from Sony Xperia to iPhone 15. One of them can help you a lot, depending on your current circumstances. Do you want a more convenient option? The phone transfer feature of Wondershare Dr.Fone is what you’re looking for. Download the application for free and take advantage of its all-in mobile solution features.

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