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All About Factory Reset: What Is It and What It Does to Your Phone?

Sep 26, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

I bought a new phone and want to sell my old Google Pixel 3, so I need to clear my data off it. Can someone guide me on how to factory reset the Pixel 3 so I can sell it?

As we all know, force restart and even factory reset can resolve many problems on our phones. Sometimes when you want to sell your old phone, you need to factory reset it to clear your data off it. Also, if there is some issue like a screen lock, you can factory reset it to unlock your phone. But do you know how to do a factory reset Pixel 3 correctly?

Therefore, we have gathered all that you need to know about a factory reset. After going through this article, you can factory reset Google Pixel phones. So, keep following to resolve your Pixel issues.

Part 1: What is Pixel Factory Reset?

Principles of Pixel Factory Reset

Before you reset your Pixel phone, you must ensure your data is all backed up someplace. It can be either on another device or transferred to the cloud. While changing your phone, you can exchange data from your old Pixel without much stretch. If you own a Google Pixel, a large portion of your data is put away securely in servers.

One way or another, you must twofold check these things before a factory reset:

  • Google ID
  • Contacts
  • Pictures Gallery
  • Passwords
  • Music

Steps to Start Pixel Factory Reset

Now is the right time to factory reset Pixel when you have everything backed up. The following steps will help you factory reset your Google Pixel:

  • On your Pixel, head into the settings application. Look over right down and search for System and click it. Look down and search for Reset options.

reset options

  • Go to System and tap the "Erase all data" option.


erase all data

  • Note: After tapping this, the following page will allow you to see what will be cleaned from the device. Make sure everything is covered in your backup.
  • Pick whether you need to delete any downloaded SIMs and tap Erase all data.

factory reset

  • You might need to enter your password to complete the reset.

Differences Between Hard Reset and Factory Reset

A factory reset deletes everything from your Pixel device. You might utilize a factory reset when your phone could have a virus or when it is seriously breaking down. A factory reset returns your Pixel to its factory settings, driving you to set it up again as a new phone.

A hard reset is a basic rebooting of your cell phone. It doesn't influence the data on your Pixel. You might utilize a hard reset when your Pixel is acting slow. However, it is different from a standard reboot of your Pixel.

Part 2: What can Pixel Factory Reset do?

A factory reset deletes every user information, application, related application data, and settings on your pixel phone. It is like hard drive reformatting in a PC. However, a factory reset fixes different hardware and software-related issues. It also unlocks your phone in case you forget your lock screen password, or you need to factory reset Google Pixel before selling it to protect your privacy.

Part 3: 2 Easy Ways to improve your Pixel Factory Reset

1. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser

You can use Dr.Fone Data Eraser to reset your Pixel phone within minutes. Whether you need to sell your old Pixel or want to make it look like a new one, you can delete its files with Dr.Fone - Data Eraser. All private data and downloads are taken out. Moreover, you can delete your Pixel even if its software is corrupted. Additionally, you can erase specific documents on your Pixel also. The other Pixel data and settings will be protected in this case. So, here is the Wondershare Dr.Fone step-by-step guide to doing so:

safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Launch the Wondershare Dr.Fone software and click the "Data Eraser" from the main window.

data eraser

  • Connect your Pixel and PC using a connector. Please make sure that USB Debugging is on in your Pixel.

connect your device

  • The software will automatically read your Pixel phone and start to erase your files. Click "Erase All Data."

erase all data

  • Type in "000000" to affirm your activity and continue.

type to confirm

  • Then, at that point, Dr.Fone will ask you to click the Factory Reset option on your Pixel. You can also select "Erase All Data" to reset your Pixel.

erased successfully

2. Dr.Fone - Phone Backup

As we mentioned before, we recommend you back up your files before a factory reset. You can use Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android) to back up data without any hassle and data loss. With this tool, backing up your Pixel has never been simpler. The program makes it simple to back up your Pixel data to the PC and recover supporting data for your Android gadget. Now let's find out how you can back up and upload your Pixel files.

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
    • Open Dr.Fone Phone Backup on your PC, and select the "Phone Backup" option.

    phone backup

    • Connect your Pixel and PC through a USB connector. However, make sure to permit USB Debugging on your Pixel.

    connect your device

    • Click "Backup" to begin the backup of Pixel data.
    • After the connection, select the File types you need to upload. Of course, Dr.Fone has checked all the document types for you. Then click on backup to begin the process. It will require a short time. Kindly don't detach your Pixel nor use it during the backup.

    choose file types

    • After the backup is finished, you can tap on the "View the Backup" button to see what's in the document.

    backup complete

    The Bottom Line

    Factory resetting is not ideal for some problems, but sometimes it becomes the only possible solution. So, if you have your phone stuck or want to sell your old phone, you need to factory reset Google Pixel. But make sure to back up your phone before going for a reset. You can back up your files before a factory reset using Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android).

    safe Downloadsafe & secure

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