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Top 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on iOS

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

To retrieve deleted Facebook messages, you need to know Facebook itself thoroughly, which provides a couple of ways to help you well manage deleted Facebook messages. If you have not archived the FB chats, you need to download them online by selecting a timeframe. If you have filed the messages, you will have no problem getting them back because they have merely been hidden in another part of your system's memory.

Deleting messages by mistake from Facebook Messenger can seem like a disaster because FB does not have a recovery option. Relax! This article will show you how to recover deleted messages in messenger quickly and easily!

Part 1. How to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages

People are looking to find a recovery tool to recover deleted Facebook Messages. But different from social apps like WhatsApp, Line, Kik, and WeChat, Messenger messages are held online on the official server of Facebook instead of on your iPhone device disk. This makes it impossible for all data recovery tools in the industry to get back your deleted Facebook messages.

But the GOOD NEWS is that we can download Facebook historical messages from its server simply by selecting a timeframe. It is a popular way to get back deleted Facebook Messenger messages. Here is how:

    1. Log in to your Facebook account using a web browser. In the upper right corner, click the arrow to expand the menu and select "Settings" right above "Log out."
      facebook login
    2. Click "Your Facebook Information" and select the second one, "Download Your Information."
      download fb info
    3. Among all the listed Facebook data types, find the "Messages" one that reads "Messages you've exchanged with other people on Messenger." This is the one you want.
      select messages to download
    4. Keep other options checked if you like, or mark only the "Messages" checkbox. Select a timeframe where your lost Facebook messages are in, select a file format, and click "Create File."
    5. Wait a while for the downloadable file to be ready.
      preparing facebook messages
    6. Then you can download and check your Facebook messages is-deleted.
      get back deleted facebook messages

Now you have known how to retrieve deleted messages on messenger. At the 2nd Bonus Tip, I will show you how to archive messages in iOS and then how to retrieve them.

Part 2: How to archive Facebook messages on iOS

Rather than deleting messages you no longer want, you can archive them. The great thing about filing is that you can retrieve archived messages at any time.

Here's how you archive your Facebook Messenger messages on an Apple device:

  • • Tap the "Facebook Messenger" application to open it
  • • Select the "Messages" tab.
  • • Locate the message or conversation you want to archive.
  • • Tap on the word or conversation to select it.
  • • Tap "Archive" to send the message into the archives and delete it from your list of messages.

archive facebook messages on ios

As you have seen, archiving messages on Facebook Messenger for Apple devices is super easy. And you can find them quickly and retrieve them whenever you want.

Part 3: How to recover archived messages on Facebook Messenger

Provided you archived a message rather than deleting it, it will be in your archives.

You can find particular archived messages by typing your contact's name in the search feature or by going to the whole archive itself. To search the archives:

    • • Under the "Messages" tab, tap "More."
    • • Select "Archived."

scan the deleted facebook message on ios

    • • Now, search for the name of the contact that you had a conversation with.
    • • Tap the title to open the "Actions" tab.

recover deleted facebook message

  • • Tap "Unarchive."

Job did the messages of that conversation will appear once again in your Facebook Messenger list.

As you can see, archiving messages and retrieving them from the archives is a piece of the pie. So why not make a habit of archiving messages rather than deleting them?

The Bottom Line

There you have it. In this article, you have learned how to retrieve deleted Facebook messages easily. If you also want to recover your photos, messages, or other data on your phone, you can click this to learn more about it! You have also found out how easy it is to archive messages and retrieve them later.

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