Detailed Guide to Downloading and Using Samsung Odin

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Samsung owned Odin software is one of the useful utility software that is used to flash a custom recovery/firmware image over the Samsung smartphones. Odin is also handy in installing firmware and future updates on your Galaxy smartphone. Moreover, it can easily help in restoring the device back to its factor settings (if needed). Although, it is available in the internet as third-party application but it garners full support from the Android development community and runs under Samsung’s flagship.

Part 1. Odin download? How?

Like any other third party application, Odin can also be downloaded in your PC easily. However, using it without any in-depth knowledge may fail to work smoothly. So, ensure to keep some preparations beforehand and optimally use Odin afterwards.

  • Maintaining Phone backup: By flashing phone, you can certainly be losing out your data. Backing up phone’s contents is a better exercise to do.
  • Only use Latest version: Time and again, Odin is updated. It is better to use the latest version to use all the functions easily. Or else, you may end up with errors that may even brick your device.
  • Ensuring your phone is not running out of battery.
  • Make sure that USB debugging is enabled or else the device wouldn’t be detected.
  • Always make use of an authentic USB data cable to establish connection between your device and computer.
  • Also, this is quite trivial but yes, you must ensure that the hardware configuration of your PC is compatible with what Odin requires.
  • Another important requirement is to install Samsung USB drivers beforehand.

Here are some of the authenticated sources useful in downloading Odin:

  1. Odin Download:
  2. Samsung Odin: i
  3. Skyneel:

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to download Odin flash tool-

  1. Just download Odin from the authenticate source. Run the application and extract “Odin” over your PC.
  2. go to SMS to export text messages
  3. Now, open “Odin3”application and firmly connect your device with PC using a genuine USB cable.

Part 2. How to use Odin to flash firmware

In this section, we will learn how to use Odin for performing flash firmware.

  1. Download Samsung USB driver and Stock ROM (compatible with your device) on your system. If the file appears in the zip folder, extract it to PC.
  2. Head on to turn off your Android phone and boot phone in downloaded mode. Use the steps below-
    • Manage to hold “Volume Down”, “Home” and “Power” keys together.
    • If you sense your phone getting vibrated, lose fingers from “Power” key but hold the “Volume Down” and “Home” keys.
    samsung downlod mode
  3. The “Warning Yellow Triangle” will appear, ensure to hold “Volume Up” keys for continuing further.
  4. key combination
  5. As mentioned in the aforementioned “Odin Download? How” section, download and run Odin.
  6. Odin will try to recognize the device and “Added” message will be seen over the left panel.
  7. Once it automatically detects the device, tap on “AP” or “PDA” button to load the stock firmware “.md5” file.
  8. flash stock firmware
  9. Now press “Start” button to flash your Samsung phone. If “Green Pass Message” appears on the screen, treat it as a hint to remove USB cable and your device will get restarted.
  10. use odin
  11. The Samsung phone will stuck in the boot loop. Enable Stock Recovery mode by using the below steps:
    • Hold the key combinations of “Volume up”, “Home” and “Power” together.
    • Once you feel phone vibrated, lose fingers from “Power” key but hold “Volume up” and “Home” key.
  12. From the Recovery Mode, tap on “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option. Do restart your device when the cache is brushed off.
  13. wipe data from samsung

That’s about it, your device has now been upgraded to the latest version.

Part 3. Much easier alternative to Odin to flash Samsung firmware

With Odin, you need to overload your brain with the age-long steps. This software is clearly for those who have the knack of technology or for the well-sound developers. But, for a common person, a simple and easy-to-go flashing tool is needed. So, we would to introduce you with Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) to ease out the operations. One of the best tool that duly takes care of updating Samsung firmware efficiently and effortlessly. Moreover, It uses strong encryption and advanced fraud protection to keep the data safe.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

Best alternative to Odin to flash Samsung firmware and fix system issues

  • It is the first ever tool to fix several Android OS issues like black screen of death, stuck in boot loop or app crashes.
  • Shares compatibility with all kinds of Samsung devices and models.
  • Imbibed with 1-click technology to resolve several Android OS issues.
  • Simple and user-friendly functionalities and interface.
  • Avail 24X7 hours help from Dr.Fone - System Repair dedicated technical team.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Tutorial to use the Odin alternative to flash Samsung firmware

Here is the comprehensive guide on how to use Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) to update Samsung software.

Step 1 – Load Dr.Fone - System Repair on your PC

Begin with, downloading Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) on your PC and install it over. In the meantime, use a genuine USB cable for connecting your PC with the desired Samsung phone.

odin alternative to flash samsung

Step 2 – Opt for the correct mode

Once the program loads, simply tap on “System Repair” option. This will head on to a different window from where, tap on “Android Repair” button appearing on the left panel. The, hit “Start” button to proceed. 

odin alternative to select mode

Step 3 – Key in essential information

You’ll now be asked to key in the essential information of your device. For instance, brand, name, model, country and carrier. Once done, select the checkbox besides the warning and hit “Next”.

Note: You’ll be asked to confirm your actions, simply key in the captcha code and proceed further.

samsung device details

Step 4 – Load Firmware Package

Now, put your device to DFU mode by following the on-screen instructions. Then, click on “Next” option to download firmware package to PC.

load firmware

Step 5 – Finish off Repairing

When the firmware fully installs, the program will automatically fix down the issues and reflect a “Repair of the Operating system is completed” message at the end.

finish flashing samsung

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