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How to Search, Hide and Block Facebook Messages on Android

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

Facebook is a popular social media network and Facebook messenger app is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Market. Yet, how often have you fumbled using messages on Facebook? There is no need to use Whatsapp to message all your friends; a Facebook Messenger app can be enough to be in touch with all your friends and loved ones.

The Messenger app offers a separate place to send and receive message over Facebook, thus making easier for user to manage the Facebook messages. There three important things that a user likes to do on Facebook Messenger is to search, hide and block Facebook messages. These are important factors to use the messenger efficiently and safely. Search helps user to find important message or conversation quickly, hiding messages helps to maintain privacy and blocking helps in keeping the spam messages away. In this article, a guide will help you to easily search, hide and block Facebook messages on Android.

Part 1. How to Search Facebook Messenger Messages on Android??

This is the most important feature of Facebook Messenger used by the user. With time, the messages are accumulated and the contacts grow. Scrolling up and down to find conversation or message takes some time. Being in internet age, users like to things with simple tap or swipe. For hence there is good search feature offered by the google which is available on both apps on Facebook Messenger as well as on Facebook app. Following guide will help you find the conversations and messages easily.

Step 1. When you launch the Facebook Messenger, it will display all conversation history. In order search a particular message or conversion go to magnifying icon on the top right of the screen and tap on it.

search facebook messages

Step 2. After taping it takes you to screen where you can enter the text. Enter either the name of the user with whom you had conversation or just enter keyword to find specific messages. Just type and enter.

Step 3. Search for people and groups

Step4. It will take only few seconds with the result. In case, you want to search from the Facebook app. Just go the message menu by tapping on main menu on the left. Facebook Messenger like screen appears where you can search on the top search widget.

search facebook messages on android-go to facebook messages

Part 2: How to Hide Facebook Messenger Messages on Android?

In case you want to maintain the privacy, if your Android phone is also accessed by someone else then you can hide a message by archiving them. It is easy to archive any conversation. Remember, it will not delete the message but it will be stored safely in archives of you Facebook profile. You can access it again by un-achieving. Here is complete step to archive the messages in order to hide them from you Facebook Messages.

Step 1. Just open the Facebook Messenger and go through the messages you want hide. Just scroll through to the conversation you need to hide.

Step 2. Once you have chosen the conversation that you want to hide, do a long touch and a new options pop up comes up. It includes archive, delete, mark as spam, mute notification and many more. All you have to do is tap on Archive.

hide facebook messages on android-

By archiving, that conversation will be removed from the list and you will be able still receive the message from the user or vice versa but it won’t show on your Facebook Messenger on Android that it will remain hidden. Even if anyone accesses your Facebook Messenger, it won’t be there.

However, in you want unhide it, just go to the archived list and un-archive it. The old conversations related to that user will return to its original place.

Part 3: How to Block Facebook Messenger Messages on Android?

Blocking is important thing in case you want block someone who is spammer or the person you do not like. There is two way you can mark him as spam. Though you will receive the messages but they will not come into your inbox, hence do never appear in Facebook Messenger. Here is how you can spam the message.

Step 1. Launch the Facebook messenger and scroll through the conversation you want to block.

Step 2. Just perform a long touch, which pops up a new widget. This widget includes options like archive, mark as spam and more. Just tap on Mark as spam, it will be removed from you messenger.

block facebook messages on android

Another way that is effective in blocking the spammer itself from contacting you. But the option is not available from Facebook Messenger. You will have either use Facebook app on Android or visit the Facebook site using browser. Following is the guide to block the user:

Step 1. Launch the Facebook app or website, from the menu goes to Account setting, and tap on it.

block facebook messages on android-account settings

Step 2. You will be directed to page with few more options. Just tap on Blocking.

block facebook messages on android-tap on Blocking

Step 3. On next screen, enter the username or email address of the user to block.

block facebook messages on android-enter the username

Once you hit block, user will be added to your block list and user will not be able to message you. However, if you wish to unblock it just remove him from the list by performing 1& 2 steps from the above.

Above mentioned steps are easy to perform, giving you a good control over the message you receive on your Facebook Messenger on your Android device. You can easily search, hide and block Facebook messages on Android. There is no need to use other Messenger apps if you’ve the Facebook Messenger app with you.

James Davis

James Davis

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