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4 Quick Methods to Bypass Vivo Y20 FRP


Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Google Factory Reset Protection, a.k.a FRP, is developed by Google for all Android phones. It adds an extra layer of security to your phone and the data on it. It is aimed at making it difficult for the illegal holder of your phone to factory reset your phone and remove tracking information. Then why do we need to discuss the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass?

Though the protection is meant for you, sometimes you may forget the password and want your Vivo Y20 FRP removed. Also, if you bought a used phone and the previous user has set up FRP with her password, you need to bypass it.

Part 1: In what cases does the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass works?

How and why should I bypass Vivo y20FRP? Let us look at the valid reasons.

1. Buy a locked second-hand Vivo.

When you buy a second-hand phone, ideally, the previous user must format and hard reset the Vivo phone to remove all locks and password requirements. However, if it doesn't happen, you cannot use some options on your phone and configure security because of FRP. Here, your savior is the option of the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass.

2. Forget Google account ID and password.

Even if you have locked your Vivo phone yourself, you are stuck when you forget your Google username and password. So, you can only recover your phone using the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass.

3. The person with a Vivo from his company no longer works for it

Some employees also receive official phones from their company which they have to return when they leave the company. Now, it becomes a horror story for the new employee if he gets the same phone locked with the previous user's ID.

Part 2: 4 quick methods to bypass Vivo Y20 FRP

Ok, now this is established that there are certain situations when you need to conduct a Vivo Y20 FRP bypass. So how do you do the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass?

Retrieve your Google account from another device

If your phone is locked with a Google account whose password you do not know or have forgotten, then you can use this method to Vivo Y20 FRP bypass. In this method, you can try to retrieve your Google account from another device. It is a simple step-by-step process tha can be completed from a PC or another mobile device.

If you have forgot the email address but remember the password, then follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Google's Find My Email page in your browser.

When you can't remember the email address that was configured, go to the Find My Email page and start account recovery process.

  1. Enter your recovery email or phone number

On the next screen, provide a recovery email or phone number and click Next.

google retrieval

  1. Provide your first and last name

Enter your first and last name in the given form and click Next.

  1. Verification code

Google will send a verification code to the setup recovery email or phone number, click Send.

  1. Verification code entry

Check your email inbox or phone messages depending on the recovery method and find the verification code. Enter it in the given form. If it is correct, you can go to the next final step.

  1. Choose an account

From the list of accounts showing on the screen, select the account you want to recover.

  1. Enter your password

Enter the password in the text box and you are done.

If you remember the email but not the password, then the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass method will go like this.

  1. Google's Account Recovery page

Navigate to the Account Recovery page from the browser on your PC or other mobile devices.

  1. Enter your email address

Fill in the form with your Google account and click Next.

google retrieval

  1. Enter the last password you remember

The next form will ask you to enter the last password you remember and that worked

Now, you will receive a message to your registered device, to verify it's you. Open it and click , Yes, it is me.

Now, wait for six hours for Google to verify it's you and then they will send a password reset link to your email.

Now, what if you can't remember your last password, then use the next method.

  1. Click on "Try another way"

try another way

Now Google will send a message to your phone to verify it's you. On your phone, open the message and click Yes, it's me.

After verification, Google will send you a password reset link after six hours.

If your phone is not registered in your Google account then, try the next method.

  1. Click on "Try another way" again

try another way

If your phone is enabled to check for the code, click Try another way again.

Google will then ask you to send a verification code to your registered phone number. Click Send.

Find the code from your messages, enter it, and click Next.

Now again, you will wait for six hours till Google sends the password reset link to your email.

Use FRP Bypass APK

FRP bypass APK is another tool you can use to Vivo Y20 FRP bypass easily. Let us see how it works step by step.

  • Download FRP Bypass APK for Vivo y20 FRP bypass android 11.
  • Once it's downloaded, open the File Manager using the Open Files app
  • Find the suitable Apk and click on it
  • Install & open the APK.
  • Open the browser on your phone.
  • Launch any of these two below URL.
  • Go to the FRP bypass APK >FRP APPS section
  • Open Settings leading to the device Settings>System Settings> Backup & Reset >Reset Phone
  • Now click on Reset System Settings Only, and confirm Reset System Settings Only.
  • Select Erase All data and confirm.
  • Your device will be rebooted.
  • Wait till the factory reset process completes.

Now, reboot your device and set it up according to your requirements.

Deactivate FRP

Another way to come around Vivo Y20 FRP bypass is to deactivate FRP. Let us follow the step-by-step process.

  1. Launch the "Settings" app and scroll to the Apps.
  2. Click on the "Manage apps" (applications) and then the "All" tab.
  3. Open "Google App."
  4. Click on the "Clear cache" to remove the Google account cache.

deactivate frp

  1. Also, clear all data to erase data stored.
  2. Click the "Back" button, and go to "Gmail."
  3. Click on the "Clear cache" and "Clear data."

clear data

  1. In the device Settings menu and click "Data synchronization." When your device asks you to enter your Google account, enter your new Gmail account.

You have successfully completed the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass process.

Bypass with SideSync

You can use SideSync to share the screen and data between your computer and mobile phone. How can we use this for FRP bypass?

  1. Download the SideSync from the official site and install the SideSync application on your computer.


  1. Connect your phone and computer to the Google account verification screen.
  2. Now plug in the first end of your OTG adapter with your phone and connect another end to the flash drive with APK.
  3. Your phone will launch the file explorer automatically, showing the root directory of the flash drive.
  4. Now click on the APK file.
  5. Click Settings and allow to install from Unknown sources, and click OK.
  6. After installation, open SideSync.
  7. Disconnect the OTG cable from your Samsung phone.
  8. Now access the Settings menu and go to the Backup & reset option and conduct a factory reset.

The Bottom Line

FRP is a great feature to add security to Android phones. However, sometimes it is necessary to bypass it to fully use your phone. When you are stuck with an FRP lock, it is a frustrating situation, especially when you want to factory reset your phone. We have described various methods so that you choose the best solution according to your requirements for the Vivo Y20 FRP bypass.

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