Android Device Running Slow? Check How to Speed Up Your Phone

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“My phone is slow and freezes” is a common complaint by Android users. Many people feel that their Android devices slow down with time and do not work at their optimum speed. This statement is partially true as a device does not slow down itself. The speed of an Android device is determined by various factors which cause a change in its working and normal functioning.

If you feel my phone is slow and freezes or are confused about why is my phone lagging, then please note that devices slowing down due to constant usage is not a myth. It actually happens to render your Android device to work not as fast as it used to.

Read on to find answers to all your queries such as “Why my phone is slow and freeze?”

Part 1: Why Android devices get slower over time?

In a day and age when technology is booming, it is obvious for us to use it frequently and for prolonged hours to satisfy all our day-to-day requirements. Such usage slows down our devices.

Here are some of the possible reasons which answer your questions like why is my phone lagging when you complain my phone is slow and freezes.

  1. Heavy Apps: The very first possible reason is the heavy Apps, both purchased and built-in which run their operations in the background to fetch newer data, notifications, and updates making an Android phone slow.
  2. Corrupted or Clogged Cache: Another reason could be corrupted or clogged Cache which is a location to store App data and other content.
  3. Insufficient Storage: Also, your Android device comes with a fixed amount of internal storage capacity, such as 8GB, 16GB, and so on which runs out because of heavy Apps, music, photos, videos, documents, notes, memos, and other data adding pressure on the Android software.
  4. Old Operating system: Solid support for TRIM is mandatory, i.e., a solid drive or support for TRIM ensures that your device remains healthy and runs smoothly. Newer devices need not worry about it but Android 4.2 and before device owners need to upgrade to a device that automatically supports TRIM.
  5. Replaced ROM: Furthermore, if you have replaced your device’s ROM with a new one, then be prepared to face some glitches as all customized versions of the original ROM cannot match its performance making an Android phone slow and you feel your phone is slow and freezes.
  6. Phone Overheating/Wear: Overheating and wear & tear can also be regarded as possible reasons for the device to slow down. If your device is too old then slowing down is normal. Wear and tear due to prolonged usage over a period of time slows down all types of machines as their components deteriorate and get worn out. In such a situation do not wonder why is my phone lagging as this is basically a way of your device telling you that it has lived its life and needs to be replaced.

Part 2: 6 Tips to speed up Android devices.

Here are 6 tips to help you speed up your Android device once again.

1. Clear Cache on Android phone

Clearing Cache is always advisable as it cleans your device and creates space for storage. Follow the steps given below to clear cache on Android phone:

1. Visit “Settings” on your Android phone and find “Storage”

android phone settings

2. Now tap on “Cached Data”. Click “OK” to clear all unwanted cache from your device as shown above.

2. Uninstall unwanted and heavy Apps

Heavy Apps occupy most of the space on your device making it overloaded. We have a tendency to unnecessarily burden our devices with Apps that we do not end up using. Make sure to delete all unwanted Apps to create storage space. To do so:

1. Visit “Settings” and search for “Application Manager” or “Apps”.

application manager

2. Select the App you wish to uninstall. From the options that appear before you, click on “Uninstall” to delete the App from your device.

uninstall app on android

You may also uninstall a heavy App directly from the Home Screen (only possible in certain devices) or from the Google Play Store.

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3. Delete Bloatware on Android

Deleting bloatware is similar to deleting unwanted and heavy Apps from your device, the only difference being, bloatware includes Apps that were pre-installed on your device. Such Apps can be deleted by following the steps as mentioned above to delete unwanted and heavy Apps.

4. Disable unwanted widgets

Widgets consume a lot of processing power and make your battery drain out faster. They are to be blamed for your Android to become slow too. To disable unwanted widgets:

android widgets

1. Long press on the Widget.

2. Now drag it to the “X” or “Remove” icon to delete it.

delete android widgets

5. Manage Animations on Android phone

Animations and special effects can be disabled easily. To get rid of the effect you see on the screen when you swipe to unlock it can be disabled by Visiting “Settings” and then selecting “Lock Screen”. Now select “Unlock Effect” and from the option, tap on “None”.

remove animations

To disable other effects on the main screen, tap on the Screen for a while. Now select “Screen Settings” and from the options available, tick “None”.

disable screen effects

This method increases your device’s speed manifolds and makes it as good as new.

6. Factory resets your device.

Remember to take a backup of all your data and contents on the cloud or an external memory device, such as a pen drive before adopting this method because once you perform a factory reset on your device, all media, contents, data, and other files are wiped out, including your device settings.

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1. Visit “Settings” by clicking the settings icon as shown below.

phone settings

2. Now select “Backup and Reset” and move on.

backup and reset

3. In this step, select “Factory data reset” and then “Reset Device”. Finally, tap on “ERASE EVERYTHING” as shown below to Factory Reset your device.

erase everything

Note: Once the factory reset process is complete, your device will automatically restart and you will have to set it up once again.

We find many people wondering why is my phone lagging and looking for solutions to speed it up again. The above mentions tips and tricks are to help you regain your device’s speed and points to keep in mind to prevent it from slowing down in the future.

Please note that minor changes in speed over time and due to regular use is normal. A new device will definitely work faster and more efficiently. Nevertheless, you can follow the tips given above to cure any problem which may exist in your device making an Android phone slow to better its performance.

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