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3 Best Tools to Hard Reset Vivo Y20


Aug 31, 2022 • Filed to: Fix Android Mobile Problems • Proven solutions

Smartphones have become a must-have gadget in our lives. We need them to support us in work, schedules, keeping contacts, sharing data, and our banking information. Since they are so important, the questions related to them are also critical and must be solved as soon as possible. So, today we are going to discuss and solve the problem of how to Vivo Y20 hard reset without a password.

Before dealing with the possible solutions and tools, let us get some background knowledge in the following section.

Part 1: Some Common Causes we need to hard reset our Vivo Y20

Hard resetting is usually not easy because it means erasing all your phone data and coming out with a clean phone. Unless you follow a minimalist lifestyle inspired by Marie Kondo, it's a tough deal. So what may be the reasons for Vivo Y20 hard reset?

The battery drains too fast.

It is frustrating when you are between some work, and your phone turns off because of battery drain. If this is not a physical battery problem, then any setting or too many applications may cause your battery to eat up quickly. When you hard reset your Vivo Y20 phone, there is a high chance of solving this problem.

Constant crashes

Frequent restarts, hanging up of phone, and crashed phone systems are the most common causes why you may want to hard reset your Vivo Y20. Usually, there are system glitches, wrong memory configuration, or unwanted applications behind these crashes and a hard reset has the potential to solve this.

Virus attack

When you suspect your phone is affected by a virus attack, your best bet is to reset your Vivo Y20 hard because pinpointing the actual malware or virus file is tricky.

Part 2: What can we do to hard reset Vivo Y20 without a password?

You can try to hard reset your Vivo Y20 using different methods depending on the primary cause of the issue. Google has introduced different methods to bypass screen locks in case of a forgotten password. However, it would help if you had the proper configuration of your account in the phone before locking it. Let us review these methods and how to use them for vivo y20 hard reset without a password.

Google Find My Device (data loss)

Google Find my device can hard reset your Vivo y20 phone if you already have configured your device in your Google account. Since it can work remotely, you can use it even if you do not hold your phone. Let us see how it works for hard reset Vivo y20.

  1. Navigate to the google.com/android website. Sign in with your Google credentials.
  2. Choose your Vivo from the "All Devices" list, and click the Erase Device option.
  3. Click Erase All Data>Erase and confirm. That's it; Vivo y20 hard reset is complete.

vivo unlock find my device

Gmail account

If you have configured your phone with a Gmail account, then your Gmail account supports recovering from screen lock. Here is how it works.

  1. Enter the wrong password a few times, and then you can see a Forgot Pattern/Password option on the screen.

unlock using google account details

  1. Choose Forgot Pattern/Password option and enter your Google account credentials to start the process.
  2. When you are done signing in, bypass your screen lock is complete, and you can configure a new password, pattern, or PIN.

Answer security questions

Another way is to use a Google account to bypass your screen lock on the phone. How does it work? Let us show you the step-by-step process.

  1. If you enter the wrong password a few times, you will see a "Forgot password" button at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button.
  2. Click on the "Answer question" option and answer the pre-configured questions to unlock your phone.

unlock vivo by answering questions

  1. When you answer the questions correctly, your phone is unlocked.

Part 3: The best tool to fix your problem

If you have not configured your phone earlier with a Google account and have not taken preventive measures, then, unfortunately, you cannot use the above methods. Then how are you going to reset your Vivo y20 phone hard? We recommend using the Dr. Fone product suite to solve the issues leading to the decision of the Vivo y20 hard reset. The main product you may use is Dr.Fone - Phone backup. Let us review them one by one.

Dr.Fone - Phone Backup

Precaution is better than cure. Hence having a phone backup that can be restored quickly is a great way to handle tough decisions like Vivo Y20 hard reset. Dr.Fone - Phone Backup is a simple utility with full features to facilitate periodic phone data backup for security. In the case of any Vivo Y20 hard reset or factory reset, a fully functional backup ensures little or no data loss.

Let us review how Dr.Fone - Phone Backup works.

  1. Connect your Vivo Y20 phone to the computer

Start Dr. Fone's software on your computer, and choose "Phone Backup" from the function list.

drfone home

Connect your Vivo phone to the computer using a USB cable. Enable USB debugging mode on the phone. If you see any warning, carefully read and accept.

backup and restore

Click the Backup button to start the backup process of Vivo Y20 phone data. You can also see your previous backups by clicking "View backup history."

  1. Select file types to back up that you want to restore in case of a Vivo Y20 hard reset. Dr.Fone checks all file types by default; you can choose your required file types.


Keep your phone connected to the computer till your phone backup is complete.

backing up device

When the backup is complete, your latest backup will show in the list of previous backups.

completed backup

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part 4: Restore the backup to your Android phone

When you have an updated phone backup, you can restore it right after the Vivo Y20 hard reset. It is a simple process shown as follows.

1. Connect your Vivo Y20 phone to the computer

Start Dr. Fone's software on your computer and select "Phone Backup" from the main menu. Using a USB cable, connect your Vivo phone to the computer.

choose device

2. Select the backup file you want to restore after a hard reset of the Vivo Y20.

Click the Restore button to see all available backups with details. Select the required file.

choose files

3. Preview and restore the backup file to Vivo Y20 hard reset phone

Preview the selected file and confirm. Click on Restore it to your Android phone.

restoring device

Keep your phone connected to the computer till the process is complete.

data restored

The Bottom Line

Smartphones are a critical part of our personal and professional lives now. Keeping them updated, backed up, and fully functional is essential. If your phone has issues or you have forgotten your password, Vivo Y20 hard reset is a reliable solution. However, it results in the wiping of data. On the other hand, you can use robust software like Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock to solve your phone's performance or locking issues without data loss.

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