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Should I Switch From iPhone To Google Pixel?

Alice MJ

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Seeing some people making a switch from iPhone to Google Pixel is probably driving you to do the same. At the same time, you have a feeling that whether it’s going to bad or wrong decision. If so, then you have to the right place. In this post, we’re going to discuss one of the best camera phones, Google Pixel to help you decide if it’s really worth making the switch from your iPhone to Pixel. Along with that, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to switch iPhone to Google Pixel 2.

Part 1: What Is The Google Pixel?

An Android smartphone launched by Google in 2016, Google Pixel was designed to replace the Nexus. Similar to Nexus, the Pixel operates a “stock version” of Android, which means that it gets updates as soon as they’re released. Other Android smartphones sometimes delay updates for weeks or even months. The Google Pixel comes with free unlimited photo storage on Google Photos. Additionally, Google Photos for the Pixel doesn’t compromise the photo quality in order to save room. Well, there is much more to explore about Google Pixel.

Key Specifications-

  • OS- Android 7.1 and upgradable to Android 10.
  • Internal Memory - 32GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM
  • Main Camera - 12.3 MP & Selfie Camera - 8 MP.
  • Premium design with fingerprint sensors
  • Headphone Jack & USB Type -C
  • Larger and crisper display

Let’s first have a quick look at all versions of it:

  • Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL- Launched in 2016, these come with a circular icon theme and offers free unlimited full-quality photo storage.
  • Google Pixel 2 & Google Pixel 2XL -The 2nd generation Google Pixel was launched in 2017. The XL version contains very slim bezels, like iPhone X smartphones. It even facilitates a far better camera in comparison to its competitors.
  • Google Pixel 3 & Google Pixel 3 XL - Launched in 2018, Google Pixel 3 followed the trends of the first two phones. Enhancements to the display, screen, and camera were made and other improvements as well. The Pixel 3 XL even has entails a top notch, like iPhone X. However, you have the choice to remove the notch by disabling the display at the top. It also comes with a wireless charging feature.
  • Google Pixel 3a & Google Pixel 3a XL - They are less expensive versions of the 3 and 3 XL. The notable differences are 3a entails a single selfie camera, whereas 3 has a dual selfie camera.
  • Google Pixel 4 & Google Pixel 4 XL - Launched in 2019, the fourth generation drastically enhanced face unlock. A 3rd rear-facing camera was introduced to the device. On the phone’s front, the notch was substituted by a standard top bezel.

Considering key specifications and features, it is definitely worth switching from iPhone to Pixel, especially if it has been a long time you’re using an Apple device.

Part 2: Notice That You Should Know Before Switching from iPhone To Google Pixel

Before you switch iPhone to Pixel 2, there are certain things to consider or you need to do, so let’s have a look at them-

1- Disable iMessage

When messaging other iPhones from your iDevice, they’ll communicate through iMessage when you connect to the internet. That’s different from usual SMS texting. And if you leave iMessage switched on your iPhone, many of your messages will be routed via that service. If you’re on a new Google Pixel smartphone, you won’t get any of those texts. Thus, you need to turn off iMessage before you make that switch. While you’re here, disable FaceTime.


2- You Might Need to Buy Your Apps Again

Have you pay-front apps on your iDevice that you paid for? If so, then you’ll probably need to purchase them again from the Google Play Store if you want those apps on your Google Pixel phone as well. The App Store and Google Play Store are entirely different entities and the housed apps are designed for different platforms. Some apps you had on your iDevice may not even be accessible for your Google Pixel device and vice-versa. However, if you’ve subscribed to a service such as Spotify, you just have to get the app and sign in to your new Android device and that’s it.

3- Re-Sync Your Crucial Data

If you have all of your calendar events, contacts, documents, and photos synced with iCloud and all is on your iPhone, you’ll probably need to re-sync all on your Google Pixel device. Android’s cloud version is housed in Google apps such as Gmail, Contacts, Docs, Drive, etc. When you set up your Google Pixel, you’ll create and set up a Google account. From this point, you can sync some of the iCloud content with the Google account, thus you won’t need to re-enter lots of info.

4- Back up Photos to Transfer them from iPhone to Google Pixel with Ease

The easiest way to transfer your pictures from your iPhone to Google Pixel is to use the Google Photos app for iPhone. Log in with your Google account, click the backup and sync option from the menu, and then, get Google Photos on your Google Pixel and log in.


Part 3: How Many Data Can I Email To Google Pixel?

Thinking about transferring data from iPhone to Google Pixel by Email? Well, it is the best option only if you want to transfer small size files and not much data. And yes, there is a limit to how many or much data can you email to your new Google Pixel device.

The email size limit is 20 MB for some platforms and 25 megabytes for others. For instance, if you want to send a video from iPhone to your new Google Pixel device, then the video should be less than 15 or 20 seconds long to share it via email.

Part 4: One Stop Solutions to Switch Data From iPhone To Google Pixel:

If you want a one-stop solution to transfer data iPhone to Google Pixel, then you need to rely on a powerful phone to phone data transfer software like Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. With its assistance, you can transfer contacts both in cloud account and phone memory along with videos, photos, text messages, etc from iPhone to Google Pixel in just one-click.

To help you learn how to use Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer program for switching iPhone to Google Pixel 3, below is the simple guide-

Step 1: Get the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer on your computer and then run it. Then, choose the “Phone Transfer” option.

home page

Step 2: After that, connect both of your devices to the computer and let the software detect them. And ensure that iPhone is selected as a source and Google Pixel as destination and select the files you want to transfer.


Step 3: Finally, hit the “Start Transfer” button to begin the transfer and that’s it.

And if you ever want to get back to your iPhone, then you would probably wonder how to switch from Pixel to iPhone. In that case, all you need is a phone to phone data transfer app like Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer to make the switch successful with all the data you need on your new device.

The Bottom Line:

So, you now got an answer to the question - should I switch from iPhone to Google Pixel. If you decide to make a switch to Google Pixel, then use the phone to phone data transfer software like Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer to make your switch easier and quicker. With this software assistance, you can have all of your important data on your new Android phone in just one click and without going through much hassle.

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