2 Solutions to Hard Reset Android Phone Using PC

Find here 2 easy ways to hard reset Android using ADK or Android Device Manager from your PC. Also, do not forget to backup Android to PC before starting.

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There are several cases when someone wants to know about how to hard reset an Android phone using PC. Such cases usually arise when your device is not accessible or stolen. It also involves situations when you forget the password or the unlock pattern of your device, or maybe your phone has frozen and is non-responsive. In such situations, it is very important to know how to reset Android phones to factory settings from the computer.

Factory reset will delete all your user data from internal storage. Thus it is also very important to backup all your internal data of the device before you factory reset Android via PC. Moreover, a hard reset should be your last option at hand to revive your Android device. Hence, in this article for all the users out there, we have picked up the solution on how to hard reset Android Phone using PC.

You must ensure that all the steps are followed in sync so that the factory reset Android via PC is successful.

Part 1: Backup Android before hard reset

Since factory reset involves removing all data, adjusted settings and logged accounts from the device; therefore, it is very important to back up all the data before moving on with the factory reset process. So, in this section, we will show you how to first backup your Android device using the Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android). This is an easy-to-use and very convenient Android backup software that can be used to back up an Android device.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android)

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Let’s have a look at the easy process to backup Android before the factory reset it.

Step 1: After installation completes, connect your Android device via data cable and go to Phone Backup. Then, this tool will automatically detect your device.

launcn Dr.Fone

Step 2: Click on “Backup” from all the other options provided.

click on backup

Step 3: You can now manually select the files you want to take backup or else to continue with the default selection of all the file types. The choice is yours.

select the files

Step 4: Click on “Backup” again to proceed with the process, and within a few minutes, your whole device will be backed up. Also, you will be notified with a confirmation message.

Click on “backup” again

Dr.Fone - Backup & Restore (Android) is the handiest and easy-to-use toolkit. Users can select their opted files manually. Also, users can restore the backup by their selection. This tool supports 8000+ Android devices worldwide. Users will feel safe and secure using this revolutionary tool kit.

Part 2: Hard reset Android using ADK

In this process, we will learn how to hard reset Android phone to factory settings from a computer using ADK. This involves removing all data from the device using a PC.

Follow the given steps to know how to hard reset an Android phone using PC.


• PC that runs on Windows( Linux/Mac installer is also available)

download android studio

• You have to download Android ADB tools on your computer.

Android ADB Download: http://developers.android.com/sdk/index.html

• A USB Cable to connect your device with your computer.

Steps to hard reset Android using ADK

usb debugging

• Step 1:Enable the USB Debugging in the android settings.Open Settings>Developer options>USB Debugging. If developer options can’t be found on the device, then please go to Settings>General>About phone>Common>Software info (tap on it 5-8 times).

android sdk manager

Step 2:install Android SDK Tools

Ensure that Platform-tools and USB drivers are selected in the SDK manager window

Step 3:Ensure that the drivers for your Android are installed in your PC or at least the Generic drivers are present

Step 4:Connect the device with the PC using a USB cable. Ensure that the device is recognized in the Windows Device Manager.

Step 5:Open command prompt in windows and go to

cd C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

Step 6: Type ADB reboot recovery and the device will restart. The recovery menu must appear after this

Step 7:The device can be disconnected now. Now, you can remove the password or simply Factory Reset the device.

Now, you have successfully reset your device using a PC.

Although the first process is the easiest, in certain cases, you might have to look for the other options too. Kindly follow the steps thoroughly and format your device with ease.

Part 3: Hard reset Android using Android Device Manager

When someone loses their phone, or it is stolen, the two questions that commonly arise are: how to locate the phone? And if it is not possible, How to remotely wipe the phone’s data? People can use the Android Device Manager and do the exact two things. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t need to be installed as it is inbuilt on all Android Devices.

Let us look at the following steps to know how to reset Android phones to factory settings from the computer.

Requirements for Android Device Manager to Work:

• It must be activated in the device administrator settings. Go to settings>Security>Device administrators and check whether ADM is enabled as a device administrator or not.

• The location of the device must be ON

• The device must be signed in to a Google account

• The device must have an active internet connection

• The device should not be switched off

• Even if the device is without SIM, the Google account must be active

Steps to use ADM to wipe or locate any Android Device:

Method 1: Using Google search terms

Using Google search terms

Step 1: Directly go to the Android Device Manager website, or you can use Google to launch ADM. Use the search terms “find my phone” or similar terms to get ADM as a widget.

Step 2: if you used the search term then, you will get quick buttons like “RING” or “RECOVER” the device. If you think that your device is nearby, then click on “RING”.

find your phone

Step 3: Similarly when the user clicks on “RECOVER”, they get four options, but they aren’t allowed to reset the device in this option

Method 2: Using Android Device Manager

Using Android Device Manager

Step 1: Go to the website, log in to your account. You will get two options: “Ring” and “Enable Lock & Erase”

Step 2: Clicking on the RING option will make it raise the alarm, notifying of the location

Step 3: if you want your data to be accessed by someone else, then select “Enable Lock & Erase”. Moving on with this option, the user has to choose whether they want a “Password lock” or they want to “Completely wipe the data”.

Step 4: Select “Completely Wipe the Data” to reset your device. Once the user selects this option, the interface will take over and complete the job. Congratulations! You have successfully used the Android Device Manager (ADM) to reset your Android smartphone.

The Bottom Line

So these were two different methods through which you can hard reset your Android device. Resetting the device involves removing every data from the device. The phone gets back to the same state as it was out of the box. Hence, most importantly, do not forget to backup data using Dr.Fone - Data Backup (Android) and restore beforehand so that you do not end up losing anything important.

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