How To Do Samsung Screen Sharing [Easiest Methods]

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Smartphones by Samsung are rich in functionality and offer multiple benefits to users. However, do we ever wonder about using screen share in Samsung?

Whether there is a need to show unique clicks or videos on a bigger screen or want to stream amazing content on big TVs or computers, we must know how to screen share on a Samsung phone. It becomes a lot easier to cater to a big audience with big screens.

So today, let us go through a detailed guide on how to screen share in Samsung to smart TVs and computers.

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Part 1: Does Screen Sharing Use Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is not used for screen sharing as it does not have the bandwidth required to stream heavy media. Although it is commonly used for wireless data transfer, it is not suited for screen sharing. A major reason behind this is the slowness of Bluetooth, as its maximum speed for data sharing is up to 50MB/s. That makes it unreliable for screen sharing, making Wi-Fi the default choice.

Part 2: How to Share Screen From Samsung Phone to Samsung TV Using Smart View?

Samsung Smart View is a feature in Samsung devices that allows you to screen share on Samsung Smart TV. First introduced as an app, it is now an in-built feature of One UI.

When using the Smart View feature, you can share videos, photos, documents, games, and other things on your Samsung device to your Samsung TV. The Smart View app allows you to use your Samsung device as a virtual remote to control your Samsung Smart TV.

Requirements for Smart View App

The Samsung Smart View app was introduced in 2011 to allow Samsung users to share their device's screen with Samsung TVs. Although it was discontinued on 05 October 2020 and replaced with Smart Things, its existing user base was not disturbed.

If they were already using the Smart View app or downloaded it before discontinuation, they can use it as long as they don't uninstall it. These are the minimum requirements to use Smart View App on a device:

Android: It can be used on Android devices with Android OS 4.1 or above.

Samsung Smart TVs

All the Samsung Smart TVs after 2015 are compatible with Samsung Smart View. Below is the list of older Samsung TV models that offer Smart View compatibility for Samsung users:

  • 2011 LED D7000 and above, PDP D8000 and above.
  • 2012 LED ES7500 and above, PDP E8000 and above.
  • 2013 LED F4500 and above (except F9000 and above), PDP F5500 and above.
  • 2014 H4500, H5500 and above (except H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203).
  • 2015 J4500, J5500 and above (except J6203).
  • 2016 K4300, K5300 and above.

Samsung Devices with Smart View Feature

With the introduction of One UI in Samsung devices, the Smart View was added as an in-built feature. All Samsung devices launched with One UI can use the Smart View feature to share their device's screen with Samsung TV. The Samsung devices that support the Smart View feature include Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Z Series, Galaxy Note Series, Galaxy A Series, Galaxy M Series, and Galaxy F Series.

Steps for Using Smart View to Share Screen

Before explaining the steps, it is important to state that available screens and settings may change depending on your device, Smart TV, or service provider. The Smart View feature is also unavailable on all Samsung devices, and you might need to use the Smart View or Smart Things app.

Ensure that your Samsung device and Smart TV are connected to the same network, and follow these steps for screen sharing:

Step 1: After connecting your device and Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network, open the "Quick Panel" on your Samsung device. Here, press and enable "Smart View."

Step 2: Select your Samsung TV among the available devices when Smart View is enabled. Once connected, choose the content you want to share on the TV screen.

enable the smart view feature

Step 3: You can select your desired content through options like My Photos, My Videos, or My Music. When the desired content is selected, you can enjoy it on a bigger screen.

Part 3: How to Share Screen From Samsung Phones to Other Smart TVs?

If your Smart TV is of another brand instead of Samsung, it is still possible to share the Samsung devices screen with your TV. Multiple tools are available online that can be used to share your Samsung device with your TV, depending on the TV brand. You can use tools like AllShare Cast, Chromecast, or Amazon Firestick.

Like Smart View, all wireless screen share tools require your Samsung device and Smart TV to be connected to the same network. Once connected, you will need to plug the respective tool's adapter into your Smart TV, and you should be able to share your Samsung device. If your Smart TV doesn't support Miracast, you can use AllShare Cast Wireless Hub for screen sharing.

Part 4. How to Share Screen From Samsung Phone to Computer Using Dr.Fone Air?

After learning about screen sharing to TVs, it is about sharing a Samsung phone screen with a computer. There is no need to worry, as we have a perfect wireless solution.

Dr.Fone Air is a powerful online screen mirror solution allowing screen sharing in Samsung to any computer. It can quickly mirror a Samsung phone to any web browser using a Wi-Fi connection only. Further, it is easy to download Wondershare Dr.Fone Air from its official website.

Key Features of Dr.Fone Air

  • It provides great cross-platform support for screen sharing and casting. You can easily share screens from Android or iOS to Windows or Mac.
  • You don't need to give any unnecessary permissions when using Dr.Fone Air. It also doesn't require Bluetooth or NFC for screen sharing.
  • Your data during screen sharing remain protected as it doesn't require downloading or uploading your content.

Steps of Using Dr.Fone Air for Screen Sharing

Sharing your Samsung phone screen with your Samsung TV using Dr.Fone Air is a simple and quick process. Your Samsung device and Samsung TV needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once they are connected, follow these steps for screen sharing:

  1. Downloading and launching Dr.Fone Air: The first step is to download and launch Dr.Fone Air from the official website. The next step is to connect the Samsung phone and computer with the same Wi-Fi connection.

launching drfone air

  1. Using QR or Cast code: The second step is to use the QR or Cast code as shown on the screen of the browser.

using qr or cast code

  1. Mirroring Samsung phone to computer: The Samsung phone will be automatically mirrored to the computer on successful scanning or code entering.

mirroring samsung phone to computer


Hope everything is clear to our readers about the different methods to share the screen in Samsung. The detailed steps for screen sharing on Samsung phones to Samsung TVs and other Smart TVs make it easy for users to optimize the benefits of the big screen.

Make sure to check out is using Dr.Fone Air for sharing screens from Samsung phones to computers directly. It is a reliable, secure, and quick method to wirelessly mirror any mobile phone screen to any web browser.

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