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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)
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Unlock Vivo Phone Password If Forgot Pattern [100% Working]


Apr 22, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Are you looking for ways to unlock your Vivo password unlock code? This article has many solutions to consider. Like other Android phones, Vivo allows you to prevent unauthorized access by entering a PIN, password, or pattern to the lock screen. You can also set the Vivo fingerprint lock. But what happens if you forget your Vivo PIN or password? Or, your relative can gift you their Vivo phone but forget to remove their PIN or fingerprint lock. Don't fret because this article walks you through easy steps to unlock the Vivo password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.

Part 1: Disable Vivo Lock with Google Account

Do you remember the password of the Google Account linked to your Vivo phone? You can easily unlock your Vivo smartphone using the Google Account. But with so many passwords to remember these days, the chances are that you might have forgotten it. But don't worry because the next section will show you how to unlock the Vivo phone if forgot the pattern without Google Account.

Meanwhile, let's learn to unlock the Vivo phone with Google Account:

  • Step 1. Restart your Vivo phone and enter the wrong password several times.
  • Step 2. After several attempts, you see a "Forgot Pattern" button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Click it.
  • Step 3. On the next screen, enter your Google Account credentials (username and password).
  • Step 4. Tap the Sign In button.
  • Step 5. Lastly, create a new Vivo phone password.

Part 2: Disable Vivo Lock with a Professional Tool [Recommended]

As you can see, using Google Account to unlock your Vivo phone screen is quick and easy. But as said earlier, many people tend to forget their Google email address or password. If that happens to you, I recommend using a third-party desktop program like Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android).

This simple-to-use program lets you unlock the Vivo password unlock code, pattern, and fingerprints. Also, this program works with almost all Vivo phone models and other Android phone brands like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, and more.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

The Best Unlock Helper to Unlock Vivo Phone Password without Password.

  • Completely unlinked from the previous Google account, it won’t be traced or blocked by it anymore.
  • Remove all Android screen locks (PIN/pattern/fingerprints/face ID) in minutes.
  • Almost all Samsung phones and tablets are supported (Currently for Android 6-13).
  • Provide specific removal solutions to promise good success rate.
Available on: Windows Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

Below are the steps for Vivo Y20 pattern unlock on PC with Dr.Fone:

Step 1. Install and run Dr.Fone on your computer, then connect your phone to the PC using a USB wire.

select scren unlock

Step 2. Next up, click Screen Unlock on Dr.Fone to launch this feature. Then, click Android and tap Unlock Android Screen.

wa stickers

Step 3. Now select the device brand. Besides Vivo, Dr.Fone is also compatible with Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, and more.

wa stickers

Step 4. Follow the instructions to wipe cache partition.

wa stickers

Step 5. Lastly, Dr.Fone unlock your Vivo phone password successfully.

wa stickers

Bonus Tip: Use Dr.Fone to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on your Samsung phone. It works with Android 6.0 or newer.
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Part 3: Disable Vivo Lock with Find My Device

Another way you can unlock your locked Vivo device is using Google's Find My Device feature. It is a feature that allows you to locate and secure your device in case of its misplacement. Your device needs to have an active internet connection for this method to work. Moreover, using this method erases all data on your device. Use the following steps to unlock your Vivo via Find My Device:

Step 1: Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera and visit the Find My Device website. Following this, log in using the Google account associated with your locked Vivo device.

Step 2: Now, from the left side of the window, click “Erase Device.” You will need to enter your Google account password for confirmation. Once the device erasing procedure is complete, your Vivo will unlock.

tap on erase device option

Part 4. Disable Vivo lock with a Vivo Password Unlock Code

Using your PC to unlock a Vivo phone's PIN, password, or pattern is undoubtedly the most reliable way to do that if you can't remember your Google Account password or pattern. But sometimes, you may not have a PC to install Dr.Fone. In that case, you can unlock your smartphone using a backup PIN. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Launch your Vivo phone and enter the wrong password multiple times. Do this until you see the "try after 30 seconds" message.
  • Step 2. Tap the Backup PIN button on the next screen.
  • Step 3. Now enter the backup PIN and then tap Ok to proceed.
  • Step 4. You can now access your locked Vivo phone and set a new password.

Part 5: Disable Vivo Lock with Emergency Call (Android 5.0 to 5.1.1)

If the Android device you are using is running on Android OS 5.0 to Android OS 5.1.1, you can use the emergency call trick. It is a security vulnerability that exists for these specific Android OS versions. Even then, it is not 100% guaranteed that this trick will work. Following are the steps to use the emergency call option to unlock your Vivo device:

Step 1: On the locked screen, access the “Emergency Call” option and type in 10 asterisks. Now copy the ten asterisks and paste them until there is no space left.

Step 2: Return to the lock screen and open “Camera.” Access the control panel by swiping from top to bottom and selecting "Settings.” Here, in the password field, paste the ten asterisks until the screen is unlocked.

use the emergency call method

Part 6: Disable Vivo Lock with ADB Commands

If no method has worked so far in unlocking your Vivo device, you can try using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands to unlock your Vivo device. This method requires you to have technical knowledge and a computer with ADB tools installed to work. Here is how to disable Vivo lock with the help of ADB commands:

Step 1: Start by connecting your locked Vivo device to the computer and launching Command Prompt as Administrator. Here, run the “abd devices” command. Your device will be listed if ABD recognizes it.

Step 2: Now run the following commands to unlock your Vivo device:

“adb shell

rm /data/system/gesture.key”

Step 3: Once the commands are executed, reboot your Vivo device. It will reboot with the lock screen temporarily disappearing. You should set a new lock screen before further rebooting of your device.

Part 7. Disable Vivo lock with the Factory Reset Method

Sometimes, the solution to all the problems bedeviling your phone is hard resetting it. In other words, you'll clear the entire phone's memory and give it a fresh start as if it were a brand-new phone. But before you use this method, you can back up important information like contacts and messages. Then, you'll reinstall your previously used apps from the Play Store.

Without wasting time, below are the Vivo Y11 pattern unlock steps by Factory Resetting it:

Step 1. First, long-press the Power button and tap Power Off to switch off your phone.

Step 2. Long-press the Volume Up + Power button concurrently to enter the Recovery Mode. Use the Volume Down button to navigate to the Recovery Mode button and then tap the Power button to select it.

Step 3. Click the Clear Data button and then tap Clear all data before tapping Ok to confirm.

Step 4. Now you may be asked to draw your pattern before the system wipes all data from your phone. And after the process is complete, tap Return, then navigate back to Restart your device.

Note: Although the steps are the same on all Vivo smartphone brands, you may do some things differently. For example, in the Vivo Y91 pattern unlock method, you'll choose Wipe Data instead of Clear Data. It's basically the same thing.

Final Words

See, there's no need to panic if you don't have your Vivo phone password, pattern, or PIN. The methods above should sort you out pretty quality. But if you don't have your Google Account password or pattern, you may fail to unlock or hard reset it. So, use Dr.Fone to bypass your phone's screen unlock security without any restrictions.

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