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Easy Guide How To Bypass Vivo FRP Android 10/11/12/13


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Security measures have become increasingly robust nowadays to protect user data. One such security feature is Factory Reset Protection (FRP). This feature is designed to prevent unauthorized access to a device after a factory reset. FRP serves its purpose of safeguarding personal information. At times it can pose a challenge for users who find themselves locked out of their own devices.

This tutorial will guide you through a step-by-step Vivo FRP bypass Android 10, 11, 12, and 13 processes. By following these instructions carefully, you'll regain access to your Vivo smartphone even if you've forgotten the associated Google account credentials.

Part 1: Basic Understanding of FRP

Before going after Vivo FRP bypassing Android 12, it is important to understand what FRP is. Knowing what it is and how it works will help you bypass this lock. Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a powerful security feature developed and implemented by Google for all Android smartphone companies. It works on Android devices starting from Android 5.1 Lollipop and above.

what is vivo frp

Working of FRP

The primary purpose of FRP is to prevent unauthorized access to a device after it has been factory reset. It acts as a safeguard against theft or misuse of personal data. Moreover, FRP ensures only the original owner can access the device data and applications. When FRP is enabled on an Android, it becomes tied to the Google account that was previously used on the device.

After a factory reset, the device will need the user to enter the Google account credentials. It is the same account associated with the device. This prevents someone who doesn't know the account details from gaining access to the device.

Significance of FRP

FRP plays a crucial role in protecting personal data stored on Android devices. It acts as a strong deterrent against unauthorized access. This ensures that the data remains inaccessible even if a device falls into the wrong hands. This security measure is particularly important in cases of device theft or loss. It helps prevent sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

By implementing FRP, Google aims to enhance the overall security of Android devices. This also greatly helps in protecting user privacy. It adds an additional layer of protection for your device. FRP makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to bypass the device's security measures.

Part 2. Preparing for FRP Bypass

It is crucial to make sure you're prepared before you go after the Vivo FRP bypass the Android 13. This section will guide you through the essential steps to ensure a successful bypass process. Following these measures will reduce the chances of encountering any obstacles. So, let's get started by taking care of a few key aspects before proceeding with the FRP bypass.

Ensuring Device Compatibility

First, verify that your Vivo smartphone is running one of the supported Android versions, specifically Android 11, 12, or 13. This tutorial is specifically tailored to these versions. Attempting to bypass FRP on incompatible devices may lead to unexpected results. Confirming device compatibility will ensure that the provided instructions are relevant. It will also ensure the given instructions are applicable to your specific situation.

Backup Important Data

Backing up data can be possible even in this case; however, you should not have factory reset your Vivo before backing up your data. This is because the FRP lock gets enabled after factory resetting the device. While using your Vivo with a Google account logged in, you will have to take the services of a third-party tool.

Wondershare Dr.Fone – Phone Backup turns out to be an assistance in this case. The service can be utilized to back up all necessary data before the FRP lock is removed from the Vivo.

Charging the Device Adequately

Ensure that your phone has enough charge to avoid any complications during the FRP bypass process. It is recommended to charge your Vivo device to at least 50%. The ideal way is to connect it to a power source during the procedure. This will prevent any unexpected shutdowns that could potentially disrupt the bypass process.

Connecting to Stable Internet

A stable and reliable internet connection is crucial for a successful FRP bypass. Ensure your phone is connected to a secure Wi-Fi network or stable cellular data connection. A strong internet connection is required to download necessary files or tools during the FRP bypass process. By ensuring a stable connection, you'll avoid potential delays or complications.

Part 3. Method 1: Using Official Google Account

The FRP lock on your Vivo smartphone is directly linked to your Google account. The reason you find yourself in this situation is due to the inability to recall your Google account password. However, there is a solution — by recovering your Google account, you can successfully bypass the FRP lock.

This process will only work if you at least remember the Gmail ID. Follow the straightforward steps provided below to reset your Google account password:

  • Step 1: Access the Google Sign-in page on your computer using a web browser. Enter your Google account email address. When asked for the password to add, proceed with the "Forget Password" option.

tap on forgot password

  • Step 2: To verify your identity, utilize the phone number or recovery email associated with your Google account. You will receive a verification code on the phone number or recovery email. Once received, enter the code provided.

add the verification code

  • Step 3: After completing the verification process, you can create a new password for your Google account. Take note that it may take approximately 24 hours for Google to synchronize the new password across all your devices. Once the new password has been synced, you can sign into your Google account on your Vivo smartphone, successfully bypassing the FRP lock.

login into google account

Part 4. Method 2: Using FRP Bypass Tools

One way to Vivo Y20 FRP bypass Android 12 is to use a specialized FRP bypass tool. Among the various tools available, we highly recommend using Wondershare Dr.Fone. It is a reputable and reliable tool for FRP bypass on Android devices from all major brands. These include over 15 brands with 2000+ Android devices where Dr.Fone can do its magic.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone is trusted by users worldwide for its effectiveness in bypassing FRP locks. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Dr.Fone simplifies the bypassing process. Its compatibility with Android 10, 11, or 12 Vivo devices makes it an ideal choice. Following are the detailed steps to Vivo FRP bypass the Android 11 process:

  • Step 1: Navigate To Remove Google FRP Lock in Wondershare Dr.Fone

Install the latest Wondershare Dr.Fone phone toolkit from the official website on your computer and launch it. Now move the “Toolbox” tab and go for “Screen Unlock”. As Vivo is an Android brand, on the next screen, click "Android". Among the various available option for screen unlocking, choose “Remove Google FRP Lock”.

lchoose remove google frp

  • Step 2: Choose Vivo As the Brand

The next step is to choose the targeted phone brand, which in this case is “Vivo”. After selecting the brand, click “Start”. It will begin the process of downloading the related driver for Vivo FRP bypassing.

select the vivo option

  • Step 3: Complete the Vivo FRP Bypassing Process

After downloading the driver, move to your Vivo smartphone and turn it off. Connect the turned-off device to the computer while pressing both volume keys for at least 3 seconds. It will kickstart the Vivo FRP bypassing process, which will take a few minutes.

removing the google frp

Safe downloadsafe & secure

Part 5. Method 3: Contacting Vivo Support

In specific scenarios, all methods at hand can be unsuccessful in Vivo FRP bypassing Android 12. Here contacting Vivo Support can be a viable option to bypass FRP on your Vivo smartphone. This section will discuss when it is appropriate to consider contacting Vivo Support. Moreover, it will discuss the available support channels and the steps to follow when seeking their help.

contact vivo customer support

When to Consider Contacting Vivo Support

You may consider contacting Vivo Support in the following situations:

  1. If you have exhausted all other methods and cannot bypass FRP on your Vivo device.
  2. If you need specialized help or guidance from Vivo's technical team.
  3. If you encounter any difficulties or issues during the FRP bypass process. Now you need expert help to resolve them.

Available Options for Vivo Support Channels

Vivo offers various support channels to cater to the needs of its users. These channels typically include:

  1. Official Vivo Website: Visit the official Vivo website and navigate to the support section. Here, you can access resources such as FAQs, user manuals, and troubleshooting guides.
  2. Customer Support Hotline: Contact the Vivo customer support hotline to speak with a representative. They will be able to provide guidance and help over the phone.
  3. Email Support: Send an email to Vivo's support team detailing your issue and request for help. They will respond to your inquiry accordingly.
  4. Live Chat: Vivo websites offer a live chat feature where you can interact with a support agent in real time.

Steps To Follow When Seeking Help From Vivo Support

When contacting Vivo Support for FRP bypass help, follow these general steps:

  1. Prepare Necessary Details: Before reaching out, gather essential information about your device. These include the model number, IMEI, and a brief description of the FRP bypass issue you are facing.
  2. Choose a Support Channel: Select the most convenient support channel based on your preferences. It can be the hotline, email, or live chat.
  3. Provide Accurate Information: Clearly describe your situation, including the steps you have already taken. You should also mention the methods you have attempted to bypass FRP.
  4. Follow the Instructions: Listen carefully to the guidance provided by the Vivo Support representative. Moreover, follow the instructions provided via email or live chat.
  5. Provide the Required Information or Documents: If requested by Vivo Support, provide any necessary information or documents. You will need such documents to prove your ownership of the device.

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Part 6. Troubleshooting and Tips

You may encounter certain issues or errors during the FRP bypass process on your Vivo device. This section will address some common problems that users may face and provide ways to help you resolve them:

Common Issues and Their Solutions

Before we lead into an assessment of the tips that one can follow to avoid issues with their Vivo FRP bypass process, it is necessary to guide users with the problems involving the process. However, along with the issues, all the required solutions are associated with them.

1. Faulty USB Connection

 During the bypass process, your computer may fail to detect your Vivo device when connected via USB.

Solution: Ensure your Vivo device is properly connected to your computer via a USB cable. Moreover, try using a different laptop port or USB cable but confirm it is original to fix any connection-related issues.

2. Device Compatibility Issue

The FRP bypass tool you are using may not be compatible with your specific Vivo device model or Android version.

Solution: Confirm that the FRP bypass tool you are using supports your Vivo device model and the specific Android version installed on your device. Consider trying an alternative tool if compatibility issues persist.

3. Retry Bypass Methods

The bypass method you have chosen may not be successful in bypassing FRP on your device.

Solution: Attempt the process again by following the instructions meticulously. Double-check that you have entered the correct information and followed each step accurately.

4. Network Connectivity Problems

Instability in your internet can cause issues with the downloading or verification process. As a result, your attempt to bypass FRP fails.

Solution: Ensure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection to avoid interruptions during the FRP bypass. If not, try switching to a different network, such as taking a mobile hotspot from your family member or friend. You can also reset your network settings if connectivity issues persist.

General Tips for a Successful FRP Bypass Process

To increase the likelihood of a successful FRP bypass on your Vivo device, consider the following general tips:

1. Research and Understand the Method

Familiarize yourself with the Viva Y20 FRP bypass Android 12 method you intend to use. Read tutorials, watch videos, and gather information. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the instructions involved for your selected methods to perform successfully.

2. Ensure Device Compatibility

Verify that the FRP bypass method or tool you plan to use is compatible with your specific Vivo device. It should be compatible with the model and the Android version it is running. Using incompatible methods can lead to errors and unsuccessful bypass attempts.

3. Follow the Instructions Carefully

Pay close attention to each step of the Vivo FRP bypass Android 13 process. Follow the instructions precisely. At times even a minor mistake can hinder the success of the bypass.

4. Stable Internet Connection

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection throughout the FRP bypass process. A stable connection is necessary for downloading required files or using online FRP bypass tools.

5. Seek Professional Help If Needed

If you encounter difficulties during the FRP bypass process, consider seeking professional help. You can seek help from authorized service centers or contact Vivo Support. They can provide guidance and help troubleshoot any issues you may face.


To conclude, we have explored various methods and tools to assist you in Vivo FRP bypassing Android 12. Throughout the journey, one tool has stood out as a reliable solution: Wondershare Dr.Fone. Regarding FRP bypass, Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) has proven to be a top choice for Vivo devices. It is compatible with a range of Vivo models and Android versions.

This makes Dr.Fone an excellent option for a hassle-free bypass experience. Dr.Fone provides step-by-step instructions for the FRP bypass process. It ensures that you are guided through each stage of the bypass procedure.

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