Methods to check the unlock status of a phone


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You must be wondering how you can check if your phone is unlocked. Or do you want to unlock your phone for any reason? But how can you tell if a phone is unlocked or locked? We will tell you methods in this guide by which you can check if your phone is locked to a particular carrier or another one.

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If you want a SIM card from another carrier on your phone, make sure it's unlocked. Once unlocked, you can use the phone however you want. You're stuck with the original network provider until then.

How Can You Check If Your Phone Is Unlocked?

Getting to know if your phone is unlocked or not is different for iOS and android. We will discuss methods for both devices.

If you bought your device, whether on a two-year contract or a monthly payment plan, it is locked to that carrier, even if it has the potential to be compatible with other networks. Because you signed a contract with that carrier, you must stick with them until the contract expires or the payment plan is completed. After this, you can use it with your preferred carrier.

How to Check If Your iPhone Is Unlocked?

If you purchased an Apple device directly, you could buy a model with a pre-selected carrier or have the phone outright of no carrier affiliation. If you select the second option, your device is unlocked and ready to use with any SIM card and carrier.

But to be sure whether your iPhone is unlocked or unlocked, follow the steps below:

  1. For iOS 14 and above, go to Settings and scroll down to General and click About.

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  1. Check the Carrier Lock. If it indicates "No SIM Restrictions", then it's unlocked.
  2. You can also turn off your phone, insert a new SIM card (for your new carrier) into the SIM tray on the side of the iPhone, and then turn it back on. If the new sim works, then your iPhone is unlocked.

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How to Ensure That Your Android Phone Is Unlocked?

Unfortunately, unlike newer iPhones, Android does not have a setting to check SIM restrictions, but that doesn't mean you cannot know if your android phone is locked or unlocked.

Follow the steps below to know the unlock status of your android phone:

  1. Go to Settings on your android phone and click on Connections, Network & Internet
  2. Select Mobile network, Cellular network, or another variation depending on the brand and model.
  3. If necessary, select Advanced and then Choose Network. To open the list of carriers, automatically select network or another variant.
  4. If multiple carriers appear, it is likely that your phone is unlocked and only requires the appropriate SIM card.
  5. Remove your phone's old SIM card and replace it with the newly activated one from the other carrier. Use mobile data to browse the internet, but make sure Wi-Fi is turned off.
  6. If you can browse the internet successfully, your phone is undoubtedly unlocked.

How to Unlock Your Phone?

Have you tried the above methods and found that your phone is locked? Now you want to unlock your phone?

There are many methods to unlock your phone, but we will discuss here only safe and easy-to-follow methods.

1. Contact your carrier for unlock code

You can contact your carrier for an unlock code once you are out of their contract or if your phone was locked by mistake. Depending on the status of your contract, your carrier may send you an unlock code. You can then use this code to unlock the carrier lock of your phone. This method works for both android and iPhone equally.

2. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (only for iOS)

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If you have a contract iPhone or purchased a used iPhone with monthly pay contracts or SIM Only plans, you may wonder how to unlock your iPhone to switch carriers. Do not worry; we have the perfect solution for your problem. Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock for iPhone helps you in unlocking the carrier lock. You can use your iPhone on any carrier by this method. Dr.Fone-Screen unlock is the safe and easiest method to unlock your iPhone.

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To unlock your iPhone, follow the guide below:

    • Open Dr.Fone on your computer and from the tools to select "Screen Unlock" >"Remove SIM Locked"

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    • You don’t have to hesitate on this page. Click “Start” to deal with your SIM lock issue.

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    • Dr.Fone will display some details about your device on the “Quickly remove SIM locks” page. If everything is fine, you can unlock it now.

verify your device

Don’t panic; this step won’t set you an obstacle. The jailbreak guide and its video will show how easy to jailbreak your iPhone.

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    • Without jailbreak, you cannot finish these manipulations below.

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    • This time you do everything right, Dr.Fone take its professional role to remove SIM lock for you. And this step won’t be time-consuming.

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  • You have finally completed the requirements to unlock your iPhone.

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1. Why do carriers lock my phone?

Carriers lock phones to keep customers from switching to another provider before their contract expires. Cell phones are expensive, with prices reaching thousands of dollars. Many manufacturers and carriers, however, offer contracts with payment plans, allowing interested buyers to pay off their phones over time. During the contract period, you will be bound to stay with the carrier you signed.

2. How to check Sim card compatibility?

You can find out if your phone is compatible with the carrier by looking up the model of the phone and the carrier's spec sheet. You can also perform a compatibility check using your IMEI or MEID. T-Mobile: Enter your IMEI number (GSM) to see if your phone is compatible.

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