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How to Hard Reset Your Vivo Y11: Complete Guide


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

When you have a Vivo y11 phone, it is generally very efficient. But if you think your phone is getting slower and hangs frequently, it may mean that it has some issues. Then, it is time to hard reset Vivo y11. Also, you should do a Vivo y11 hard reset if you are selling your phone or if you want to bypass the screen lock.

How to do Vivo y11 hard reset without a password? You have many options to solve this issue, e.g., using a Gmail account, Google find my device, and Vivo y11 hard reset tools. The most recommended tool is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) if you want to hard reset Vivo because you have forgotten the screen lock password, PIN, or pattern. Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) is recommended if you want to hard reset your phone for performance issues.

Part1: 4 Best ways to hard reset your Vivo Y11

It is always a best practice to make some arrangements beforehand. Similarly, if you keep an updated phone backup and configure your Google account on your phone, then you are in a better position to solve your issues. The best ways to hard reset the Vivo y11 phone are Google security questions, Gmail account, and Google Find my device. Let us see each of these methods in detail.

Answer Google security questions

If you want to hard reset the Y11 phone to bypass screen locks, you can first try using this option. If you have already set up a Google security question, then use it to reset your screen locks. How it works, let us see.

  1. After entering a wrong PIN code a few times, you will find the "Forgot password" button at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button to start recovering your phone.
  2. Choose the "Answer question" option and fill in the answers to questions. These are the same questions and answers that you set up earlier.

unlock vivo by answering questions

  1. When you answer the questions correctly, your phone is unlocked.

Use Gmail account

Again, when your phone is configured with a Gmail account, you can use it to reset your screen lock. So, how can you use a Gmail account to bypass your screen lock? Here is how it works.

  1. When you enter the wrong password a few times, you will find a Forgot Pattern/Password option on the screen.

unlock using google account details

  1. Click on this Forgot Pattern/Password option. Click on the Enter Google account details option in the next step. Now, fill in your username and password.
  2. After signing in, configure a new password, pattern, or PIN that you will use for screen locking your phone.

Google Find My Device (data loss)

Google Find my device is another tool for Vivo y11 hard reset. The outstanding feature of this tool is that it can be used remotely. So, if your phone is stolen or you suspect illegal handling of your phone, then you can use Google Find my device. Let us see how it works for hard reset Vivo y11.

  1. In your web browser, access the google.com/android website. Sign in with your Google credentials.
  2. Choose your Vivo phone from the "All Devices" list, and click the Erase Device option.
  3. Choose Erase All Data>Erase and confirm. Vivo y11 hard reset is complete.

vivo unlock find my device

Part2: Good tool to help you during a hard reset

As we discussed, you can hard reset Vivo y11 for frequently hanging phones, full memory, and system issues. Otherwise, you may also want to hard reset your phone to bypass your screen lock.

Dr.Fone has a complete suite of applications aimed at mobile phone application solutions and troubleshooting. A reliable tool that you can use for Vivo y11 hard reset without a password is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock. Let us discuss this program and its functionality in detail.

Use Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlocks a sophisticated application coming from the house of Wondershare company. They have a complete suite of products that provide many solutions for your iPhone and Android phones. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock is an application that bypasses screen locks, i.e., passwords, PIN, patterns, and face IDs. Let us see how it works.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

Factory Reset Vivo y11 Without Password

  • Unlock your Vivo y11 quickly and securely
  • Easily remove passwords and screen locks of all types
  • Enjoy a streamlined experience with no technical background required
  • Feel confident with solutions backed by a high success rate
Available on: Windows Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

  1. After downloading and installing Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock application on your computer, connect your Vivo phone to the computer.
  2. Select "Screen Unlock" from the main menu. Choose "Unlock Android Screen" on the program.

drfone home

  1. Choose Vivo from the Android phone brands.

drfone choose brand

  1. Now, go into download mode by following these steps. Turn off your Vivo phone. Press the Volume Down + Home button + Power button together and hold till you see the menu. Use the Volume Up button to choose Download Mode.

drfone start recovery

  1. When the downloading of the recovery package of the Vivo unlock tool is complete, move to the next step. Click the "Remove Now" button. Then you have successfully bypassed screen locking on your phone instead of Vivo y11 hard reset.

drfone remove now

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part3: FAQs

1. What can hard reset do?

A hard reset is also called a factory reset and master reset. This process restores the device to the basic configuration and clear memory as configured in the factory. Since the phone memory is cleared, all settings, apps, contact, pictures, and data are lost.

2. How can I safely keep my password?

Digital devices have gradually taken over all lives. We have our photos, memories, financial information, and data stored there. So, it is critical to keep these devices safe with passwords and locks and keep your passwords secure. You can use browser password managers and password manager applications. Also, choose a stronger password that is relatable and easily remembered. Another step to keep your phone secure is to enable remote tracking.


There are some situations where there is no other solution other than Vivo y11 hard reset. It can solve the issues of screen lock bypass, phone performance issues, and also memory problems. We have discussed various tools and methods for Vivo y11 hard reset. However, if you want to complete Vivo y11 hard reset without a password, then your best bet is Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android) for its ease of use, efficiency, and reliability.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
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