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5 Easy Tips for Unlocked Google Pixel


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Pixel phones are powerful, durable, and cheaper than the best phone devices on the market. However, they are not free of problems, as nothing in this world is perfect. Once you lock the phone and forget the password, it can be a painful experience. Therefore you need to get your Google Pixel unlocked.

When locked, you cannot access any of your data. Suppose you have a meeting scheduled through your phone; you will need to miss it. Also, what if you have a picture of your educational document inside your device and you need it currently? You won't have access to it until you have unlocked Google Pixel.

Therefore, we have come up with the following guide to help you. After reading this, you will be able to unlock your device easily. After following our tips, you can put your hands on anything you need from your phone.

Part 1: 5 Easy Tips for Unlocked Google Pixel

1. By Answering Google Security Questions

Google account has a feature to ask you security questions while making an account. So if you forget your password, you may enter those answers to unlock it. Therefore, using this method, you will need to answer the questions like you did while making your account. The steps below will tell how you can do so:

Step 1: After attempting a few faulty screen locks, your Pixel screen will show a Forgot Pattern or Password choice.

Step 2: Click the Forgot Password > Answer Questions to start answering like you did while making your account.

Step 3: Answer each question correctly. It lets Google know who is logging in to the account.

Step 4: You will automatically get your Google Pixel unlocked after answering the questions correctly.

Step 5: Create a new strong, memorable passcode for your phone after unlocking it.

answer questions

2. By Gmail Account

Using your Google account to unlock a Pixel phone is the simplest way. It is a famous technique and works almost every time. So, try this method out by following the steps given below to have your Google phone unlocked:

  • After many wrong password attempts on your Pixel, you will get a Forgot Pattern choice. You can also get a Forgot PIN/Password option.

open with google account

  • Click this option and enter your Gmail ID entering to open it. Try using the account that was previously logged into your phone.
  • After logging in, your Pixel phone will open without requiring a password.

3. Factory Reset

A factory reset is the last choice, but an unwanted one. It can get your Google phone unlocked; however, it will completely erase your Pixel phone. But most importantly, it always works so that you can rely upon it. However, be sure to have your files backed up before performing this method. Go through the steps below to bring your Pixel phone to factory settings:

  • Turn off your Pixel phone.
  • Press the "Power + Volume (+) buttons to turn it back on. Keep pressing these buttons until a Pixel logo appears on your screen.
  • Click "Yes" to proceed, and erase your phone data.

4. Use Screen Unlock


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If the above methods didn't work for you, you could always count on a professional unlocking tool. Wondershare Dr.Fone tool is one such software to manage your Android needs. It offers an easy solution for unlocking Pixel phones. It may be helpful for the ones who forget their lock screen password or can't apply alternate ways of unlocking their Pixel phone. Many people surrender since they couldn't recall their lock screen password. However, you can start using your Google phone again with Dr.Fone. The following method will help you unlock your Pixel device:

Step 1. Connect your Pixel Phone

Open Dr.Fone on your system and tap the "Screen Unlock" option. Connect your Pixel phone to the PC and click the "Unlock Android Screen" on the program.

android screen unlock

Step 2. Select Phone Model

To download the right recovery package for your Pixel phone, select the correct phone model at this stage.

without data loss

Step 3. Access Download Mode

  • Power off your Pixel phone.
  • Press the Home button, Power button, and Volume Down button simultaneously and hold them.
  • Tap the Volume Up to enter Download Mode.

download mode

Step 4. Download Recovery Package

After you get your gadget into the download mode, it will download the recovery package automatically.

recover device

Step 5. Remove Pixel Lock Screen Without Losing Data

After the download finishes, click the "Remove Now" option. Once finished, you can open your Pixel phone gadget without a passcode.

remove lock

safe Downloadsafe & secure

5. Seek Professional Help

Lastly, you can contact a professional service provider. You can get your Google phone unlocked with unlock codes or other software changes proposed to you by your expert. A few service providers might need you to bring the phone. Others will unlock your gadget remotely.

Bonus Tip: Unlock a SIM-locked Pixel

If you purchased a Pixel from a mobile service supplier, it might be SIM-locked for as long as 2 years. Assuming this is the case, the Pixel can get mobile service from that supplier until they remove the lock or the agreement closes.

If you might want to eliminate the SIM lock on your Pixel during the warranty period, you can contact your supplier. They may find a solution to make any SIM usable on your Pixel

Part 2: How to avoid Pixel can't be unlocked?

It is always good to take measures before a problem arises. So to keep your phone from getting locked, always try to keep your password, pattern, or pin in mind. You can try keeping it secured in Notes or some folder in Google Drive. Also, be sure not to give your Pixel to someone else. They may try the wrong password, leading to the permanent locking of your phone. Besides that, a broken Pixel screen or fingerprint scanner can also bring about this issue. Therefore, take great care of your Pixel phone.

The Bottom Line

This article explains the best tips you can take to unlock a locked Google Pixel phone. All the methods mentioned in this article are easy to perform and can effectively unlock your phone. However, the best method is using the Wondershare Dr.Fone Unlock tool. It can help you unlock your Google Pixel without any hassle.

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